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"A Wild West Adventure That Is Hard To Forget"

Hello, This is Knight_Fruity's review for Red Dead Redemption for the Xbox 360 Posted 6-11-2010
First off, I have been a Red Dead Player for a long time. I have been waiting for this to come out since I finished Red Dead Revolver. But I will not let my fanboyism get in the way of my review. I will take a look at this game with fresh eyes, like I just picked this up for a weekend fling while waiting for another game. Now that I have gotten that over with, on with the Second note: This is a great game. Don't pick this up expecting a small, quick, medicore storyline. I easily logged over 50+ hours into singleplayer. This game has a TON of content to keep you playing for a long time. Along with the storyline, you can do sidequests, bounties, outfit hunting, gang hideouts and much more. And the final thing: don't grade on the first few levels. They can be kinda frustrating, but gain more veriety early and later on. Now on with our review, shall we?

Gameplay and Controls : 9/10
Gameplay is great in Red Dead Redemption. There are 1-2 flaws, but most gameplay aspects are perfect. Aiming can be adjusted in the options menu, you can choose from Casual, Normal, and Expert. Casual automatically snaps and stays to your target, Normal also snaps to your target but can trail off. Expert is another story, there is no snap to, only you aim. Your aiming style also contributes to your Health regeneration. Movement is very lifelike and weighted, so it feels like you are controlling a real person, not just a pixelated character. Ragdoll physics are questionable, sometimes glitchy, but still past off as awesomely crafted. The cover system is robust, allowing you to slide and move around cover finely. Hit detection is spot on, aim at a NPC with a pistol at long range and you might hit them, with a shotgun, not so much. The AI in this game is great, they take cover and shoot at all threats, not just you. If a bear stumbles into the fight ( yes that happens ) they will dovote heavy fire power into that and lesser firepower into you. Horse controls are great, not the best, but a LOT better thn some games I've played. Carrage, Stagecoach, and Wagon controls are very stable ( meaning that they do not slide, and act just as the thumbstick goes ). That about wraps up gameplay and controls.

Story : 10/10
You play as John Marston, a former outlaw with the Skills and Scars to prove it. During a bank robbery with his former gang, He was shot and left for dead, but instead of going back to the Gang, he gave it all up for his wife and son. He settled down, taking the life of a rancher. Peaceful, until the Bureau came knocking at his door threatening to kill his family if he doesn't kill his old gang members. But to accomplish that task he has to meet and work with Psychopaths, Drunks, Swindlers, Lawmen, and Revolutionaries. The story may remind you of GTA, but is completely different. All of the characters show depth and thought. No same actor is used twice and all the voices sound authentic. Now thats all I can really say about the story without spoiling it for you. All I can say is that Marston helps many people, including having a role in the Mexican Revolution.

Sound : 10/10
Voices, Guns, and Sounds all sound real. Voices are all different, no same actor is used twice. This creates an awesome experience when listening closely. Voices also speak true to their heritage, Mexican, Chinese, and American are all used for their parts. The guns all sound like they would back then, authentic and western. Footsteps sound different as they transverse from sand to wood to water. Sorry if this Part was small, but I don't really focus on sound much.

Replayability : 9/10
Given all the content in this game, its hard not to try a second playthrough. With the Storyline, Side missions, Mini-Games, Outfits, Weapons, and Gang hideouts to do, theres a lot of content to replay through. Instead of having to create a whole new profile, you can replay your missions right from the stats menu.

Multiplayer : 10/10
Multiplayer has a lot of potential, and is sometimes fun, and other times aggrivating. In multiplayer, you and your friends can ride in the world of New Austin as a posse. You can be a Baddass Outlaw veying for the title of most wanted or a Paragon dedicated to extinguishing that problem. There are a few multiplayer modes like the classic Free-Roam. You pick your fraction and can level up. This leveling up goes to level 50, each few levels you unlock a mount, character, or weapon. Once you reach level 50, you can reach it 5 more times, each time unlocking a special mount.

I really hope you enjoy Red Dead Redemption and have a long history with it. I really hope this review helps you choose if you want Red Dead or not. It's a great game by my opinion and it has a lot of epic proportions.
Posted by: knight_fruity Posted on: June 11 2010

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/11/10

Game Release: Red Dead Redemption (US, 05/18/10)

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