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"Rockstar had a good idea, but they crapped it up a little"

I have played Red Dead Redemption (RDR) in its entirety, so I know what I am talking about. Remember, reviews are opinionated, and I have the right to my opinion, as do you with yours. So lets begin, shall we?

Graphics 10/10- The graphics in RDR were quite exquisite and cool. The horses and people look real, the racist bartenders look so real on your television screen you just wanna go over to them and slap 'em. The overall landscape of "New Austin" was phenomenal and actually looked like the Wild Wild South. Even my cousin, who is a professional game playability tester, had to be impressed with the realism of the graphics this game had to offer. So good, so good.

Story 7/10- Does it seem like Rockstar developers are starting to run out of ideas for storylines? They shouldn't, because they have used the same dang one since GTA started. Just thing about it, in San Andreas, you had to do odd jobs and gang activities to try and piece together who killed CJ's mom. In GTA 4, you once AGAIN had to do odd jobs to keep your family out of debt and keep your cousin's knee caps in place. And in GTA 3? Odd jobs for a guy. Red Dead Redemption? No different. You have to do odd jobs to find the people who tried to kill you and to keep the Army from threatening your family. It just seems to get a little repetitive after 4 or 5 games.

Audio 10/10- The voice acting and southern twang really made you feel like you were actually in the times of 1911. The people even talked of time period-related subjects, like witches, buried treasher, bounties, and the occasional racism. The horses and donkies and guns and everything sounds exactly how it should in the Wild Wild South.

Gameplay 9/10- The guns are western guns. You wont see any M16's or uzi's in this game, you will see a variety of revolvers, shotguns, repeaters, projectiles, and a lasso. The cover system allows you to close doors during firefights, a seemingly minor but actually really usable addition. RDR makes up for the repetitive story with John Marston being a hardcore western boy that don't take nothin' from no one. You can play through missions, do side missions for strangers, go hunting, shoot up a saloon, play five finger fillet, and a whole lot more. The gameplay that I DON'T like is the horses. I know the time period is 1911, but I don't like the horse stamina system, even though it is realistic. One last thing I didn't like was the fighting mechanics, because it is almost too easy. You just hit RT for punches and RB for blocking. Plus, it takes FOR-EV-ER to kill someone when fighting them, which is too realistic. At least after 3-5 knockdowns have them be a coward and run away, or just stay down.

Multiplayer 6/10- I was disapointed that I spent $37.99 on a game that had fewer than 20 game modes (not counting the multiple times of free roam and gang shootouts). You have to unlock some of the activities, which I find is more annoying than a stalker ringing your doorbell for an hour. I cannot believe that Rockstar couldn't add anything new to the game modes. I personally would have added a Boxing game mode, which puts you and another person in a ring and you box it out until one of you can't get up to a count of ten. Also a multiplayer (wrestling, and I know, its WWE-like) "King of the Ring" where 4 players are once again in the ring, and when they are punched against the ropes for a certain amount of time, they fall out to a quick button press. The more times you are punched out, the quicker you have to press the desired button. Actually, both of those ideas, in my opinion, could go well in all GTA games and ones like them. Remember, these are my opinions, you probably have different ones, so don't criticize my review.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/18/11

Game Release: Red Dead Redemption (US, 05/18/10)

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