Review by RobThePrezODent

Reviewed: 07/09/09

Battlefield 1943 Lives Up to the Hype

Hello! After playing this game for quite some time, I felt the need to post an accurate review of the game on here that reflects on the actual game. Battlefield 1943 is an Arcade title released by DICE and EA for the Xbox 360, PS3, and the PC. This review will of course be for the 360. So lets dive right into it shall we? It's going to be a quick review, as I think that's all I need to get the point across.


The audio is that of something you would come to expect from a Battlefield title. Flawless. Explosions are incredible. The sound of bullets whizzing by your head makes you heart beat faster. The sound of sirens as enemy bombers are inbound to level your base with an air strike from hell. Everything runs smoothly.


For an Arcade game, this blows EVERYTHING else out of the water. Hell, if it was a FULL game it would still be great! Most everything is well detailed. As mentioned before, explosions sound great. They look even better. The guns COULD be more detailed, but hey, who's going to complain? This sets a new standard for Arcade games.


Ahhh yes. Conquest. Storming the mainland with planes and boats. Capturing the first few bases, then all hell breaks loose. Teamwork is essential, as the objective is to capture enemy flags, which can prove daunting for just one person. The ground combat is pretty basic, and thats the way it needs to stay. Vehicle combat has that Battlefield charm that we've all come to love. Tanks, jeeps, airplanes (thank god), boats, and so much more. They all require a certain level of mastering, and that makes for some great gameplay. Some new features include the Air Raid Bunker, which puts you in control of three bombers flying high over the battlefield. You can literally destroy an entire base with a good carpet bomb, and it proves to be a fun feature.


It's Battlefield. What else can I say? Every battle is different. There are only 4 maps (though the 4th must be unlocked through the Coral Sea Challenge) and only 3 classes, which may seem like a bad thing in the beginning, but it doesn't even come close to dulling the game down. This will easily be your most played Arcade title, especially if you have friends to play it with.

Overall, this game ISN'T perfect. No game is. But as it stands, this game is sooo much more than worth the fifteen dollars you'll spend on this. I urge you to try the trial and join the addiction. You won't regret it.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Battlefield 1943 (US, 07/08/09)

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