Does anyone know where to find Zombrex in the city?

  1. I did find one with the pawnshops, and one with the quest but after that I can't find in any store. Could anyone provide a perfect location to where I can get it.

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    xxDarkknightxxx - 6 years ago

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    interactive map with filter, shows where everything is. check box for what you want shown.

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  1. in the underground tunnels after case 2-2 on the left side of the tunnel on a ramp right next to a workbench door(Respawns when you leave) and there's one in the yucatan casino on top of one of the games alongside an LMG

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  2. Other than the pawnshops, you can get 1 from the back room(need the pharmacy key though)in "roy's mart pharmacy" in the Royal flush plaza, you also get given 1 after you save a paremedic in the event "Code Blue" located in the "one little duck bingo" store on the silver strip

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  3. If you go to the casino to the right of when you leave the saferoom, there will be a BBQ restaurant. If you go to the second floor of it, after you climb onto the balcony you can start jumping from light to light. This will lead you to a place where you can pick up some Zombrex.

    There is also another place, a stage with a backstage area where you eventually have to help out Bibi. I believe it's near the Yucatan. In the backstage, you can climb some crates and jump across for some more Zombrex.

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  4. Theres some Zombrex on top of the giant slot machine in the middle of Yucatan Casino, along with a LMG (or HMG, damn low-def tv!!!). Just climb up the silver box things on the sides.

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  5. Any message given to you with "Zombrex" in the description in green will garuntee you some if you complete it sucessfully.

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  6. And also when u got the side quest that you have to save the man in the food store in silver strip u have to give him a food then u need to escort him to the safe room then he will give u a zombrex

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  7. This video shows the places of the boxes in the city that you can get, not counting the first one you get in story.

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  8. You could always go to the pawn shop but remember it will cost you some money.

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  9. I found a Zombrex near the maintenance room in the Slot Ranch casino. There's a stage with Statue of Liberty torches on each side. Backstage, there are some large amps you can climb. The zombrex is up there. (You can see it if you climb the stairs.)

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  10. There is a list of all the locations in the boards here. Right at the top of the topics list. ;)

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  11. pawn shop, but it increases in price by 25K everytime you buy it. There is one back stage in the casino, the stage with the statue of liberty torches. There is the mailman psycho has one. On top of giant tiki statue in the Yucatan Casino.

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  12. Not gonna help, but TIR is fairly easy and the money you make is kinda ridiculous. I was lazy and bought zombrex a lot.

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    Video with all places, there is one in the underground tunnels, (directly below the Atlantica Casino) on one of the "ramps" near the middle of the bottom loop.

    Yukaton Casino has one on top of the big slot display in the middle, jump up the side and there will be a little overlook with a LMG gun (FOR THE FREEDOM BEAR!) and a zombrex.

    Americana Casino Go to the BBQ restaurant and go up to the second floor. To the left of the big "grill" there is a ledge where you can jump onto a series of lights, platform across the lights to the ledge with the zombrex.

    Slot Ranch Casino, behind the stage. Jump up on the big black boxes near the maintenance room and jump across to the big dice and jump again onto a big stack of boxes. Viola.

    Also, Sven has some if you do the CODE BLUE mission. He will also give you another zombrex if you get him vodka when he asks for it. (You will not get a radio message for this, so keep an eye on him after every story mission) There is vodka in one of the cardboard boxes near the fireaxe and fire extinguisher next to the security room. You will have to take it outside the safe room to open it, but it will be there.

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  14. Also, if you beat "Mail Order Zombrex" , "Code Blue" , and "Hunger Pains" you get zombrex for a reward. But you must escort the "Code Blue" and "Hunger Pains" survivor back to the Safe house.

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  15. You can also get another zombrex from the paramedic if you complete his request later in the game, you don't recieve a message about his personal request so every once in a while look in the cafeteria in the safe house.He'll ask for some whiskey or vodka.

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