How do I beat the twins?

  1. How do you beat amber and crystle the twins there solid to beat?

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    blobadobdob - 6 years ago

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  1. Focus on killing just 1 of the twins, since you only have to kill one of them to win the fight.

    Use a Merc machine gun and mow her down (she doesn't block), or a LMG, running away when they get close.
    Knife Gloves (Boxing gloves + bowie knife) combo deal a ton of melee damage, so use those if you're not a good shot. Try jumping back and forth over the bar if you can't seem to dodge their attacks (or don't have dodge-roll unlocked yet)

    Here are some good tips:
    First- Do NOT drink all the liquor lying around the level. You will get drunk and end up throwing up, meaning you'll just stand there and get hit AND drop any weapon you're carrying at the time. Grab some steaks or other good healing items before coming into the level.
    Second: Learn to dodge-roll (Click the left stick). You'll have to time it just right, but you can dodge most their attacks.
    Third: At a certain point in their attack, they will cartwheel or spin. If you hit them at just the right time (usually with a gun), they will fall to the floor and be vulnerable for a few attacks.

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  1. The best strategy to beat the twins is to take in 1 or 2 painkiller drinks from mixing 2 whiskey and to use knife gloves or use 2 shotguns and aim for only 1 twin.

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    Drink painkiller (beer + beer, or whiskey + whiskey) before you enter. have another for mid fight.
    Pick up the LMG on top of the statue in the center of Yucatan casino.
    Pick up a 2nd LMG in the Yucatan vault.

    Pick one of them to concentrate on (only need to kill one, I chose blonde), aim, and fire. do not let up.
    Back away as she get closer (you can move while firing guns).
    If she runs out of sight, find her and start shooting again.

    Using this template, I was able to beat them fairly easily. You should have more than enough ammo, so don't worry about spraying. The one that I was not firing on got a couple of hits on me. The one I was shooting hit me once. I don't remember what level I was on, so take as much painkiller you can plus knife glolves(bowie knife+boxing gloves) just in case. I doubt you'll need it. Two LMGs should do the trick. The fact that you can move while firing, plus getting stunned during her flourish makes this strategy very effective.

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  3. Pain killer is useful. For the weapon try to use defiler, if you have the combo card then you can use the combo attack that will make the hunting easier. Every time the lady get near you try to spin around.

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  4. Pretty much just focus on one twin. Amber seems to be the most aggressive one (or at least she is everytime I went in to fight the two... O_o, I swear, blondes...) so she's the easiest to pick off. Go in with a shotgun or LMG, whichever you prefer. The twins deal in either team attacks or rush attacks, but they will try to keep things close. All you really have to do is watch the twin that you want to kill (Amber all the time for me) and just keep moving while shooting. Amber seemed to go in a pattern of running at me, then going for a slash then a flip kick, and then running away to get some distance. When she had enough distance, she would do a running slide on her knees, covering alot of distance so be prepared for that when you see her run towards you from across the room. Just keep constantly moving and shooting at only one and keep some OJ with you for life since you don't want to drink the alcohol in the room (or at the least just drink one if you have to). Other than that, keep the Knife Gloves handy if you run out of ammo (I did... girl must have bullet proof dress O_o) so you can finish her off in grand style.

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  5. get some BBQ chicken or steak, not drinks or you'll get sick and puke, which really sucks, and use knife gloves(bowie knife+boxing gloves) or lazer sword(flash light+gems) dodge there attacks and focus on one twin, the other kills herself. dodge roll away or just jump. was the easiest psychopath battle ever.

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  6. Level 25, 1 Laser Sword, Beer (on the Floor) and the Sports Fan Pack. No Problems.

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  7. I picked up the smg in the yucatan casino atop the statue, and made 2 pain killers(beer+beer) and went in. Blondie chased me and when i jumped over the counter, she got stuck and i blasted her till she died. easy fight, took only a few seconds.

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  8. I actually did it in a rather crafty way. I brought backup. I had an LMG on me (there is one in the Slot Ranch Casino also) and I took the shortcut from the bathroom in Royal Flush Plaza to the store in the Palisades mall. I met up with a rather 'Silly Bear' (Get's his name...haha...nevermind.) Anyways, I grabbed the bear and took him to a maintenance room and made myself a Freedom Bear. I brought him with me and as soon as the fight started I placed him at the edge of the room, facing the middle and he screamed "GET IT ON" with bearlike fury, and fought bravely. I ended up killing the dark haired one, and Freedom Bear had enough ammo to continue firing at the twins until the cutscene was half over.

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  9. grab the lmg on the statue and make some painkillers(vodka+vodka,beer+beer,whiskey+whiskey) and go to the club. Start the fight and choose one of the twins and unload the lmg in to her while backing away if she gets close. I killed amber in 1 minute with 28 bullets to spare.(only neeed to kill one of them)

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  10. If you did the wilted flower quest, I would take the shortcut to palisades mall and grab 2 sniper rifles in the gun shop to the south of the 2nd floor. Do not use the sniper rifle's scope. Just shoot, the auto aim works really well. Remember, you only have to kill one sister to end the boss battle.

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  11. Painkiller + Light Swords = Short fight. As mentioned, only one twin is required for completion.

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