How do i start Co op mode with a friend?

  1. Title says it do we do we have to wait for a case file or wont let him join my game..please help...and does the other person who is nto hosting get achievements?

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    korrupt24 - 6 years ago
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    Any help?

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  1. Co-op in DR2 is "drop in-drop out" co-op. That means you can be playing, get an incoming request for someone to join, accept or decline, etc. If you accept, the other player will join your game. You would be the HOST and they the CLIENT or GUEST. The GUEST can save any money and levels they get but not the story progression.

    To use co-op, from the main menu choose "Join Co-op Game". The system will search for available sessions and choose one randomly.

    What this means, is that you can't pick and choose who you join or who joins you.

    However, if you go to Options>Gameplay>Co-op Privacy, you can choose the mode of Co-op you want.

    Public: You are open to anyone online joining your game. (You will have the option of accepting the request or not via in-game Transceiver message).

    Private: No one may join your game session.

    Friends Only: Only someone on your friends list will be able to join your session.

    Using "Friends Only" is your best bet, but your friend's system will still be searching randomly.
    You can try to send your friend an invite while you are in your game. Not sure if that will work, but it *should*.

    I hope this is helpful.


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  1. this helped with a friend and I, it's worked everytime we've played together... hit the home button (center of the xbox controller) go to the friends menu. Find your friend and hit "Join Session In Progress", of course one of you has to answer the call and just to be safe... set both of your preferences in game to "friends only". If all else fails, start a part and invite party to game

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