What does the DLC Skill packs do?

  1. there was a Soldier,Psycho,Sports fan, and Ninja skill pack. The question is does it allow you to have that skill? for example i downloaded the ninja skill pack, do i have the ninja skills that zombie will ignore me and i got 1 boost to throw?

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    Shockwave962 - 6 years ago

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  1. Taken straight from XBox.xom:

    Ninja - When Chuck wears this incredibly cool outfit, he gains the power of the legendary Japanese ninja! With this costume equipped, Chuck will be harder for zombies to grapple and can move through crowds of zombies easier. He will also gain new sword attacks, and throwing weapons (plates, nails, CDs, etc) fly farther and do more damage. Why? Because he is dressed like a ninja!

    Sports Fan - This special costume brings out Chuck's inner sports fan! By wearing this costume, Chuck gains incredible sports fan powers, such as being able to drink as much alcohol as he wants without getting sick, gaining more health from food and winning more when gambling. Plus, attacks with sports-related items such as footballs and soccer balls become more powerful. Let's hear it for Chuck, and that Local Sports Team!

    Soldier - Chuck becomes a battle-hardened soldier when he wears this costume. Mowing down zombies in a hail of bullets has never been more fun! These clothes give Chuck special abilities such as improved battle effectiveness when using firearms. Chuck also gains new attacks when using assault rifles. This pack is just what you need when you want to go on a bullet-fueled zombie killing spree!

    Psycho - Wearing this special costume gives Chuck all the shockingly disturbing abilites of a deranged homicidal psychopath! Actually, that's quite handy if you're surrounded by a horde of zombies. Some of the special abilites Chuck's costume-enhanced psyche affords him include better resistance to damage due to his deranged state, stronger attacks with some classic killing implements such as the chef knife and chainsaw, as well as truly sick new attacks for weapons loved by murderous maniacs everywhere, including the machete, mining pick and meat cleaver!

    hope that helps :)

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  1. If your talking about the free DLC packs they released before the game came out... those arnt skill packs. Those just make it so you can play with people online who have those particular costume packs. And as far as the costume packs go, you have to be wearing the costume to get the bonuses.

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    flechetteXXX - 6 years ago 1 1
  2. The skill packs give Chuck unique abilities when wearing at least one piece of the pack.
    The downloads you got were as Flechette above me said, they are just so you can play with people with that clothing, not the skillpacks.
    Ninja Suit-Makes you harder to detect by Zombies and gives you a change in moveset for sword weapons like the lightsaber and broadsword.
    Sports Fan-Get more health from eating, stronger with sports equipment, and has unique moves when using a football.
    Psycho-Increased damage with Psycho weapons (Not sure if thats all of it.)
    And Soldier I just don't know.

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  3. Soldier gives you double ammunition when wielding a firearm (pistol, shotgun, lmg, etc)

    User Info: AlmightyScorpio

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  4. soldier also gives you a unique attack with the LMG or Merc rifle (not sure about assault rifle or M16), hold the attack button without aiming and you do a rambo like shooting spree. The psycho pack give you better damage protection and strong attacks with none weapon blades like the meat cleaver or chef knife. Basically any weapon you would use in a teen slasher flick.
    Oh and ninja gives you a jumping attack with the mentioned swords and katanas.

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