Novelty weapons, side quest and zombie fu achievement?

  1. What are all the novelty weapons you need to use for the slaughter-S=Laughter achievement? Also, never got the brains and brawn side quest to ever come up, and thats on 2 playthroughs...And I did the 1,000 zombies bare handed but did not get the tattered clothing. Do you have to finish the game for it to unlock like in the first one? Thanks for the help!

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    dvs187 - 6 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    Thanks for the answers! Forgot to put in the zombie fu achievement, when it unlocked I was fighting slappy and healing up when it unlocked. Id been bare hand killin zombies the whole time and decided to take a break and fight him just for somethin different. Went into the art shop, was drinkin a bottle of the wine thats there and it unlocked so it must have bugged...dont want to do that again

    User Info: dvs187

    dvs187 - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Novelty Weapons:
    Bag of Marbles, Beach Ball, Bucket, Cardboard Cutout, Casino Chips, Fancy painting, Funny paiting (found only during the "art Apperciation" side quest in cleroux collection), Giant Die, Giant Stuffed bull, Giant Stuffed Donkey, Giant Stuffed Elephant, Giant Stuffed Rabbit, Goblin Mask, Hunk of Meat, Liberty torch, Lizard Mask, Massager, Novelty Beer Mug, Novelty Cell Phone, Novelty Liquor bottle, Novelty Perfume Bottle, Novelty Poker Chip, Painting, Playing Cards, Pylon, Robot Bear, Servbot Mask, small painting, stick pony, tiki mask, tire, toy helicopter, Toy Spitball gun, treasure chest, wacky hammer, Watergun, zombie mask, whipped cream

    When Side missions don't come up at their allotted time, it's usually because you have too many survivors/psychopaths spawned in the game already.

    You get the tattered clothes when you unlock the achievement, if you have the achievement but no clothes it either bugged out for you, or you did the achievement in a separate save file.

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