Hoe to get the "come on follow me" acheivement?

  1. What does everyone think the best strategy is for getting 8 survivors at once?

    User Info: diverson84

    diverson84 - 6 years ago
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    Thanks I'll give those a shot. I'm sure that everyone else has some too.

    User Info: diverson84

    diverson84 - 6 years ago

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  1. The best way i say is the very first 8 survivors. After you give Katie the first Zombrex, go to the food court and gather 3 or 4 steaks. Go to the Yucatan and kill the fat guy with the tiger. After, tame the (1)tiger by placing the steaks around the area and there should also be 3 more steaks in the stage area. Then meet (2)Lenny behind the front desk near the silver strip entrance. Then, you save the (3)old guy and the (4)chick with guns from "Lost..". Go to Royal Flush Plaza and save the (5)old lady on the second floor from "Short Sighted". Then near the Security Room entrance in the same plaza there are (6)Lashandra and (7)George located in the shop near the Americana Entrance. Then go into the Americana and save the drunk (8)Showgirl. And "BAM!".
    (1)Tiger - Yucatan
    (2)Lenny - Yucatan
    (3)Old guy with Shotgun - Platinum Strip (Diner)
    (4)Lady with pistol - Platinum Strip (TIR Kiosk)
    (5)Old Lady - Royal Flush Plaza (2nd Floor Toy Store)
    (6)Lashandra - Royal Flush Plaza (coffee kiosk)
    (7)George - Royal Flush Plaza (female clothing store near Americana Ent)
    (8)Showgirl - Americana Casino (security room near Royal Flush Plaza Ent)

    User Info: BMD_cptmurphy

    BMD_cptmurphy - 6 years ago 2 0


  1. I was recording gameplay footage when I got this achievement. I had the three Playboy bunnies(they charge you $10,000 to join you), one survivor who is hiding from the psychopath who hangs people, and other survivor that I can't remember right now. For the other three, I went and beat the three card sharks for a total of 8. Time stops moving when you go to play them in Poker. The woman will be the first to go as she bets recklessly. Jacob and Nevada won't bet unless they have a chance to win. You need $100k to buy in at their table, but if you've been grabbing money and busting ATMs, you should have more than that on you.

    User Info: yakuzafan

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  2. BMD_cptmurphy's worked perfectly. I did them out of order, so case 1 expired, but I still got the achievement

    User Info: AlmightyScorpio

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