How do I beat TK in overtime mode at the arena?

  1. What is the best tactic for defeating TK during Overtime mode while in the arena?

    User Info: zmckrell

    zmckrell - 6 years ago

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  1. Honestly I found him REALLY easy, just hop on the ledge on the left and use the power drill it just wrecks him. then whenever he leaves pull them up some. If you see him coming just stop pressing the button and use the dodge move to get away.

    Enjoy ending S.

    User Info: Afro1109

    Afro1109 - 6 years ago 2 0


  1. There is no real way to be him but before you enter the fight drink a pain killer Beer + beer then when you star the fight in the left corner is orange jucie IMPORTANT! and up on the railing is a lead pipe once you collect those 2 get ready to fight you can missel drop kick or spartan kick tk to stumble him so like this kick hit hit kick hit hit repeated till dead but tk some times jumps of the rafters use this time to heal or pull up the girls

    User Info: da5tarassasin

    da5tarassasin - 6 years ago 0 1
  2. No good strategy. I just beat him to death with a large wrench. Use the stage light area to heal and break boxes for food, but that's it Good Luck

    User Info: cheal_it

    cheal_it - 6 years ago 0 0
  3. I did this with never taking a hit. I ran up to him punched 4 times and dodged attack. Repeat. When he he jumped the ledge, I'd rotate the lever 2 full turns and disengage before he attacked. As always, he charges when climbing back up, so after the 2 rotations, disengage and run on the opposite side of TK around the central pillar. This will eventually stop him, run up to him and repeat the punch/dodge strategy. I literally did this with out taking damage. If you do take on damage with this strategy, drink the OJ as soon as he jumps the ledge and that should be enough. I honestly don't about any other items in the area because i never had to explore.

    User Info: BMD_cptmurphy

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  4. When u enter make sure u have full life. then go to the area on the right and pick up the wrench and then just hit him like 2 times and then move, when he runs away eat something or pull the lever ... i killed him so fast i didnt even have to pull the lever even once...

    User Info: andrewpolukhin

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  5. All i did is get my mate off live to help me, me and him worked as a team he pulls the lever i hit TK with the stuff around me and when we killed him i got the S ending an achievment and that knight armour body!

    User Info: rocckyross229

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  6. Make sure you enter in FULL health. Give ol' TK the bare handed "1-2 punch" and as soon as he takes towards the rafters, hop on the upper level and grab the drill. (If you have enough time, grab an orange juice as well.) DON'T BOTHER WITH THE LEVER!!!! (Those 2 aren't going anywhere and you're just setting yourself up for TK to pound on you while you attempt to bring them back up.) Run towards the back as TK will come back up and immediately run at you forcing you into a button massing minigame. Somes you can get him to run into the wall as he attempts this, causing him to be permanently stunned, allowing you to drill his face for a few free shots. Repeat this process over and over until he's done for good.

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  7. i found this easy but only because i had leveled to 50 before i played the story completely >_>
    all i did when i faced him was brake the boxes by the orange juice and luckily got a fire axe, then just kept hitting him.

    I was also using one piece of each of the 4 dlc costumes to get all of their perks at once, so i think the psycho part would have given a small boost to the axe i had, as well as my +attack from leveling up, it also gave me better resistance to damage as well from what i can remember :D

    setup was:
    Ninja Hood - making me invisble to zombies (but NOT the gas ones (obviously no use against humans));
    Psycho Mask - reduced damage and added bladed weapon damage;
    Soldier Uniform (or what ever its called) - not really useful for this fight, just gives better gun ammo really;
    Sports Fan Boots - run faster i think (?), better healing from food.
    Any mix of the 4 works, i just like the appearance you get from that setup the most.

    Very good for the price, especially Pscycho for reducing damage from bosses like this :D
    You dont really NEED the dlc, it just helps the fight last longer ^_^

    User Info: blazefart

    blazefart - 6 years ago 0 1
  8. Regardless of what other people are saying, i think there is a tactic, and it's pretty simple.
    As the fight starts head into one of the areas where TK activates the fireworks, run all the way round (opposite from the fireworks) and you should have some time before he activates it again. Grab anything useful in that zone ( food and decent weapons ), but remember to K and knock him over, but i don't find it particularly useful. Once the area has been 'item harvested' (remember you can go back if you missed something) run and attack TK.
    After like 2 or 3 hits, back off and wait for him to attack. As he attacks run in the opposite direction, and just before he tries to whack you dodge roll or jump (i found jumping a useful dodging method throughout the game). As soon as you've dodged hit him a couple times and rinse and repeat.
    When he starts to run away either run to reel up sophie and katie, heal, or grab some items in the fighting area (depending how far down they are). If you are reeling and TK gets back stop reeling and immediatly dodge. Carry on with the previous method.
    If you have low health or are low on items, retreat to a firework area for healing and item collection, just remember to run round once or twice to avoid damage. Rinse and repeat.
    If your desperate for health/items and you're running low there are two ledges next to the firework areas which have a couple healing items and lead pipes ect. but be careful, as while up there TK will pull a gun out and start firing so be very fast (why he doesn't use his gun the whole time i don't know)
    That method should work.

    User Info: gome666

    gome666 - 6 years ago 0 0

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