How do I get to tape it or die?

  1. I know that they are in the palisades mall but when can i enter the door in the kokonutz sports town shop?

    User Info: Darkkoopaman

    Darkkoopaman - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. After the source, & up to about 8am you have to clear the survivors, that's including the unanouced ones. one of them will be outside by atlantica casino, you will need a gun for him to follow you. The other ones will be inside atlantica, in the poker room. To get them to follow you'll need to beat all of them, or just kill them. The anounced are, hungerpains, fetching females. depending if you save all you 'll have go back to the save house to get bank run to show up, also around this time katey will soon need her zombrex, you may be able to fit bank run in, bit you can do it after katey's fix. Before you enter the tape it or die door. Make sure you have a cement saw & plates. You can get plates near the maintance room & the saw in the maintroom that's in the tunnels under palisades mall, make sure to enter the tunnels from another part, not palisades mall. The reason why is cos there can only be 8 suvivors in the place at one time. I hope this helps.


    DJ_QUICKSILVERX - 7 years ago 0 0

Other Answers

  1. Get 2 orange juice cartons then go to a blender. If you mix them you should get nectar, then you have to find a queen bee. Once you have the queen bee and nectar, go to a maintenance room and combine them. Doing this will give you the achievement, a combo card, and this little bee thingy that follows you and kills zombies with 1 sting and each kill will give you 500 PP.

    User Info: guitarrulez

    guitarrulez - 7 years ago 0 0

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