Where can I find the exsanguinator combo card?

  1. I already got the scratch card but I don't know were to get he combo card

    User Info: Makywyky

    Makywyky - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. You can get the Exsanguinator combo card from the Tape It or Die quest line. You need to be at the Kokonutz Sports store in Palisades Mall on the 3rd day (Sept. 27th) around 7am to 12pm. Be sure to bring Plates and a Cement Saw as you'll need to bring those ingredients for them. There will not be a phone call for the first time you meet them. Once you help them build the Plate Launcher, go do quests/work on achievements whatever you wish until the time you get a real call from them. You need to do this first part for the second to appear.

    On the 4th Day around 9:15 am you'll get a call from them asking for help back in the Kokonutz store again. Help kill the zombies around them and talk to the guy who you helped build the Plate Launcher to recruit the four of them and hurry back to the safe house. Once you save them you will be rewarded with the Exsanguinator and Blazing Aces Combo Cards.

    Be sure you save/kill survivors and psychopaths so that the four people can spawn. Also, don't hang around Palisades waiting for them to spawn, as the game needs Chuck to be out of the area for them to appear.

    User Info: EnergyHijack

    EnergyHijack - 6 years ago 0 0

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