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Reviewed: 09/30/10 | Updated: 10/01/10

Zombie killing madness!

I just got my 360 before a month. I had one before it but it turned into a BBQ machine in just a month and then I bought a new PC so was out of cash to get a 360. Anyways, why I am saying this crap is because when I got my second 360, I was really really excited to play the first Dead Rising. I had to get it second hand from a friend and play it. I had very high expectations from it after seeing the YouTube vids and board posts. It turned out to be just a little more than 'crap'! Sure the concept was fresh and introduced the video game world to a whole new approach on making zombie games. But things like the single save slot and the insanely horrendous save system coupled with annoying boss battle difficulties and jarring screen tearing issues marred the game. The time limit also felt like a burden. I was terribly disappointed with the game. But lo and behold, by the time I had played the first game, Dead Rising 2 Case Zero was already on Live Arcade. Sadly, my 360 is not hooked up to Live so I wasn't able to play it. Despite the flaws in the first game, I was pumped for the second one due to the combo weapon system. So how does it fare out ? Here's my view on it!

The main guy, Chuck Greene is a former motocross star whose wife was killed in the Vegas outbreak and whose daughter Katey was bitten by a zombie and now needs a drug called 'Zombrex' every 24hrs to stay human. Chuck is in Fortune City for a reality show called Terror is Reality where contestants ride on bikes fitted with chainsaws and try to kill as many zombies as possible. Sounds brutal eh ? Anyways so depending on how you perform, Chuck wins or loses but it dosen't matter as the story moves forward. There is a massive outbreak in Fortune City and Chuck is framed for it. The main objective here is to help Chuck clear his name before the military arrives in 72 hours in game which translates into roughly 6 real life hours (no, that's not the game limit). Giving away more would be spoiling it. It's a decent story and to be honest, it feels done before and not something new or innovative but it gets the job done.

The graphics are nice. They are pretty, they are sharp and they do the job. The best thing is that the terrible screen tearing is gone. Protagonist Chuck Greene looks beautifully modeled and animated. Most of his moves, animations and emotions are portrayed well. The rest of the characters are done well too. Except Katey, Greene's daughter. She just...does not look right. As it's Capcom behind the designing, you can expect to have a lot of sexy women in the game. Fortune City itself is pain stakingly detailed. The malls look life like and casinos resemble real life casinos. The zombies are done well. There's enough variety to the zombies to not fell repetitive. One issue is the frame rate. Due to all the things it has to render, the game faces a lot of slow downs. Nothing major though. The sound is decent. The voice overs can range from okay to down right terrible. That's my main problem with the sounds, otherwise they are done well.

The gameplay is similar to the first Dead Rising. You roam around in an environment, killing and hacking zombies and saving survivors and sending Psychopaths to their graves. On paper it sounds exciting but the time limits bring it all down. Now I understand that the time limit adds a lot of realism but I guess games aren't about realism (a zombie outbreak, seriously ?). Most people have different opinions about the limit and this is mine. I don't like it. I like to roam around in a game, explore, learn about it and beat it at my own pace. Anyways, moving onto the combo system. It's done nicely. There are a lot of possible combo weapons. You can make combo weapons at certain rooms called 'Maintenance Rooms' spread out around in Fortune City. They are abundant and the possiblities are abundant too. You can combine a drill and a bucket to make bucket with drills which you can then put on a zombie and watch his head turn into red mass of goo! Awesome! The save system is still the same. You use bathrooms to save. Fortunately, they are provided more in number and there are multiple save slots. Still my main qualm remains that there are no, and I mean absolutely no, checkpoints in the game. This can be very frustrating during Psychopath (boss) fights. Psychopaths are some tough people. You can literally pump 200 LMG bullets in them and they'll still have a quarter of health left. This provides a good challenge but can get messy sometimes due to the awkward save system.

Then there is the whole RPG part to it. Chuck can be made stronger by leveling him up. Leveling up can be done by gathering something known as Player Points (PP). Unlike the first game where you got PP by clicking photos of zombies and stuff, in this game, PP can be got by using combo weapons on zombies, beating psychopaths and saving survivors. As you level up, Chuck gains more health, becomes stronger and faster and also learns new abilities like maybe dropkicking or evade roll. This adds a nice touch to the game and leveling up becomes essential to beating psychopaths as they are tough. Apart from weapon combos, you can also combine foods and drinks together to make juices which will you give you temporary bonuses like increased health or speed.

Overall, it's a great game despite some flaws. It's worth your time and it will keep you entertained!

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: Dead Rising 2 (AU, 09/24/10)

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