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Reviewed: 10/01/10 | Updated: 09/13/11

Nintendoman1987 Review - The dead rise put em down again!

Dead Rising 2! Its been a long time coming. The release date has been pushed back more times than we can remember but its finally here now and it feels comfortable to fans of the original keeping things almost the same as before! It is an amazing game with far more flaws than it should have. It has brought some of the annoyances from the first game and gave us a whole bunch of new problems! While it pains me to give one of my favorite games great such an average score I cant let my personal love for the game affect the score I give it from a reviewers perspective!

Gameplay:- 7/10
The core gameplay is something special! It was groundbreaking when Dead Rising first showed up allowing players to grab almost anything from its world to be used as a weapon. It allowed players to use some great unarmed combat also to vanquish your zombie foes that were numerous! The game has all the great gameplay from the original and expands on it! This time you are able to combine weapons to make deadlier results. Finding all the weapons to combine is a great little game in itself and its great fun just messing around with your combinations. The ways works is that you must take 2 items to a maintenance room and place them on the desk. These can be anything from a baseball bat and a box of nails to make a spiked bat to a wheelchair and a lawnmower to create a very deadly wheelchair. The combo weapon system is a welcome addition to the series that really spices up the zombie slaying part of the game. The main game is much like before and has the protagonist of the game following "case files" to discover the truth of what is going on in "Fortune City" (the games location) The game has a great time element to it which really puts the pressure on you whilst playing. You may have to be at an important case file in 1 hour however you come across a couple of survivors that will have to decide whether to help or not. Luckily this time round the AI on the survivors has been improved and they will usually do as they are told making it easier for you to save them! It isn't always so simple however and certain survivors will need special attention making each character unique. There are 118 characters in the game each with their own personality and back story. This time round Dead Rising 2 employs a money system to allow you to buy things from certain stores in the game! Money can be earned in a variety of ways from smashing ATM machine to gambling on slot machines and riding a mechanical bull and other mini-games. The best thing about the gameplay is that the full game can be played in full 2 player co-op and that just boost the fun factor tenfold. There is nothing more entertaining that jumping online with a friend, jumping on a pair of pink tricycles and riding through a crowd of zombies! The comedy value in this game is very high! There are plenty of serious elements in the main story, put the cutscenes and optional boss fights are usually very comical. Now, onto the terrible parts of the game. It is so unfortunate that a game with such solid gameplay has so many awful aspects to it. Lets start with T.I.R. the games 4 player online competitive mode. The setup up for this is quite funny. It is presented as a game show where players compete in some zombie related mini-games to score points. Players compete in 3 games to score points and the player with the highest points gets a head start in the final game "Slicycles" You will soon learn that the head start has absolutely zero benefit on the final score. There are 9 mini-games total and the best of the lot are below average. Most of them suffer from horrible and unresponsive controls and a couple of bugs and glitches! The gameplay in these games are nothing like the rest of the game and the developers clearly cant pull off a decent collection of mini-games. This is something you will play once or twice before never playing again. I doubt anyone will play these more than necessary to obtain the achievements if that’s what they are playing for. Moving on to the annoying boss battles. They were awful in the first game until you obtained the mighty mega buster. No such item this time so you will have to endure their annoyance full force this time. Boss battles feel like old generation game boss fights! There is very little skill in them except. Hit them, run off, rinse, repeat. They are game halting. One minute you are on this adrenaline pumping game of zombie slaying. Next you are slashing a boss with a broadsword 50 times to do any sort of damage. As you level up these become less annoying, but boss battles could definitely have been handled better! Lastly the game is full of glitches and bugs. Most of them aren't game breaking, but can be very frustrating. The game has crashed a number of times, when playing co-op if a player saves the other player is disconnected, whilst driving a vehicle my character vanished and I could not move, quest that I have completed have still been waiting to be completed. There are a number of other problems that have been reported, but have never personally happened to me. Its nothing they cant patch up, but it is poor that it wasn't picked up on before release.

Story:- 9/10
The story follows the main character Chuck Greene as he competes in the earlier mentioned show to be able to pay for "Zombrex" a drug that stops people that have been bitten from turning into zombies. He needs this for his daughter who has been bitten. However something terrible goes wrong on the show and the zombies that are used in the show get free and turn the rest of the city into zombies. Chuck and a small band of survivors hole up in bunker to wait for the military to arrive and rescue them! Unfortunately Chuck is framed for the outbreak and must leave the safety of the bunker in pursuit of the truth. There are a few good plot twists in there that should keep you interested right until the end. The cinematics are usually quite serious, however there are cutscenes involving optional bosses known as psychopaths which are usually quite funny.

Graphics:- 7/10
The gameplay graphics are great showing hundreds of zombies on-screen at a time with very little slow down, however the cutscenes can sometimes surprise you with some really bad graphics which you never really expect to see on this generation of consoles.

Sound:- 10/10
The SFX in the game are superb. The sounds each weapon make when hitting are zombie sound realistic. Its almost like the developers sneaked up behind some poor guy in the office with a mic and cracked him over the head with a baseball bat to record the sound. The music is always integrated well into the cutscenes.

Controls:- 8/10
The controls in the main game are spot on not many major issues. The controls in the mini-games are awful.

Play Time and Replay Value:- 10/10
A single playthrough of the main game will last about 8 hours. The game is however designed to be played multiple times. There is so much to do that each playthrough of the game will be different and will have you playing multiple times. Co-op mode keeps the game alive a lot longer too.

Achievements:- 3/10
(Achievements in my reviews do not affect the overall score. It is purely a guideline for those players out there that enjoy to collect every achievement)
A large portion of this games achievements are fun and enjoyable to get however the few that aren't are enough to kill anyones hopes of getting 1000g on this game. If you are one of those players that likes to have every achievement in a game then you should avoid this one. Its not that they are hard, its that they are boring. One achievement for getting 72,000 kills in one playthrough involves you driving around for 6 hours running zombies over. No-one will enjoy doing this so the developers should not have included this. Anyone one of you can get this achievement. It’s a question of whether you can be bothered! Achievements like this one should not be included. I'm all for challenging achievements and time consuming achievements, just not boring and time consuming! They should have not included this one and maybe had one for seeing all possible endings which players would enjoy doing!

An amazing game with some terrible flaws. Missing out on this game because of those few flaws would be a shame as the game will give you the kind of entertainment that no other game can.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: Dead Rising 2 (EU, 09/24/10)

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