Review by spankythesloth

Reviewed: 10/07/10

No time to actually enjoy the game...

I just started playing 3-4 hours ago and I'm already feeling the rush. I don't mean the rush of chopping up hundreds of zombies with a machete--I mean the rush of having to go straight from one place to another in order to not fail the main story. You have absolutely NO time to explore around, kill zombies, or, god forbid, grind PP. If you do, you will most likely find that when you go back to the story, you will run out of time and fail before you can finish. You would think that once you complete one mission, you would get some bonus time--just enough to finish the next mission. Instead, you have to finish ALL the missions in the chapter before the deadline. And guess what--if you lag behind, it carries over into the next chapter!

So lets say you're like me--you start out in the beginning and look around some; kill some zombies, get a couple levels. Then you start on the story mission. You get 1-1 finished with time to spare. You finish 1-2, but you're almost out of time. Right about when you're ready to finish 1-3, you run out of time. Congratulations, you have just failed the game. Sure, you can go on killing zombies, but you won't get to see the story. So you go to load a game--either one of two things happens: You didn't save a game manually and realize this game doesn't autosave, so you have to restart the WHOLE game; OR you load your old game but realize you're still in the same position you were in before, because you still can't finish the chapter in time. Unless you save your game in different slots in regular intervals, you're screwed. And even if you did, you would have to start over at the beginning anyways, because unless you do, you still won't have enough time to finish the chapter, because you wanted to explore and kill some zombies.

Apart from that major flaw, the rest of the game is great. The gameplay is similar to the original, and just as fun. If you DO want to explore and kill zombies and whatnot, I would suggest doing it at the very beginning. Once time expires, chose restart story. That way you will keep your level and can just start the story now. Here's hoping Capcom will finally fix these flaws the third time around!

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Product Release: Dead Rising 2 (US, 09/28/10)

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