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"An excellent sequel but very similar"

Graphics: 8/10 the graphix are the same as the first Dead Rising so they are Ok by today's standards nothing to fancy, it dose not matter too much since hte game is so fun.

Weapons: 10/10 Huge array of weapons over 300!! Yep over 300. They give you pretty much anything you whant and the combo weapons are icing on the cake. You get standard guns to shotguns even a soundwave gun. Their are meelee weapons from a 2X4 to lightsabers, even a robotic teddybear with a Machine Gun. The onyl weapons they removed are the Steel Pole and the Mini chainsaw, at least that's all I have noticed.

Outfits: 10/10 tons of clothing from cowboys to old knights and regular joe to cross dressers. And a nice Borat Swimsuit. Their are many many more outfits than the first game so anything to fit your style. Some outfits refrence variouse movies like the Toddler outfit which is the outfit Ben Stiller wore as Simple Jack. Also a nice Blanka mask and Akuma mask. ONly downside no Megaman outfit, I got my fingers crossed for a Protoman outfit DLC.

Vehicles: 10/10 more vehicles than the first pretty much anyhting you would want. a Hummer dirt bike and Motorcycle adna sports car. you can even attacke michine guns and chainsaws to the dirt bike, wich adds loads of fun. You can also make a vehicle the Blitzkreig with is loads of fun.

Gameplay: 10/10 great to enjoy using anything as a wepone to pwn Zombies, you can't go wrong. The detection system is great and when you wap a Zombie with a sword the slice is accurate you can cut slivvers off of them wich is really nice. unfortuantly the timer is back but you can ignore the case files to free play.

DLC: yes their will be DLC, 4 outfits and a new Mission Case West. It's hard to tell weather it will be good but nice to find out what became of Frank. The outfits rae basicaly clothign thta gives you subtle bonuses like increased speed or higher defense.

Comparison to first: This game is almost identicle to the first game, it realy dose not take place in a city but rather a bigger mall. Once you analyze it you will soon find out they just swapped the amusement park for 3 casinos. Still highley excellent. I love this game alot I strongly reccomend it. 10/10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/14/10

Game Release: Dead Rising 2 (US, 09/28/10)

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