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Reviewed: 10/20/10

Tape it or Die? Tape it and Die!

Dead Rising 2: The only game you can kill an enemy with a grenade taped to an American football. I have to say that this is an all-round great game with some flaws, despite the fact that they are only minor. So they don't really affect the fact that this is a good game. The flaws that I have found is that there are some survivors who are injured/drunk, you are forced to carry them, unless you have obtained the leadership magazine from “one little duck bingo”, this means that the survivors will be more efficient so they speed up so you aren't forced to carry them, but you still can't give them a weapon.

Graphics – 8/10

The graphics of this game, I would say are at the standard of most of the Xbox 360 games, however there are other games with better graphics. The reason that I didn't give the graphics a higher mark is that when you use some of the weapons that cut zombies in to more than one piece the insides of the zombies just look like some cheap red jam. Another reason survivors based on same character models, if you played Dead Rising 2: Case 0, you will probably have seen Gemini Vargas. She wears the red and black dress along with the gloves. Then if you look back to Dead Rising 2, the survivor “Rosa” (the woman with Bessie and Erica in Kathy's Space) is wearing the exact same dress but in a different colour, and the gloves have been made the same colour as her skin. So she has thicker arms. You will notice this on certain pictures of her.

Gameplay – 9/10

The gameplay of this game is of a very good standard, despite it takes a while for it to actually get up to speed. As per usual there is your tens of thousands of zombies crowding Fortune City. There are your survivors who range from a 98-year old lady shopping for her grandbaby to a tiger.
And then there are your beloved psychopaths ranging from a soul singer who wants one final show to hippocritical peace activist in a bathroom. The majority of the characters are all unique in their own way. The gameplay itself is up to a high standard as the controls are relatively easy to grasp, there is a whole variety of different weapons. The game's story mode in itself starts off easy enough and later in the game offers a decent challenge in traversing the game's diverse areas with new and improved “hyper zombies” (also referred to as “gas” or “special” zombies) to try and get you down. To top things off the creators of the game have gone one further and added a co-op mode where you may join another player's game.

Plot/Storyline – 9/10

The storyline to this game did something that not many games have actually done to me: kept me interested and make me actually want to watch the cut scenes. You play as motocross star Chuck Greene who has escaped to Fortune City with his daughter Katie. During the game you find yourself actually inside fortune city itself, you must keep your daughter alive by giving her new extended care zombrex. (now lasts 24 hours) When you and the few survivors make it out of the Fortune City Arena safely you end up in an emergency military shelter for 72 hours. Poor old Chuck is then framed for the whole outbreak and it is your job to clear your name and keep your daughter alive by any means possible. Through this game you'll find yourself fighting petty thieves in a pharmacy for your daughter's medicine, fighting a foe who you'd never expect, losing a dear friend and finishing business to save your daughter and defeat the one who framed you in the first place.

Gimmicks – 8/10

There is a lot to offer in the gimmicks department. There is finding and creating all the combo cards, finding all survivors, (saving them is your choice, you can leave them to die) killing psychopaths who have taken the outbreak in their stride to do what they wish and filling in over 100 logs into Chuck's notebook of every person you shall encounter. (excluding cutscene only characters)
There is a wide array of weapons you can use and find, some weapons is places you would never think to see them and some weapons you wouldn't ever even dream of before seeing some of them on here. They range from the bog-standard spiked bat and the super secret ******* .(stars used to keep it a secret from those who do not know what it is) All to get you the Secret achievement listed on the Xbox achievement list. As well as that you can dress Chuck up in literally hundreds of items of clothing including Borat's Mankini, a woman's summer dress and a tuxedo (required for “One Hit Wonder”)

Replay Value – 9/10

This game offers some of the greatest replay value that games have to offer. There is apparently 200+ shops/casinos for you to discover, 100+ outfits/items of clothing to embarrass Chuck with, all 50 combo cards to discover, approximately 118 characters in total to meet, many unique survivors each with their own individual problems. Such as LaShawndra Dawkins who has been abandoned by her coward husband, Kristin the drunken dancer who has been passed out for a day while the outbreak happened and many more. As well as that there are the psychopaths each with their own wishes, problem and goals. Such as Bibi Love, the soul singer who will stop at nothing, not even a zombie outbreak, for a comeback tour. Ted, the slightly “slow” animal caretaker who only wants to feed his pet and Sarge, (Sgt. Boykin) the military sergeant who has gone mentally insane due to having just lost all but two of his soldiers. (The “two” soldiers being Matthew Kuss and Michael Woo) To top everything else off there are seven different endings to this game. Endings A-F and ending S, the true ending.

Final Score - 43/50
Grade - A

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Dead Rising 2 (EU, 09/24/10)

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