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  1. I have three things to ask. 1. I can't get into ranked matches or even find any. Why is that? 2. I heard from RIXUSMAR that you can level up by beating a campaign. I beat alien and predator campaign but no level. 3. What is the fastest mode to level up?

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    RolanKi - 7 years ago


  1. 1. It takes a VERY long time to find any matches. You'll just have to wait like everyone else... that is if you have a good connection. 2. No no no! Playing campaign does nothing to Xbox live. You should realize that from all the OTHER games out there. Multiplayer is separate from the campaign. Always has been and always will be. 3. Marines. Not a mode but as "who." As far as I know all modes get you the same kind of exp. (Unless you win or something like that and get a little more exp.) The reason why I say marines is because you get a melee bonus with them because it's hard to get one off without dying. But then it doesn't matter and is all up to you. Maybe your godly playing as Alien. Well then you'll get more exp. as an Alien instead of marines. Up to you.

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  2. 1. Ranked matches take a while to find depending on your connection. Player matches are much faster to find and once you unlock all skins is much more worth playing in.

    2. It's a glitch in the game. Basically, you search for a Ranked Match. When the screen says "(1) Player(s) in match, waiting for (what ever number) Player(s)." Press "B" to leave and return to the main menu. Start up a campaign at a good spot to get XP. A recommended spot is the Praetorian fight as the Marines, i think its the Research Lab. Put the difficulty on Hard mode (NOT Nightmare! There are no checkpoints), you get a checkpoint at the start of this fight so when you die you can start right there. The point here is to fight and die. The goal is to take out as many of the Alien Drones as you can before the Praetorian kills you. When he does, reload the checkpoint and do it again. This process is a bit boring but worth it. You can get the XP achievements in a few hours. Once you get the 18000 XP achievement you will have unlocked all skins. And, as you gain XP in the campaign you gain ranks in Multiplayer so you can stop and go to multiplayer to see your progress and what skins you have unlocked so far. Then repeat the first few steps to go back to Glitching XP.
    Here is a video if you need more clarification or anything.

    3. If you want to do it legit, I suggest Mixed Species Team DM or regular DM with your best species, Marines are great at getting little extra XP stuff (like block and counter) but if you kick serious butt as a Pred or Alien then stick with them. Personally though, I used the glitch saves Days of crappy rank match finding.

    Need any more info on the glitch or anything send me a message on my Live Account, PsYcHoHeAleR

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    Azena - 7 years ago 0 0
  3. I'd just like to note that my friend (Crozz01) got the 18060 XP achievement in the middle of a campaign and this is how we discovered getting XP in campaigns. I myself have gone from rank 26 to 34 from playin campaigns.

    What Azena 3/1 says sounds like a good explanation and would explain very well what's happening. I've not confirmed this yet myself but I'm expecting Azena to be right.

    User Info: rixusmar

    rixusmar - 7 years ago 0 0

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