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"This is not a recreation of the movies!"

Movie fans beware! If you're interested in this game because you liked the movies, think twice! In no way does this game take right off from the movie "Aliens vs Predator". That being said, I'm disappointed in the overall plot and scenario Sega presented us.

The Campaign consists of 3 Campaigns: Marines, Predator, and Aliens. The Marines campaign is very similar to campaign of a First Person Shooter, with the exception of rather than having one enemy, you have two. The Predator campaign was probably the slowest campaign (yet you would think it was the funnest). All that it entailed was sneaking around, and killing people silently. However the Aliens campaign was quite fun, and offers the most replay value. The ability to climb on walls and ceilings makes just exploring as an Alien, fun.

The online or Multi-player option for Aliens vs Predator is a complete and utter joke. It takes over SEVERAL minutes to find a single ranked game to play (only way to level up, is to play ranked matches) - and when you find that one game, the one other opponent leaves..leaving the game in dismal. The only way to really be able to play this game online is through "Player Match" which in itself isn't ranked and are customized to the host's standards.

This sounds like it offers a great amount of replay value (because it does) - but only because of the three separate campaigns, not the fun the game produces. These campaign missions are not the "replay" missions that you can go through and play for fun. Their quite boring after the second or third play through.

The overall graphics in this game were great! The blood shed and the screams of pain were extremely well placed and created. I was surprised to see how well the graphics held up with each different species to be played and the graphics are done extremely well! I don't see this game being rushed into production at all, quite a marvel in the graphics for this type of game.

Aside from the horrible online play, and the slow and boring campaign, this game is a game to own if you're a fan of the Aliens vs Predator series. I recommend this game only to those who hardcore fans, not to those who think this could be good. If in doubt, I suggest renting this game first.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 02/26/10

Game Release: Aliens vs. Predator (US, 02/16/10)

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