How to attach the GPS at the last episode?????

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  1. To do this all u need to do is pick a tenticale thing and keep shooting it till its coverd in hardend lava, then it will for a few seconds allowing u to walk up to it and press B and plant it. But be careful if u get to close you will die. Any other questins message me EpiC H3adhunt3r.

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  1. You need at least 3 people (non AI) players to kill the final boss if I remember correctly.

    The Boss has four lava tentacles that extend out from its core. The purpose of your GPS is to attach it to these tentacles.

    In order to do so, you focus firing at one tentacle which causes parts of the its head to slowly cool off, thus creating "hard spots" or those "black pieces". Enough firing at it and its head will be cooled down to the point where its head falls to ground.

    At that point, you must run up to its head (the cooled spot) and place the GPS. When in range you'll see an "Attach GPS" sign at the bottom of your screen that is normally your melee button. Once the GPS is attached, there should be a blue light/laser at the top of its head and it one tentacles will now be tracked.

    Once a GPS is attached to a tentacle, it's pointless to waste ammunition on it and is best to move onto the next tentacle. I believe at minimum you need 3 placed or 4 if you have 4 player.

    If you run low on ammo, you can ind Rocket Launchers and various VS based weapons across the map. Be sure all players are clear on the objective when entering the mission, as if one person continually shoots a tentacle in hopes of killing it, that won't work. Remember, this thing has a huge mass of Thermal Energy to heal itself.

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  2. Just keep shooting one of the tentacles until burnt black spots appear. Then, Anchor onto one of the black spots, and press the button it says to. You can get a secret "Anchor Master" GJ Award this way. If you just keep shooting one tentacle, it will fall down and you can run up to it and press the button. This gets you no special GJ Award, though.

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  3. I took it out easily by going for just one tentical then it should fall to where you can run up to it and attach the GPS, I use this tactic and finish him in like 5 minutes.

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  4. You do not need any other players to help do this, I am not on live & I done this with AI partners turned off on normal difficulty. Choose one tentacle to focus your attack on. As the tentacle takes damage, molten rock will begin to form on the tip of the tentacle. Keep firing until it fall to the ground, dash up & press the B button when prompted to plant the GPS (or zip onto & plant the GPS for a GJ award) don't get to close though as you will die if you come within a certain range of the boss. Just find the spot where the prompt comes up & prees the button.


    Thats not the end of the fight, after the sattaliette laser hits shoot the shards of ice that begins to form above the battle area until it ends.

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  5. On each tentacle there is a rock on the tip, you need to shoot that until it hardens and comes down to your level. Run up to it and attach the GPS unit; Depending if you have non-AI players with you, they will also have to attach the GPS unit on a seperate tentacle.

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  6. Keep shooting one of the 4 tentacles until it looks all black and rock-like. It will then fall to the ground and wait there for a minute. In that time, run up to it, and press B to attach GPS (it will prompt you to do so when you are close enough). If you are playing single player, or are the only person in the multiplayer campaign playing that level, that is it, it is game over, you win. If there are others, they all need to attach a GPS. If there are 2 people, you need to down two tentacles and attach 1 GPS to each. 3 people = 3 tentacles = 3 GPS. Same pattern for 4.

    If you need help, message me on my gamertag: AH Entity I am currently helping anyone and everyone clear any and every stage in Lost Planet 2.

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  7. Oh yea, for some reason I can not edit my answer, so let me tell you this:

    There is only one GPS that you can carry alone. So if you have more than one person in the game, they HAVE to EACH attach a GPS to one of the tentacles that are not already attached with a GPS (the ones that are not blue and are still lava coloured/ rock like).

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