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    FAQ by peterconti

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/16/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    P  P I R  R  A A    T   E       C    U    U B  B E     S
    P  P I R  R  A A    T   E      C     U    U B  B E    S
    PPP  I RRR  A   A   T   EEE    C     U    U BBB  EEE   SSS 
    P    I R R  AAAAA   T   E      C     U    U B  B E        S
    P    I R  R A   A   T   E       C     U  U  B  B E         S
    P    I R  R A   A   T   EEEE     CCC   UU   BBB  EEEE  SSSS
    			Pirate Cubes
    		     Faq by Peter Conti 
    Copy Right Peter Conti (email me for any use other then private)
    Please send feedback to contigames@hotmail.com
    [AAA] Introduction 
    [BBB] Game Mechanics 
    [CCC] Characters 
    [SLR] - Jack Sailor
    [FXH] - Fang Xhe
    [CCN] - Captain Cannon
    [CPL] - Captain Peg Leg
    [BNS] - Bones
    [SLT] - Mrz Scarlett
    [ICA] - Inca Inca
    [MBM] - Mr Boom
    [VLA] - Viola
    [CMN] - Commander Nash
    [DDD] Frame Data
    [AAA] Introduction
    This game guide is for the Xbox Live Community Game Pirate Cubes. 
    Pleasesupport community games, they are not expensive to purchase, 
    and it will greatly help the community to grow.
    If you purchased the game previous April 17 2009, check that when
    you finish the game that you fight in a stage with floating skulls.
    (With any character other then Bones)
    If not then download the updated version (you may need to delete
    the version you already have).
    This is the first revision and maybe expanded upon in future 
    depending on feedback recieved.
    [BBB] Game Mechanics
    The game runs at 30fps
    The basic goal is to lower the opponents hit points before 
    they lower yours.
    A or Y button = Standard Attack, 
    every character's standard attack does 10 points 
    of damage.Every character's standard attack has 1
    active attack frame, that is active from the start
    of the attack, till it connects or is completed.
    Evert character's standard attack lasts for 16 frames.
    X button = Block,
    Blocking reduces damage and does not cause hit stun 
    (unless block is broken). Standard attacks will against
    a blocking character cause 2 points of damage. Special 
    attacks will also only cause 2 points of damage and
    special effects such as draw ins will be negated. 
    Special Rules involving block. Blocking Bones special attack 
    will cause more damage against you, and the hold will still 
    take effect.
    Also Blocking lasts 5 frames, therefore if an opponent gets a 
    hit in during the the 6 frame then the block will be broken. 
    This is to stop a heavy Turtling Style.
    On the 7th frame the block will be reinstated for another 
    5 frames.
    ***  Air Blocking is not possible after a certain height. ***
    Reason being is that people would otherwise spend most time 
    jumping and blocking for a safer yet boring statergy.
    B button = Special Attack,
    Is different for each character. More specifics for each special 
    move will be mentioned in the character sections. They all have 
    varying properties such as invinciblity frames.
    Combo = Hit the opponent multiple times before they leave the hit 
    stun animation. During hit stun you can not do anything till you 
    Hitback = To make it harder to combo, if hit your character will 
    suffer some form of hit back, which will move you away from the 
    Wall bounce = During hitback, if there is enough momentum, 
    the character will be  launched in the air and bounce of the wall. 
    This is to avoid harsh  corner traps and to add more momentum to 
    the game play.	
    Tap left or right twice in desired direction = Dash,
    The dash is very useful for various reasons. You are able to keep 
    pressure on the opponent. Because attacks usually cause hitback or 
    wall bounce to combo, you will need to chase with a dash to hit 
    again before the opponent leaves hit stun.
    The dash is also useful evade and to bait attacks by back dashing 
    in and out off range.
    The dash is also possible during jumps and is usefull to close in 
    faster on the opponent then usual and to assit in evasion.
    It is also possible to dash to the other side of the opponent if 
    you are close enough.
    Projectile Nullification = It is possible to nullify projectiles 
    with other projectiles or some special attacks such as Bones special 
    Invincibility frames = These are frames when your hitbox does not 
    exist and so it is not possible to be attacked. For instance Jack Sailors 
    Special attack is the Dash Attack which is consists completely of invincibility
    frames while the attack frame is active.
    Therefore he can pass right through projectiles. However if he hits an
    opponent who is blocking, he becomes vernable to an opponents conter attack.
    Hold = If Bones special attack connects with the opponent, then the opponent
    will be held in place and will be susceptible to attack for a limited time.
    Draw In = Mrz Scarlett's special whip attack is able to pull in her opponent.
    During this time the opponent cannot react.
    [CCC] Character
    General Notes: 
    *Block (with standard attack counter) usually beats Special attack.
    *Standard attack usually beats block 
    (with its attempted standard attack counter)
    *Special attack usally beats standard attack. 
    *Some special attacks beat other special attacks 
    (depending on circumsatances too)
    *Longer Range standard attacks usually beat those of shorter range 
    (assuming otherattack is out of range)
    *A player cannot launch another projectile till the previous 
    is no longer active.
    All charcters frame data is identical except for special attacks 
    (see frame data section)
    [SLR] - Jack Sailor
    Standard Attack Range: Medium
    Special Attack Details: Dash Attack
    Jack charges at opponents with his sword.
    It is Fast and has long reach.
    It has invincibility fames while attack frame is active.
    It can pass through projectiles.
    Susceptiable to counter attack if blocked.
    If evade opponent can time counter attack to land at end of 
    the attack.
    You are able to perform the attack in the air.
    If initiated on the ground you can press up to make the 
    attack travel in an upward arc to catch jumping oponents.
    General Statergies: Punish special attacks with the Dash attack. Use the Dash 
    attack as an evasion tool. Against harder difficulties or other players
    do not spam the Dash attack as it can be counter easily after blocking.
    [FXH] - Fang Xhe
    Standard Attack Range: Medium
    Special Attack Details: Lotus Blade
    Swings 2 blades in arcs around himself.
    Has a large hitbox that sorounds himself.
    It has invincibility frames during the duration of the move.
    Cannot move during the attack unless already moving in the air.
    Can be performed in the air (in fact recommended).
    Susceptable to counter attack with correctly timed special attacks
    on recovery or if blocked. 
    General Statergies: Jump towards an opponent and attack with Lotus Blade.
    Even though it is invincible during attack, it is not wise to use like
    Jacks Dash attack to evade projectiles unless Fang is jumping at the time,
    because there is a good chance that the Lotus Blade attack does not last
    long enough to evade slow moving projectiles.
    [CCN] - Captain Cannon
    Standard Attack Range: Short
    Special Attack Details: Eat Lead
    Captain Cannon fires a bullet from a gun.
    It is the fastest moving projectile in the game.
    It has a small hit box.
    It can nullify other projectile based attacks.
    Can be initiated in air and travels in a straight line if done so.
    General Statergies: Play keep away as much as possible and launch the Eat Lead
    Beware characters that can evade and punish projectiles attacks.
    If an opponent closes in on you, use the standard attack as the 
    recovery of the Eat Lead attack is easily punished. 
    Rush down style of play can be tried by dashing immediately on first
    frame after special attack recovery.
    [CPL] - Captain Peg Leg
    Standard Attack Range: Short
    Special Attack Details: Cannon Fire
    Fires a cannon ball in an upward arc that bounces of the stage 
    Decent speed projectile.
    Has fair sized hitbox.
    Can nullify other projectile attacks.
    Can be launched in air.
    Can still jump up during cannon frames. (This amazing feet is usefull 
    for evasion).
    General Statergies: Play keep away as much as possible and mix up the traveling 
    path of the cannon ball by lauching the attack duing jumps that can be while 
    i.e jumping away. Standing ground i.e. jumping jump or on landing down and 
    finally as during a forward jump as a form or shield. 
    It is possible to launch and then dash under the ball to rush down an opponent
    and it is possible to combo the cannon ball by timing its fall to hit just after
    or a standard attack. 
    [BNS] - Bones
    Standard Attack Range: Medium
    Special Attack Details:	Rising Bone Hands
    Bone hands raise from the spot the opponent is when the attack was intiated.
    If they make contact with an opponent they will render the opponent
    virtually unmoveable and suceptible to standard attack combos.
    If the opponent is blocking they recieve more damage then if not.
    They are slow moving.
    They can form a shield against projectiles.
    The opponent can attempt to break free by dashing and jumping constantly.
    The Eye gazing frames are invincible. 
    General Statergies: Initiate the special attack and then jump and dash in 
    regardless if the attack connects to rush down the opponent. The opponent 
    will have to then both evade you and the special. If you can pressure the 
    opponent to block, then try to land the special attack as it cause more 
    damage if the opponent is blocking.
    [SLT] - Mrz Scarlett
    Standard Attack Range: Long
    Special Attack Details: Come Here Sugar
    Launches a whole screen length attack.
    Does low damage but if the opponent is not blocking it will pull them
    towards Mrz Scarlett who can then use standard attacks to cause 
    additional damage.
    The attack is slow but Mrz Scarlett has invincibilty frames so it
    can be used to evade and punish projectile attacks.
    The invincibility can be used to evade attacks.
    Can be initiated in air.
    Cannot move once attack is active unless already moving duing a jump.
    General Statergies: Use the Special attack to draw in opponents in range 
    of her standard attack.
    Avoid using if opponent is already close enough for the standard attack.
    Use her standard attack range to your advantage.
    Use the Special attack to evade other attacks with its invincibility frames
    if needed.
    Jump up when launching the special attack to catch opponents in 
    evasion attempts.
    Beware of missing with the special attack as the recovery is slow, even though
    she is invincible during the special attack.
    [ICA] - Inca Inca
    Standard Attack Range: Long
    Special Attack Details: Inca Inca Pounce
    Inca Inca Pounces accross the screen and attacks spear down.
    Limited uses due to no invinvibility frames.
    Limited projectile evasion.
    Limited evasion properties.
    Is punsihable by correctly executed standard attacks.
    Can be performed in air, changing the path and therefore becoming more of
    a dive attack.
    The hitbox of Inca Inca's special is half his neutral hit box.
    His attack box extends far bellow his hit box.
    Developers Note: With invincibilty frames this character proved almost 
    too powerfull. Thats why the move was nerfed somewhat.
    General Statergies: Stay just with in poking range and rush down the opponent 
    with his extra long standard attack. Use the special attack when the opponent 
    is still recovering from there special attacks. 
    [MBM] - Mr Boom
    Standard Attack Range: Short
    Special Attack Details:	Bomb Roll
    Rolls a very large bomb that explodes on contact with an opponent
    that is not in invincibilty frames.
    Explodes (which still connects) after a certain amount of time.
    Slow moving.
    Falls to ground in a small arc if launched in air.
    Can be used as a walk behind shield.
    Nullifies other projectiles.
    General Statergies: Launch a Bomb Roll attack and use it as a shield 
    by walking, dashing, or jumping behind it. Follow up with standard 
    attacks. Use the Bomb Roll to punish characters who have invinciblity
    frames as it is usually just sitting around the opponent when they
    lose inviciblity.
    Beware that Mr Boom has a larger hitbox then every other character.
    [VLA] - Viola
    Standard Attack Range: Short
    Special Attack Details: Knife Toss
    2nd slowest projectile in game.
    Travels in straight line if launched from ground.
    Travels diagonally down if launched from air.
    Slow enough to be used as a walk or jump behind shield.
    General Statergies: Mix up the air and ground knife toss. Mix up using it 
    as a shiled to close in on opponent to standard attack, and as a shiled to 
    run away from an  opponent as Viola's standard attack range is arguably
    the shortest in the game. 
    [CMN] - Commander Nash
    Standard Attack Range: Medium to Long
    Special Attack Details: Laughing Warp
    Warps to a new position.
    Warp position is based on distance from edges.
    Initating Warp from one edge, repositions Nash on the opposing edge.
    Initiating Warp from middle, repositions Nash close to middle.
    Can be used in air.
    During Warp, Nash is invincible and is attacking (although shorter in range
    then his standard attack).
    General Statergies: Warp out of harm. Try to position youself so as to 
    better punish and attack opponents with the warp. Beware warping into 
    an attack or setup.
    Use the range of his standard attack to your advantage.
    		[DDD] Frame Data
     The game runs at 30fps (Limited on purpose, the Xbox 360 could easily run 
     it much faster).
     All charcters frame data is identical except for special attacks.
    Neutral = 1 frame (well infinite until changed)
    Block   = 5 frames, this leads to possible block breaking 
                and non-instantaneous counter attacks 
    Attack  = 16 frames
    Dashing = 12 frames
    Hitstun = 25 frames
    Hitback = 16-18 frames (most circumstances)
    KO = 1 frame (well infinite until changed)
    Special Attack frame durations:
    Jack Sailor	= 100
    Fang Xhe	= 30
    Captain Cannon	= 30
    Captain Peg Leg	= 30
    Bones		= 30 (till Bones can move again) Holds for anywhere 
    		      between 30 and 150 frames 
    		     (depending on height)
    Mrz Scarlett	= 100
    Inca Inca	= 90
    Mr Boom		= 30 (till Mr Boom can move again) Bomb explodes at 250 frames
    Viola		= 30
    Commander Nash	= 30 (15 frames each position of warp)
    Please send feedback to contigames@hotmail.com
    I would really like to see the oppinion of players as to a character tier list

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