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    FAQ/Walkthrough by AdvsInfinity

    Version: 1.03 | Updated: 02/24/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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                   Walkthrough by Thomas A Halter Jr  (Taenju Junaut)
                                     Version  1.03
                                 Saturday Jan 16, 2010
                         Last Updated  Wednesday, Feb 24, 2010
                               Email: Taenju@hotmail.com
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                                  Table  Of Contents
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                            (FT=Find Tag,  for Ctrl-F use)
                    E: Example                           [ExampleFT]
                    1: Copywrite-----------------------[CopywriteFT]
                    2: Version History    -       [VersionHistoryFT]
                    3: Author's Note-----------------[AuthorsNoteFT]
                    3: Intro              -                [IntroFT]
                    4: Mechanics-----------------------[MechanicsFT]
                    5: Walkthrough        -          [WalkthroughFT]
                          -Chapter 1--------------------[Chapter1FT]
                          -Chapter 2      -             [Chapter2FT]
                          -Chapter 3--------------------[Chapter3FT]
                          -Chapter 4      -             [Chapter4FT]
                          -Chapter 5--------------------[Chapter5FT]
                          -Chapter 6      -             [Chapter6FT]
                          -Chapter 7--------------------[Chapter7FT]
                    6: Radio Locations    -                [RadioFT]
                    7: Cat Locations-------------------------[CatFT]
                    8: Weapons            -              [WeaponsFT]
                    9: Credits---------------------------[CreditsFT]
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                                Copywrite  Information
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    This text document is Copywrited under me, Thomas A Halter Jr. This document
    cannot be rerecorded or hosted anywhere without my consent. I have given my
    consent to host my document to: Gamefaqs.com. As of update 1.01, I do not wish 
    to have my FAQ hosted outside of GameFaqs.com or otherwise the Gamestop 
    network. Any reproduction without my consent will be prosecuted to the fullest 
    extent of the law in any case of copywrite violation.
    Any characters, licenses, and/or software and other copywrited objects are
    copywrite under their respective owners and entities.
    As the winning guide for the GameFaqs contributor contest for Army of Two: the
    40th Day, I have been awarded the gift card total of $60 and thus per the rules
    of the contests; this guide is permanently hosted by GameFaqs.com.
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                                   Version  History
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                                 Version 1.00 1/16/10
                                 - Title and ASCII art added
                                 - Table of Contents added
                                 - Copywrite information added
                                 - Version History added
                                 - Author's Note added
                                 - Intro added
                                 - Mechanics added
                                 - Walkthrough added
                                 - Radio Locations added
                                 - Cat Locations Added
                                 - Weapons Added
                                 - Credits Added
                                 Version 1.01 1/19/10
                                 -Copywrite literature updated
                                 -M107 Sniper Rifle location added
                                 -HM Shotgun location added
                                 -AS-KR1 Added
                                 -Grand Pinger Added
                                 -AS-Kr1/Grand Pinger possible troubleshoot
                                 -Moral Choices rewards updated
                                 -PCG Delta 6x Scope strategy - from Havoc1353
                                 -Slanted G5 Grip info added -  from fuelstaind
                                 -Rusty Stock info updated - from fuelstaind
                                 -Custom Shield info added - from fuelstaind
                                 Version 1.02 2/21/10
                                 -Copywrite information updated
                                 Version 1.03 2/24/10
                                 -Pipe Launcher 40mm info added - from Jimlomax
                                 -Trueshot Mk.1 info added - from Jimlomax
                                 -Red Dot Sight 3x info added
                                 -Credits information updated
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                                    Author's  Note
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    Well, this is actually my first walkthrough ever and it was indeed inspired by 
    Gamefaqs for me to do this but I am going to get what games I can when they 
    release and try to get a FAQ written for them as expadiciously as possible to 
    help as many other gamers as possible.
    Funny thing is, most every FAQ I've used off of GameFaqs *happened* to be 
    written by people, whom, also it was their first Faq so in that fact I am 
    filled with a strange confidence that I could produce a pretty comprehensive 
    document here.
    I got Army of Two the 40th day the day it released (1/12/10) and up until the 
    first draft of this FAQ played the game possibly 5 or 6 times through the 
    campaign mode looking for most every little detail to bring to you the most 
    comprehensive faq I can muster.
    That being said there is still probably dozens of things I've missed and I 
    would be absolutely ELATED for the rest of you, the GameFaqs community to help 
    me fill in the blanks and I will of course abide by GameFaqs' golden rule of 
    giving credit to those who help me. Simply E-mail me at Taenju@hotmail.com to 
    tell me whatever it is I missed and I will update the matter as expaditiously 
    as possible, but please include your GameFaqs username, as I will not accept 
    annonymous tips as I cannot properly credit them otherwise.
    One quick note about the structure of my FAQ, as with most people, I have 
    implemented a way to use the find command (ctrl+f) to quickly navigate my Faq, 
    if you type the section you're looking for and then FT (which stands for Find 
    Tag for these purposes) without spaces and you should be able to hit "find 
    next" and be immediately zoomed down to the section in question, as no other 
    parts of the faq should conveniently spell the section name with the tacked on 
    FT except the parts you want to get to.
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    You take up the roles of either mercenary, Elliot Salem or Tyson Rios, who've 
    recently taken down the company they worked for, that being SSC private 
    military corps and they worked under Dalton, who later schemed with Philip 
    Clyde to frame Rios and Salem for a string of events that were intended to 
    trigger the passing of a bill in congress to privatize the military.
    Salem and Rios of course stopped and killed them in the first game and cleared 
    their name and started their own private military firm of course called: "Army 
    of Two," denoting their incredible ability to present a serious threat to any 
    opposing force as just two people with 3 guns each.
    Now they're in Shanghai working what is just another job, apparently they're 
    supposed to meet up with a contact and place some beacons, but they weren't 
    given any information as to the specifics of their employer, now its time to 
    start up the game and I'll let Alice talk you from here as to what you're 
    supposed to do, but I suppose I'll help since thats the whole point of this 
    document. =P
                                 ***              ***
                                    Game Mechanics
                                   ***          *** 
     * * *
    The purpose of this section is to explain the different game mechanics of the
    game in the order they are introduced to the player, and I will give any
    extrapolated information that I think the player would find useful.
     * * *
    - Movement: in its simplist explination, it is simply your method of locomotion
    in this game, using the left analogue stick to move in the direction you push
    it, often used in conjunction with the right analogue stick to manage the
    camera. As an added feature, you can press the A button to quickly roll to a
    nearby location a few yards away, and you can also hold A to sprint which
    speeds your characters run, but he can't use his readied weapon while he
    - Camera: when used along with movement, managing the camera feels just as
    natural as you would run around and be turning you head, because, after all,
    your head pivots and can turn. You use the right analogue stick to turn the
    camera in the desired direction and you can also click the right stick to shift
    the orientation behind your character from left to right and visa-versa. Most
    of the time, you shouldn't even be aware you are doing these actions before too 
    long. =P
    - Vaulting: when you're near anything a couple feet tall you can press A near
    it to either hop over the obsticle like barricades and short walls or climb on
    the object as appropriate offering a way to 'climb' which comes into place in a
    few rare but useful occassion. If you are sprinting when you come across a 
    possible vault-able obsticle you can just keep sprinting and holding A to
    quickly vault over the impeding structure and continue sprinting away.
    - Crouching: probably the action you will take the most other than firing your 
    weapon, crouching allows you to hide behind cover thus making hitting you 
    obviously that much more impossible for the enemies. Oh and you can use it to 
    crawl under a fence but that is ONLY used or seen in the first Chapter, 
    - Cover System: its not that complex or deep, but it gets the job done for the
    games purposes allowing you to, when you get behind a wall or barricade or
    other appropriate covers to protect yourself from most incoming bullet fire.
    Your character should automatically cling to any appropriate cover you brush up
    against. You can also slide into any cover you happen to be sprinting towards
    cover you wish to at some point be hiding behind by just letting go of A button
    within several feet of the cover.
    - Environment Interactions: a minor trifle, but everywhere you go, no matter
    what you do, you're going to need to interact with the environment to complete 
    objectives and get along in the story. From things as diverse as placing
    beacons to pressing switches and mounting guns and step jumps as well as
    opening doors all by pressing the A button near the object in question. A fine
    tip that can be easily missed since the game only mentions this in the context, 
    but doesn't explain the full use of is the option to hold the A button when you
    open a door. By holding A when your opening a door you can open the door
    silently, which in fact needs to be used in a few instances to be able to, say,
    save civilians successfully without the need for crazy speeded coordination of
    action and strategy.
    - GPS: By pressing the select button you can pull up the GPS included in your
    mask, which lets you tag enemies, helps strategize (especially with AI
    characters,) outlines tagged enemies even behind cover, find out the ranks of
    enemies to reveal captains and privates, and reveals a green line on the ground
    that directs you to your next objective. One annoying proclivity of the GPS
    though is that it cannot be used indefinitely for extended periods of time, as
    it has a battery and you can't have it up more than about 10 seconds at a time,
    after which it will turn off and you'll see the battery bar at the top left of
    your screen as it fills back up.
    - Combat: Obviously the crux of the game, aside from co-op play, because, well,
    without combat Army of Two would just be a movie, a pretty B or even C rated
    movie, but thats not the case here. In this case, 4 or maybe 5 buttons directly
    command combat, the Left Trigger, Right Trigger, B button, Left Bumper, and in
    some cases A. The Right trigger is your firing button, it is what sends the
    virtual death dealers on their trajectory, and then the Left trigger sights
    your gun up, letting you aim more precisely and makes you fire in more of a
    straight line which is obviously desirable so that whatever sap you're aiming
    at ultimately ends up dieing so you can move on to the next sap. The left 
    bumper when used near enemies within arms reach subdues the enemy and uses him
    as a meatshield absorbing fire between you and wherever the fire is coming
    from, when you do that he will resist if he has time, and you need to tap be to
    keep him in line when that happens, if you're done with the fight and he still
    lives, hold B to snap the poor guys neck and be done with him. Pressing B near
    arm's reach enemies will also initiate a melee attack which will instantly kill
    or render unconsious whoever you're near. Whenever you're getting confident, or
    someones just between you and a spot you want to sprint to, you can also simply
    sprint towards the enemy, keeping A held down, and you will ram the dude
    instantly killing him, you'll briefly stop, then keep moving provided A is 
    still being held down.
    - Weapon Store: This is obviously the way you can aquire more weaponry, 
    attachments, and bonuses, this isn't needed of course, as you can actually 
    consievably complete the game using strictly the gear you start out with and 
    that actually isn't too crazy, but updating your weaponry will make the whole 
    process easier. You can navigate the menues and if you see a weapon that you 
    want that isn't locked, you can buy it provided you have the cash, and then by 
    going to the weapon and pressing Y, you can customize the weapon with different 
    barrels, silencers, cartriges, frontmounts, stocks, scopes, grips, and even 
    other weapons. Each of these things affect up to 4 attributes of the gun, shown 
    at the bottom right of the shop menu:
         Aggro- How much the gun attracts the attention of enemies in battle, a
                high aggro gun draws everyone to firing at you immediatly, so your
                partner can flank or snipe without fear, a gun with low aggro will
                tend to not draw attention to you so much and keep you covert.
      Handling- How easily you can maneuver the gun, high handling allows for
                more accurate blind-firing, while less means your blind fire won't
                kill probably further than about 5 or 6 feet. You'll prefer to use
                the left trigger and aim anyway probably.
     Precision- How accurate you gun is, obviously the higher this value is the
                farther away you can reliably shoot someone and be reasonably
                assured you will hit the target, lower precision means the bullets
                will scatter closer from the firing point
        Damage- How penetrating your bullets are, simply, the higher this value,
                the less bullets you will need to fire to kill a target, while less
                tends to take more bullets. Note- usually the less damaging guns
                make up for the drawback by firing faster, but this factor isn't
                displayed, you will need to try each gun to find the one you thing
                works best for your purposes.
    - Weapon Store (cont.): while in the store, you can customize any weapon you
    come across, and for all attachments if you buy it for one gun you can then put
    it on any other weapon for free, with sole exception of the pimp style which
    costs $10,000 and needs to be purchased for each gun seperately I will give a
    very brief overview of each common type of attachment:
       Barrels- Basically the main part of any gun you can change, and barrels
                often affect at least 3 of the 4 attributes in a significant manner
        Stocks- The end of the gun that rests against your character so stocks
                typically affet the handling and precision of the gun, often
                inversly so.
     Silencers- optional pieces that usually marginally lower a few attributes at a
                time but gives your gun the ability to kill without alerting
                enemies out of sight of your target. There are also versions of
                these tools that actually make your gun louder, raising aggro.
                Equipted silencers can be removed and reattached on the field by
                holding Y, selecting the silenced weapon and hitting the right
                bumper without actually changing the customization options of the
    Cartridges- Basically the clips that hold the ammunition in such a way that the
                gun can use, bigger clips reduce the frequency of reloads but lower
                attributes marginally, except aggro, which would raise marginally.
         Grips- Like stocks, these help the user hold onto the gun, inversly
                affecting handling and precision, but are optional except in rare
    Frontmount- Rather drastic pieces mounted onto the front of some weaponry, like
                shields to repel some incoming bullets, mounted weapons like a
                shotgun or grenade launchers with a few rounds (accessed by holding
                Y and pressing up twice toggling the frontmount.) These often
                hinder handling.
        Scopes- Both for automatic guns as well as snipers, optional for auto,
                needed for snipers, these allow you to, when using the left trigger
                to zoom in seeing further into the battlefield and aiming all that
                more easily at far away enemies. Scopes can also be removed and
                reattached for automatic guns on the field by holding Y and hitting
                the left bumper when the automatic is selected.
        Knives- located in the suppressor slot, you can also mount knives and other
                melee weapons to the end of your gun, affecting your melee attack.
                (I actually don't know if there is any appreciatable difference in
                the nature of the melee attack other than style of the attack other
                than a raised aggro attribute)
         Style- Be it for personal satisfaction, less aggro, or outragious aggro,
                you can get a paint job for your gun that only affects aggro,
                either lowering or raising it by an appreciatable degree.
    - Capturing Enemies: given the right situation, you can capture enemies you
    come across and if the group hasn't seen you yet, and you grab a captain, you
    can make the surrounding privates surrender (you can tell which is which when
    you pull up the GPS.) After they surrender you can tie them up (if your partner
    captured the captain) or aim at the enemies now kneeling on the ground and
    press the left bumper to order your AI partner to tie them up (you will see the
    context on the bottom of your screen if you're lined up right.)
    - Moral Choices: Once every chapter of the game, you are faced with a moral 
    choice, and in the middle of this cutscene the context will appear on the 
    screen prompting you to choose one of the two options by either pressing A or 
    B. Don't feel as if you have to rush to make a decision, because if you wait 
    long enough the screen just pauses as it wait for your input. One choice is 
    always morally positive, while the other is morally negative. Usually positive 
    choices have fewer cash rewards but open up some perks later on while negative 
    usually gets more cash rewards and some weapons. Either option will also 
    greatly raise or lower your morallity, but 
    this is only important regarding wether or not Wu in chapter three lets you at 
    the weapons locker or not, nowhere else is this mechanic used in the game to an 
    appreciatable affect.
    ***END SPOILER***
    - Reputation: one little statistic that can be seen by pausing or seen at the 
    end chapter scoreboard, this is simply two words that describe your kinship 
    with your partner and your moral disposition. The left word (noncommittal, 
    hateful, loyal) describes your brotherly connection to your partner while the 
    right word (mercenary, hero, gentlemen) describes your moral setting. The moral 
    statistic seems to be static, staying where its at until you take an action to 
    modify it, but a wierd thing about the kinship word seems to be dependant on 
    constant modification, as you can work all the way up to Ambiguous (positive 
    extreme) and then as you fight through the chapter pause again to find it had 
    fallen back down to noncommittal (neutral). The kinship factor plays a role in 
    a few achievements in the game so you just go to your partner when you're not 
    fighting and press A, which is a positive emote and will raise this factor, or 
    B, which is a negative emote which lowers the it. You can also play a quick 
    game of Rock, Paper, Scissors by pressing Y when not in combat and pressing Up, 
    Left, or Right on the D-pad, which has the same end effect of pressing A.
    As far as I know, you just get achievements for finishing the kinship settings 
    on either extreme at the end of the game, so you'll just want to bother 
    spamming the positive or negative emotes right before the final cutscene in 
    chapter seven.
    ***END SPOILER***
    - Radios and Cats: collectables in this game, each with their respective 
    achievements, you can collect radios sitting throughout the game and access 
    them in the pause menu to get more backstory explaining what is going on in the 
    game, but are significant on their own. Radios are decent sized, probably older 
    radios with a green band on the front side showing the interface as well as a 
    couple antenae almost flush with the top of the box. There are also what looks 
    like 2 foot tall porcellain cat figurines (Maneki Neko cats, for those of you 
    who want to be specific, Im just going to say "Cats") that you can shoot as a 
    means to collect throughout the game for the sole purpose of an achievement.
    - AI Commands: This isn't relevant if you're playing the game co-op with a 
    buddy, but if you can't have both people on the game you can just load up the 
    AI partner who is surprisingly a lot more competent this game around. As an 
    added measure of strategy, you can order your partner to follow you (D-Pad 
    Left,) advancing ahead of you (D-Pad Up,) and holding position (D-Pad Right.)
    By pressing the desired command multiple times you can toggle wether the nature 
    of this action should be covert (not attention grabbing, safe, denoted by a 
    blue aura) or aggro (firing on sight, bringing attention to himself, but might 
    get him killed, denoted by a firey red aura.) The AI partner is completely 
    capable of helping you do most any task that needs to be done other than 
    sniping enemies while you're mock surrendering (needed for an achievement). 
    Note- be careful when giving the Aggro-Advance command, especially in the later 
    battles as your partner may get overzealous and get himself killed, just as you 
    would if you were advancing, guns a-blazing, although with the Aggro-Hold 
    Position command he doesn't face this issue, and is actually a beast on the 
    - Mock Surrender: In a few context sensitive areas of the game you may get 
    ambushed by some enemies lying in wait for you to come by, when this happens 
    you can press A to raise your arms and pretend to surrender. As long as you 
    haven't given them reason to start firing a blue bar will start depleting on 
    the bottom of the screen, showing how much time you have left to press A again 
    to get down on your knees or they start firing. While this is happening you can 
    do one of two things: either go into Quick-Draw or use this mechanic for your 
    partner to line up a sniper shot. Going into quick-draw slows down time, pulls 
    out your pistol and allows to to kill the enemies sometimes even before they've 
    realized you've started shooting them. You also need to use the Mock Surrender 
    and have your partner snipe the enemies in question for the Attention Grabber 
    achievement, but I know of no way to command an AI partner to do this, as he 
    usually just joins you making it a co-op mock surrender, which is still useful 
    for the In Synch achievement in which you both need to kill the enemies at the 
    same time in Quick-Draw.
    - Co-op Snipe: Needed 5 times over for the Co-op Sniper achievement, you can 
    initiate a co-op snipe with you AI parnter by simply finding a group of two or 
    more enemies and aiming at one of the two, in which you should see soon 
    afterward your partner's helmet cam (top right corner) showing him aiming at 
    another dude. With you and your partner aimed up, just fire your gun and your 
    partner will fire at the same time, allowing you to save certain civilians and 
    make some ventures easier. If you're playing with a friend or relative you can 
    press the A button to have Salem or Rios initiate a countdown to help you guys 
    fire in synch but it may be easier to just say the countdown yourself depending 
    on the situation, just make sure you guys have agreed on whether to fire 3 
    (counting up), 1 (counting down), or go/fire.
    - Homebrew Parts: Weapons or weapon parts that are locked throughout the entire
    game and must be found in their respective levels, these can either be a reward 
    for morality choices, saving citizens, or Fed-Ex looking bubble-wrap folders 
    throughout the chapters.
    - Checkpoints: Simply spots of the chapter where your recent ventures are 
    saved, so should you or your partner die, or you decide to turn off the game 
    for a bit, you can reload at the spot of the checkpoint with the progress to 
    that point saved. Be warned that you should get into a habit of knowing where 
    the checkpoints and make sure you can get to one when you do a big Weapon Shop 
    configuration because if you update like 7 guns with 20 different attachments 
    and you or quit, you will need to buy...everything...again....
                                 ***                ***
                                   ***            ***
    So now its finally time for the part you probably skipped right down to this 
    section to see, the walkthrough itself. Along with revealing all the necessary 
    steps I will put in as many hombrew parts, radio and cat locations, and citizen 
    rewards as I know to give you the best help possible. If I missed anything that 
    you've found please E-mail me at Taenju@hotmail.com and it will be updated, I 
    will not accept annonymous contributions so include your GameFaqs username so 
    that I may properly credit you.
                                 ***    Chapter1    ***
                                       ***    ***
    Once you load up the game and get started you are immediately treated to the 
    intro cutscene, following a shanghai tourbus until there are all the sudden a 
    series of explosions destroying most of the town and causing mass pandemonium. 
    After that end of the world scene, you are flashed back to earlier that same 
    day to where Rios and Salem are standing, and then you're given control.
    Obviously the day is soon to get exciting with the mass destruction but up 
    until after the first few checkpoints this chapter is pretty much a tutorial to 
    get you oriented to the game, and I approve of the way it accomplishes this, 
    anyway lets get started.
    The path is pretty obvious and it is linear, not really much to miss, as you 
    jog down the path until you meet your contact, JB. Right before you get to JB 
    there is the first radio on a table to the left hand side, easy enough to see 
    if you're looking for it.
    After you meet up with JB you simply run down the alley, make a right, press A 
    to vault over the barricade and click the left analogue stick to crouch under 
    the fence, which oddly is the only obsticle you have to crawl under the entire 
    game, but it still teaches you how to crouch I guess. After going under the 
    fence continue down the winding path to another few barricades, with which you 
    need to take cover behind by crouching and getting up next to them.
    A mini-cutscene should then start where JB shoots a few guards then gives Rios 
    and Salem their equiptment, and for those of you who played the first game JB 
    reveals that he too also worked for Dalton at SSC, before you killed him and 
    Philip Clyde, and thus he knows your reputation.
    Afterwards he should open the grated door and you'll need to continue to the 
    next courtyard and place beacons on a wall straight ahead of you on the right 
    hand side, both you and your partner must be interacting with the boxes 
    before the action is actually taken.
    The GPS is then revealed to you, giving you a tool to see the green line on the 
    ground which leads you to your objective, should you get lost. Follow JB 
    through the next grated door and turn the corner to find a couple alarm boxes, 
    which you will need to shoot, sight up with the left trigger, aiming at the red 
    bulbs, and pull the right trigger to shoot the boxes.
    Then you need to head in the garage next to the alarm boxes and get in the 
    elevator in that garage. Alice then informs you that you now have access to 
    your weapon shop, and you should now have $7,500 from placing those beacons 
    from a moment ago. You can access the store any time your not participating in 
    battle, which includes just not sighting up or any time your partner is not 
    trying to initiate a two-person action. When playing with an AI partner you can 
    just open up the shop, when playing with another human though your friend will 
    have to be near you and press A to confirm you going to the weapon store, as 
    annoying as it is.
    * * * CHECKPOINT * * *
    After you upgrade your equiptment in some way, just buy something, the elevator 
    should then open to which another mini-cutscene plays where JB explains that 
    your GPS can distinguish the ranks of enemies you see, and shows you that you 
    can make enemies surrender by capturing their captain (pressing the left bumper 
    when sneaking up to the captain.) When he captures the captain you need to run 
    in after him and either tie up the other soldiers (pressing A) for + morality 
    or simply shooting them for - morality.
    After you've dealt with those 3, JB tells you to continue forward to another 
    group of 2 which you can practice the capture technique with, simply run up to 
    the captain after you've identified him and capture him, or have your partner 
    capture him and tie up or kill them.
    Then you climb up one of two ladders found in the room a bit ahead of the 
    soldiers and you find 2 more boxes which you need to place beacons. After you 
    place the beacons we get another mini-cutscene where JB explains AGGRO, whoever 
    makes the bigger racket or gets more kills will tend to have more enemies 
    focusing on him, letting the partner silently move around flanking enemies or 
    lining up perfect shots.
    After this lecture you get your first open battle with a few dozen of the 
    building's security guards, pretty easy with plenty of cover around and the 
    fact that they don't do much unless you get mobbed by several at once out in 
    the open. There is a Cat in this area in the rear right corner of this area, 
    right-facing from the ladder you climb down to access this area up on top of a 
    small structure next to the catwalk.
    When you've gotten what you need go into the room to the left of that catwalk 
    on the right-hand side of the area to find another grated door which you and 
    your partner need to work together to open
    * * * CHECKPOINT * * *
    You continue down the hallway in another cutscene to find JB now with a laptop 
    out and banter about how easy this job is starts. Alice then contacts you to 
    say that the contractors will pay extra for you to kill JB, revealing the games 
    first moral decision to be made:
         Issue: Spare or Execute JB
              + Morality - Spare JB, you pretend to fire a shot then contact Alice
                           to report that JB got away, then you give JB some good
                           advice to "Stay Dead," then the comic book style
                           cutscene plays showing him stocking up and retreating
                           to a beach where he lies drunk in a beach chair and is
                           then assassinated. Afterwards Salem expresses his
                           distain towards these types of missions
              - Morality - Execute JB, you shoot JB, then after tussling for a few
                           seconds Salem fills him up with bullets and he is thrown
                           over the railing, where the comic book cutscene shows
                           him deceased and then later shown on a missing persons
                           ad. The duo take a moment to regret and yell before they
                           have to get moving. This nets you $7,500.
    * * * CHECKPOINT * * *
    Then the mass destruction that you saw in the first cutscene starts, buildings 
    around you start blowing up and the city skyline gets less and less populated. 
    You continue down the catwalk just in time to see a plane crash into the side 
    of the building you're on, revealing a hole in the wall you need to use to 
    continue through the mission.
    After running into the whole in the wall you find a room with the second radio 
    on a table and a garage style door both you and your partner need to lift. This 
    should trigger a cutscene that shows you the enemies you'll be dealing with 
    throughout the course of the game, coming in saying they're supposed to kill 
    the guys that placed the beacons (You!) You can actually capture the armored 
    dude and make these guys surrender by one person going in the entrance on the 
    right and mock surrendering while the other gets behind the captain while 
    they're distracted and capturing him, but this is hard to coordinate with an AI 
    partner, but you'll need to give the command to capture the captain and then 
    immediatly go in and mock surrender. If this doesn't work then just open fire 
    and get rid of the three.
    Continue forward to find a hallway with a supply crate at the end with $10,000, 
    which if you captured the 3 dudes just a moment ago, should be completely 
    unguarded, but if you didn't manage to accomplish this then there are a few 
    guardsmen there that could close the crate before you get to it.
    After this you need to do a Step Jump near the arrow pointing upwards to get up 
    the ledge and find an ambush of guys coming down the hallway above that you 
    will need to mow down.
    Fight your way down the hallway, out the hole in the wall, to the left turn to 
    where you find a couple ledges leading to an open rooftop you'll hop down from 
    to see a cutscene of more enemies coming from the center where there is a 
    mounted gun, an annoyance that lets enemies shoot at you from a almost 
    completely protected spot. You can circumvent these mounted guns by either 
    flanking the gun as he's aimed at someone else or, if you're precise enough, 
    just shoot through the viewing slit in the gun to kill the person mounted to 
    the gun. 
    Note- if you look up and to the left when near the ledges that trigger 
    the cutscene you'll see the second cat in this chapter up on a vent duct next 
    to the above catwalks.
    Note- Also if you get up onto the catwalks via the ladder behind the mounted
    gun you'll find the Slanted G5 grip, thanks fuelstaind!
         "In Chapter 1 after you fight the first turret, there is a ladder off to 
    the left side. Climb up to the top to find the Slanted G5 Grip." - fuelstaind
    After you get down into the area the enemies were coming from you'll need to 
    fight around the edges of the room going counter-clockwise until you find a 
    door and stairs going downward another floor bottom room with another mounted 
    gun about a dozen soldiers.
    Note- The Rusty Stock can be located for free in this room if you go to the far
    left corner of this room, another one located by fuelstaind.
         "Also in Chapter 1, after the second turret, the Rusty Stock is in the 
    far-left corner of the room (when entering from stairs)." - fuelstaind
    When you've cleared those guys out there is an artfully lit corner of the room 
    that has a door you need to proceed through, continueing towards a garage style 
    door you need to open.
    * * * CHECKPOINT * * *
    Get past that garage door to trigger a cutscene showing you 3 civilians being 
    held captive by some of the soldiers you've been encountering, thus giving you 
    the first opprotunity to save some of the many civilians in this game. The 
    easiest way to do this is to capture the nearby captain and have the other 
    person tie down the 2 other soldiers, this can also be accomplished by simply 
    killing the soldiers quickly but once they're shot at they'll either use the 
    civilians as meatshields or simply shoot them if you don't kill them fast 
    enough, as well as if you accidentally hit the civilians with even one shot 
    they will die giving you negative morality.
    Saving these civilians rewards you with $3,500 and $6,500 for both of them.
    After the civilians are either safe or dead, continue through the nearby door 
    to find another open rooftop battle. In this battle you'll be assaulted by the 
    regular soldiers you've seen, a sniper above the opposite side building, and a 
    new soldier who have metal riot shields, and like mounted guns, can either be 
    flanked or shot in the head when they prop the shield to the side to fire at 
    you. You can use these shield once they die but you can only fire your pistol 
    while holding it.
    When the area is cleared you'll need to do a Step Jump on one of the two arrows 
    to the left hand side of where you entered the area. Whoever is vaulted over 
    the fence will then need to go to the lifted office in the middle of the 
    second closed-off area of the rooftop to push a button that opens the door 
    in between the two Step Jump spots so the partner can get through. The third 
    radio of the game is also in this room, in the opposite corner of the room as 
    the button to open the fence door.
    Note- The Custom shield is also in this area, out the window to the left of the
    radio, again thanks to fuelstaind;
         "Finally, in Chapter 1, outside the window to the left of Radio 3, there 
    is the Custom Shield." - fuelstaind
    You will then be ambushed by enemies from the far side of the rooftop, coming 
    out of a door at the bottom and protected catwalks above. Once you clear this 
    ambush you should meet the first Heavy of the game, the Heavy Shotgunner, this 
    guy HURTS if he gets up close to you and lets off more than a round of two 
    right into you. There is no special strategy to this guy though, he just takes 
    a lot of bullets to take down, one tip though I can give you is if you equipt 
    the same shotgun he has, the R 870, which is available for purchase straight 
    from the beginning, should take him down in 3-5 shots alone if you're decently 
    close without being arms length of each other and is actually a very effective 
    way of taking these guys down if you can hit square enough.
    After you've killed the Heavy Shotgunner and the rest of his assistants 
    continue through the hole he made to the Step Jump inside, proceed up the step 
    jump to see an elevator, get next to its doors and press B to finish the 
    * * * END OF CHAPTER * * *
                                 ***    Chapter2    ***
                                       ***    ***
    The chapter opens on the elevator you guys entered, now stopped, so you start 
    by forcing the elevator open and stepping up onto the floor which triggers a 
    cutscene that shows enemy soldiers to closing a crate. Unlike the first crate 
    you encountered there is no way to open this one, so just ignore it.
    This looks like a situation when you can make the enemies surrender, as the 
    enemy closest to you is a captain, but once you step much outside the door to 
    the supply crate the building suddenly starts snapping and the whole ceiling 
    peels away from you, this close-quarters combat just became a open-sky battle 
    * * * CHECKPOINT * * *
    Go forward clearing soldiers, to the right turn, seeing a soldier help his 
    buddy at the following U-turn, continue to a second U-turn with 5 soldiers 
    ready to fight you, and continue past that to find a hole in the floor past the 
    * * * CHECKPOINT * * *
    Continue through the next couple hallways and you'll be treated to a cutscene 
    showing you the mock surrender, and then puts you right in the positions it 
    shows to perform the technique. If you have a human friend he can snipe one of 
    the dudes while you're mock surrendering and that will be a credit towards the 
    Attention Grabber achievement but if you have an AI partner he will join you in 
    a co-op mock surrender and you'll have to Quick-Draw these guys when you're 
    good and ready, possible In-Synch achievement if you guys kill each dude at the 
    same time. There is also a radio to the left on a table right next to the 
    objects the soldiers in the mock surrender spot were hiding behind. Note- in 
    the next room on yellow chairs, right-hand side, is a homebrew weapon part, the 
    Soda Can Silencer.
    * * * CHECKPOINT * * *
    Continue through the building until you're running up a flaming rampart to the 
    outside to find a giant building-face with two paths, left and right, and the 
    game goes into cutscene to explain the AI partner commands. Your AI partner 
    will suggest you guys split up and if you put him on the Advance command he 
    will go the opposite direction you do, and is pretty capable of defending 
    himself, just don't make it Aggro-Advance, or he may get overzealous. 
    I would suggest that you have a face-shield frontmount for this endeavor, there
    is one available on this chapter, the metal plate for $1,500 from the weapon
    store. A face shield used in combination with all the cover will protect you
    from most of the incoming fire provided you're facing where the bullets are
    coming from.
    Even if you have a human partner it is still best to split up but be careful,
    as soldiers here like to aim across paths to all aim at one person, so split up
    to watch each-others backs in this way.
    Halfway down the building face there is a path that connects the two paths, if 
    you need to get to your partner and also a helicopter with a mounted gunner 
    appears, the person on the left-hand path should shoot him out of the 
    helicopter and continue forward. The two paths finally merge at the end of the 
    building face where a sniper lies crouched against the back wall. If you make a 
    90% right turn right after the two paths merge and open up to the final 
    battlezone, you'll see another Cat to shoot in the upper of two windows near 
    the wall.
    Continue past the fight area to find a hole to drop down to stairwells, then 
    proceed to move downstairs a few flights. A Cutscene plays showing the duo 
    jumping from one staircase to the next, not allowing you to backtrack 
    * * * CHECKPOINT * * *
    Continue down the stairs and through the immediately visible door and look left 
    to another artfully lit door, when you open this one though a soldier will come 
    out and grab whoever's opening the door and use the person as a meatshield, 
    send your partner to open the door if you think you can do the Call of Duty 4 
    style shoot-the-person-using-a-meatshield trick, but if you have doubts just 
    get captured yourself and if you have an AI partner, he will very easily get 
    that guy right back off your back.
    Keep going down the linear hallways to find yet another hole to drop down, then 
    move out the hallway to find an area that consists of a great divide between 
    two sides of a building each with several floors. When you enter the area a 
    cutscene will trigger showing 2 soldiers with 2 civilians. Because you cannot 
    physically get to them you need to co-op snipe the two soldiers, and to save 
    the citizens you need to do it moderately quickly because the soldier on the 
    right will back the civilian he's near off the edge of the floor into the 
    If you have an AI partner, simple aim up one of the soldiers and your partner 
    should automatically aim at the other, and then fire when you do, killing both. 
    If you're playing with another human its tricky because if one of you misses or 
    fires too soon before the other, the soldier that still lives will shoot the 
    civilians. Saving these civilians grants you $15,000.
    After the civilians are either dead or saved, another cutscene will trigger 
    showing a hole being blown into the wall and soldiers filing in the bottom 
    floor of the other side of the divide.
    At this point you need to perform a Step Jump to your right from where you were 
    aiming at the first soldiers but note; the person who is lifted over the wall 
    will directly face the soldiers filing up the floors, this should be someone 
    who likes close-quarters combat and is good with an automatic or shotgun. While 
    this is happening; whoever did the lifting will fall through a hole in the 
    floor, there aren't any enemies, but its his job to aim across the ravine and 
    assist the person rushing the other side, this person should be the one that 
    likes sniping or has a precise auto, don't worry about ammo as all the 
    proceeding floors have a lot of excess ammo for your sniper or automatic.
    There are about 5 floors, and there are primarly ordinary soldiers on the first
    floor, then the person rushing goes down a floors to find ordinary soldiers and 
    a few guys with riot shields, best for the sniping friend to handle, and then 
    the person rushing skips right past the third one via a ramp to the fourth 
    floor, with just regular soldiers. After all this both people should be at the 
    bottom floors of each of their sides where the rushing person finds a couple 
    more riot shield soldiers, ordinary soldiers, and a mounted gun that can't be 
    seen by the sniper, so the rushing person will need to throw a grenade right 
    behind the mounted gun to kill the person in it.
    Note- on the 4th floor that the rushing person goes through (second to last) 
    coming down the ramp on the right hand side is a divider wall with a desk 
    counter behind it with a homebrew weapon part E2 Muzzle Enhancer.
    Aftter this ordeal, the person who was in close-quarters needs to continue to 
    his right of the mounted gun to push down some rubble creating a bridge with 
    which both partners can then proceed through the hole in the wall the soldiers 
    originally created.
    You then continue to a dead-end in which you need to Step Jump up to a ledge up 
    above. Right in front of you after you get up there is a Homebrew weapon part, 
    the ZI Muzzle Reducer, then turn to the right to find another Mock Surrender 
    spot with a plainly visible supply crate. Keep in mind here that there are 
    actually 3 people in this room, one behind each desk and another off to the 
    right. Successfully killing all the enemies before the crate closes, or rushing 
    to collect the contents of the crate before they can close it, whatever you do, 
    will get you $10,000.
    To the left of the crate then, is another radio to collect. After you've amply 
    rewarded yourself with the treasures of this room, continue through the door on 
    the right towards yet another hole in the ground to a stairwell, with all these 
    holes, I'm surprised the buildings' still standing, honestly.
    Continue through the interlinked rooms to a control room which triggers your 
    the moral choice of this chapter: 
         Issue: You come across a weapons vault, and figure they would be a great 
                addition to your aresenal, when a security guard comes in with a
                revolver up and tells you to put the weapons back.
              + Morality: Return the weapons, you leave, then the comic book scene
                          appears showing the guardsman continueing his shift (why
                          when the whole building is falling down around him I
                          wonder?) when some of the soldiers you've been facing
                          comes in and bribes him to let them take the weapons. He
                          then comes to regret his decision and leaves his security
                          ID behind and leave.
              - Morality: They decide to take the weapons, Salem walks up to the
                          guard and tries to slap the revolver out of the
                          guardsman's hands but he first and the bullet ricochets
                          of the wall catching the guardsman in the side of the
                          head, and Rios yells at Salem then the comic book 
                          cutscene plays showing his wallet with a bullet hole
                          (how?) and what seems to be his daughter with a gun and
                          his wallet looking at his picture of them both. This gets
                          you the HM Shotgun.
    * * * CHECKPOINT * * *
    Continue through a few more doors to find a civilian being harrassed by two 
    guards, who can be captured if you grab the one closer to you or just shot 
    down, and you get $10,000 if you save this civilian.
    After the civilian is either dead or saved, enemies will start flowing in 
    from down the hall to the right, and another open battle starts. There are 
    several enemies there as well as one that takes a tiki mask for use as a riot 
    Continue fighting to what looks like a lobby with a fountain in the center and 
    on either side of the room are doors leading to stairwells leading to the upper 
    catwalks of the room. It is worth noting there is a mounted gun you can use on 
    the far side of the room in relation from where you entered on the upper 
    Either way fight to the upper floor and continue to find a mall-style grate 
    that you and your partner need to work together to open and proceed inside.
    Soon into this room a short cutscene shows where Alice is, you know, the woman 
    from the first game that briefed you on your missions, guarded by about 4 
    soldiers in the far room. You can almost immediately sprint up to just outside 
    the room Alice is held in and then hide behind the sofa or wall divider until 
    the captain of the bunch walks into the pathway then turns around, putting 
    himself in the perfect position to be captured and make the rest surrender, 
    that, or you can just kill em in a surprise attack, whatever works for you.
    Another cutscene then plays as you release Alice Murray from her bindings and 
    hand her a pistol, she will actually fight with you just as effectively as your 
    AI partner but won't accept AI partner commands, although she will revive you 
    if you're down and pick up the enemies guns to fight with an automatic if she's 
    given the chance.
    Once you have Alice, make you way back to the fountain lobby to see the walls 
    on the oppposite side of the offices to blow open and you're suddenly ambushed, 
    clear out these guys and Alice will then go and press a button to open the mall 
    grate back up so you can move back out to the lobby.
    When you do this another cutscene plays showing a helicopter fly up to the 
    windows then being shot down, spinning out of control, destroying the windows 
    of the lobby and creating a hole which you need to move towards on the lower 
    floor on the far side of the room.
    The far stairwell is now cut off so you'll need to go down the right-side 
    stairwell, which spawns some Heavy Shotgunners to try and hamper your progress. 
    Fight your way back down to the fountain level and to the hole the helicopter 
    created to find yourself in an office or meeting room.
    Alice opens a few doors (you can't, you just have to follow her) and goes on a 
    dialogue until she leads you outside to a crane that's suspending what looks 
    like a part of a sidewalk.
    Eventually after he dialogue is over you will be flashed onto the concrete the 
    crane is suspending and slowly lowered to ground level.
    Enemies start appearing on the skeletal structures of buildings and you and 
    your partner go Back to Back, time slows and you have infinite ammo, although 
    you cannot use anything but your primary weapon. Spin around eachother killing 
    anyone you see, every once in a while there will be an RPG toting soldier that 
    is the biggest threat to the Back to Back challenge. They will NEVER hit you 
    the first time, so theres a warning shot, but it is pretty hard to see unless 
    you aren't sighting up your gun, so let go of the left trigger if you're not 
    actually killing someone so you can watch for RPG rockets flying past you.
    On the way down there are also strategically placed red barrels and red air 
    tanks that, when fired at, explode killing enemies around it, but can only 
    really be used to full effect if you're familiar with how the waves of enemies 
    appear, and their use is pretty limited unless several soldiers happen to all 
    be running past it when you fire at it.
    Eventually you should be lowered through a hole about the size of the concrete 
    block you're standing on down a few more stories, there is ONE enemy down there 
    that may surprise you but shouldn't cause you anything more than a moment of 
    surprise until you kill him then you'll finally be lowered to the point you can 
    get off the concrete block.
    If you're quick to look around the room you'll find a person in the fetal 
    position against a wall, in a short moment a bus should come crashing through 
    running him over, and theres your exit where you are FINALLY at the ground 
    level, or at least street level.
    Exit out the bus-created hole in the wall to find a suspended street with 
    enemies littered everywhere, another open battle. There are a couple dozen 
    enemies on the ground and 2 enemies up on platforms up above, fight your way 
    down the street until you find a semi truck trailer and go through it and drop 
    down to another street.
    Immediately turn around to find another open battle similar to the one above 
    but with no platform enemies instead 3 or 4 riot shield using enemies, which 
    you can kill and use the shields of to great effect in this particular setting. 
    * * * CHECKPOINT * * *
    After you've cleared this area on the far side behind the next Semi trailer is 
    a van you'll need to push off the scaffolding its on to continue down the 
    scaffolding to another street with another overhanging street above, with 3 
    soldiers on the ground and two snipers up on the street above.
    It is worth noting that once you clear those guys out, there is another semi 
    trailer up against the right side of the street and behind it is a cash bundle 
    on the ground that will give you $25,000.
    Also worth noting in that same area up on the overhanging bridge, on the 
    opposite side of the street sign that the snipers were on is another one of 
    those cats that you can shoot for the achievement.
    Continue down the street jumping off the broken ledge at the end of the street 
    to trigger another cutscene showing a new enemy, the Chaingun Heavy, this guy 
    is actually invaulnerable to any fire to his armor, what you need to do is have 
    one person distract him with a high-aggro gun while the other person flanks in 
    at an angle at which he can fire at the guys backpack until it explodes. 
    BE CAREFUL with this guy, make sure you alway have cover, even sighting up over 
    cover to fire at him too long can let him kill you with that minigun he has.
    After that threat has been averted continue killing the paultry few extra 
    soldiers there are and going to the pink door on the right side of the street 
    in the tunnel to end the chapter.
    * * * END OF CHAPTER * * *
                                 ***    Chapter3    ***
                                       ***    ***
    Now we open up at Rios and Salem finally at ground level for once, and a linear 
    walkway ahead of you, move up around the first corner to trigger a cutscene in 
    which you watch a helicopter lifting an armored personell carrier suddenly 
    spins out of control and careens into a nearby building, dropping the carrier 
    near your position, making a barrier.
    Enemies then start appearing for you to fight, no frills, just make your way 
    forward killing the enemies turn right to find a grated door which leads you to 
    a three civilians and 3 soldiers. Again this ones easy to make them surrender, 
    they are all looking away and the captain is at the back.
    Save the civilians to get $2,000, $7,500, and $5,000. There is also a radio in 
    the open kitchen behind the civilians.
    Continue forward for another cutscene to find 2 more civilians and 2 more 
    soldiers, but no captain. the door nearby is locked so you'll have to step jump 
    up to the ladder to the right side and whoever is lifted up will need to go 
    down the ladder on the opposite side of the door and then, if you want to save 
    the civilians, rememer to SILENTLY open the door for your partner by HOLDING 
    the A button to open the door, if you just tap A your character is just going 
    to force the door open without heed and that will alert the two soldiers and 
    they will move to shoot the civilians. You can then co-op snipe the two enemies 
    and save the citizens for $7,500 and the DE 0.44 pistol.
    There is another grated door nearby leading to an alley with a ground path and 
    a staircase. Going up the staircase isn't necessary, but it allows one person 
    to trigger an ambush up ahead then the person up on the staircase can cover 
    that person from a pretty good vantage point with an automatic. There is a 
    Heavy Shotgunner included in this ambush.
    Go through another grated door to find yourself in a closed off area leading to 
    a few garage doors, looks like a loading dock for the building. Go towards the 
    garage doors to hear a presumably chinesse person offer to work on opening the 
    garage door.
    Turn around to find, eventually, an ambush of 2 armored carriers with mounted 
    weapons appear outside the gates while soldiers climb over the walls on either 
    sides. They keep coming theres about a couple dozen of them and there is also 
    a sniper using that wall as cover over to the right of the people climbing over 
    the right side wall.
    After you've fended off the ambush the Chinesse man will open the garage door 
    for you and you can then enter the garage.
    Move in a ways and the Chinesse man, whos name is Chan evidentally, he was the 
    security officer as I understand it, will start going off in a monologue, 
    meanwhile you can pick up a radio to the left of the garage door on the other 
    side of the room sitting on top of a stack of forklift pallets.
    * * * CHECKPOINT * * *
    The door opens then you're treated to a Zoo plaza, an explosion will come 
    from the right and a plane will crash ahead of you but there aren't any 
    enemies here. continue forward to the dead elephant and make a left, then a 
    right, then continue up to a safari-cart ride. 
    Press the button you find up there on a control panel to make the cart move 
    forward. Follow it up until you can enter a employee exit on the left and go 
    down the stairs to a green door.
    * * * CHECKPOINT * * *
    Chan is going to continue his monologue for a while until finally opening the 
    door for you. Go through the door to find an open area littered with enemies 
    down in an animal enclosure, start clearing out the enemies at the bottom, 
    there are also a few on the opposite walkway to worry about.
    When you are able go under the bridge you can see on the right and then you 
    will find a collapsed part of the walkway you can travel up towards, defeating 
    a few more soldiers.
    When this is done start making your way acrossed the bridge, the building on 
    the other side will have some snipers on the roof and half a dozen footsoldiers 
    on the ground at a time, as well as a mounted gun, this time though without the 
    protective barrier. On top of the building near straight from the second 
    section of the bridge is another cat for you to shoot.
    Once you've cleared them out go into the room in the building to find a button 
    you need to press and to the right on a shelf is another homebrew weapon part, 
    the Chepzaas Redstar sniper barrel.
    Once you've pressed the button a cutscene shows the door on the far side of the 
    safari cart track open with a few enemies coming out including a Heavy 
    Shotgunner, clear these guys out and continue down the track to the double 
    doors at the bottom.
    Chan is going to continue his monologue again and then open the doors for you 
    which triggers a cutscene that shows you another animal encloser with a crashed 
    helicopter surrounded by 4 soldiers, one of them a captain, along with a supply 
    * * * CHECKPOINT * * *
    If you run down immediately after the cutscene stops under the stone arch you 
    can capture the captain and make the rest surrender, leaving the crate open to 
    you and rewards you a sniper scope; the PCG Delta 6x Scope.
    If you cannot capture the captain, there is another method which has been
    suggested by Havoc1353 to obtain the PCG Delta 6x scope:
         "There is an easier way to get it though, simply disable the beacon in the 
    helicpoter, watch the cutscene and then get killed. When you reload, the crate 
    will be open." -Havoc1353
    After the enemies have been dealt with go into the helicopter to the pilots 
    seat and turn off the locator beacon, which triggers a cutscene indtroducing a 
    new enemy; the Heavy Grenadier.
    What you need to do with this guy is shoot each of the 3 bags until they 
    explode and the third will kill him, the aggro person can usually keep him 
    occupied and fire at the two side bags, but be careful, he fires 3 grenades at 
    a time and on contractor difficulty if one of his grenades is close enough to 
    you it can incompacitate you immediately. While the aggro person has his 
    attention one person will need to move around him until he can shoot at and 
    explode the back ammo pack.
    There are also a few soldiers that run up a ramp onto the arch the grenadier is 
    on to assist him. After you've cleared those soldiers continue under the arches 
    to find a few more enemies behind a paultry couple barricades and find a door 
    going into a building on the far side of the animal enclosure.
    * * * CHECKPOINT * * *
    Proceed into the building and up the ramp to trigger a cutscene showing a 
    tiger, evidentally an endangered animal. This is this chapter's moral choice
         Issue: Chan will pay you with weapon parts if you shoot the tiger, to
                protect the populace, he says. To shoot or not to shoot?
              + Morality: Refuse to shoot the tiger, and simply proceed out the
                          other door. Comic book cutscene shows the tiger escaping
                          and finding his way into a car on the street, then a
                          theif demands money from a nearby store and goes to make
                          his way to the car and gets in only to be eaten by the
                          tiger (kinda random consquense, ain't it?)
              - Morality: Shoot the tiger as it lunges towards Salem, collect the
                          Weapon parts then the comic book cutscene shows a
                          reporter finding the dead tiger and looking all sad and
                          prints an article evidentally showing that the species
                          has gone extinct (just because one got shot? Well, thats
                          the press for you.)
    * * * CHECKPOINT * * *
    You are then immediatly shown a short cutscene showing a zookeeper being 
    harrassed by 4 guards on the opposite side of the cage grounds, one of them a 
    captain and making the rest surrender is possible, although there's no real 
    difference between killing them and tieing them down because they won't shoot 
    at the zookeeper.
    Once you save the zookeeper enemies start swarming in from everywhere, although 
    its nothing but footsoldiers there are a couple dozen enemies to mow through. 
    Make your way back to the beginning of the cage grounds to double doors with a 
    cartoonish tiger painted on the door.
    The zookeeper will then open the 2 sets of doors to reveal a citizen and 5 
    enemies, you will need to kill all 5 enemies quickly to save the citizen as 
    they are already aimed at you and ready to fight. Also avoid shooting the red 
    barrels as they may end up killing the citizen.
    After then continue up to find another large area of the cage grounds, 
    connected to your walkway by stairs. Again there are about a couple dozen 
    enemies in this area scattered throughout the far reaches of the cage grounds.
    If you continue up the stairs and go left around some cages, keep in mind that 
    there is a non-armored mounted gun in the path that way so either shoot the 
    gunner in the head or go around the other side of the cages to flank him.
    After you've cleared all the enemies in this area a cutscene will ensue showing 
    the far back-right corner zoo gate doors being blown open by another Heavy 
    Grenadier and a few helpers, same drill, shoot all 3 bags until they each 
    Then proceed through the way the Heavy Grenadier came in to find an alley with 
    a step jump section, hop over the wall to trigger a cutscene showing a couple 
    helicopters fly by.
    * * * CHECKPOINT * * *
    Continue out the alley to find what seems to be the food court of the zoo, in 
    which is another large battlefield with a few dozen enemies strewn throughout 
    the area.
    I would suggest whoever is going to distract the enemies with aggro take an 
    immediate left and kill enemies then find a place to take cover and fire from 
    while the covert person proceeds forward down the stairs and starts picking off 
    enemies one-by-one from the main food court itself.
    Once enough enemies are dead an armored carrier is going plow in on the left 
    with a mounted gunner, kill him and make your way across the mini-bridges to 
    the circular risen guardens you can use as cover.
    Before too long 2 or 3 Heavy Shotgunners are going to appear running in the 
    hole in the gate that the armored carrier created, which you will need to kill 
    quickly or they will take out one of you very quickly then mob the other.
    After all the enemies are finally slain, aim up above the middle of the gates 
    the armored carrier drove through to find a cat hidden up in a hole of the gate 
    It's also been revealed that there is a cash bundle around here if you want a
    quick boost of cash, thanks to Baran, and the description is as follows:
         "One is in a large open area in the Zoo, where as you advance an armored
    car crashes through a gate to your left, its on the side where there's a 
    waterway, in the water before you reach the spot where the waterway splits"
    Continue onward to find a step jump arrow which you run up against and press B 
    to end the Chapter.
    * * * END OF CHAPTER * * *
                                 ***    Chapter4    ***
                                       ***    ***
    We open up now in another alleyway, go forward a bit and take the left to find 
    a long straight run, which eventually a armored car will appear at the end of 
    with an armored carrier and a few enemies.
    Fend of those enemies and make your way right of the armored carrier to find a 
    grated door on the other side of which is a few enemies with a couple 
    This time if you want to capture the enemies you will have to get a silenced 
    weapon and kill the first private before you can safely reach the captain at 
    the bottom of the nearby stairs.
    Saving the civilians awards you $15,000 and $25,000 then after they're done you 
    need to go up the stairs and climb the ladder or continue forward to another 
    ladder on the right hand side and climb up.
    * * * CHECKPOINT * * *
    Now we have an open rooftop battle with a couple dozen soldiers and snipers up 
    on the balconies on the far end. If you go up the ladder on the left you can 
    look straight up the path and aim slightly up to find a cat on one of the 
    * * * CHECKPOINT * * *
    Continue up the balcony the snipers were on to find a room with a button you 
    need to press then go out the opposite door to trigger a cutscene which Rios 
    and Salem walk over to a rickety balcony that ends up failing under you and 
    both of the duo fall and Salem blacks out.
    He then wakes up in a hospital greeted by Rios giving him his gun back, 
    afterwards the good doctor Wu comes in and says that since he helped you, you 
    need to do a favor for him and turn back on the hospitals generator, he leads 
    you down a hole and then the cutscene ends, giving control back to you.
    * * * CHECKPOINT * * *
    Before you continue, if you have made nothing but morally positive decisions up 
    to now Dr. Wu will unlock a weapons locker through a door near your position to 
    see a gun case which holds the G18C pistol. Whether you earned the gun or not 
    proceed by doing a Step Jump up to the ledge on the right.
    Move forward to see one of the hospital staff, a civilian, surrounded by a few 
    soldiers. You'll need another silenced weapon to kill the guy in the hallway 
    before your silently open the door to get into the area the captain is in to 
    make the other soldier surrender and get the MG36 scope from the civilian.
    Leave the room and continue down the hallway to see a door on the left burst 
    open with another civilian flying out the door followed immediately by a 
    Kill the soldier and save the civilian to earn $10,000, if you don't kill the 
    soldier in one shot he will use the civilian as a meatshield making it that 
    much more difficult.
    Continue down the hallway the last soldier came out to find a grated door 
    leading to the room with the power generator which you will need to pull the 
    lever down on to power up. There is a radio on the floor to the left of the 
    generator as you enter this room. 
    * * * CHECKPOINT * * *
    Turn around and back out to find that your entry path is blocked off and you 
    have to continue forward to stairwells and head upstairs to a new hallway where 
    there are several soldiers with hospital table barricades.
    Make your way past those barricades turning left afterwards, seeing giant 
    windows on either side with the glass gone and a door with something on fire on 
    the other side. A Heavy Shotgunner does charge at you from that door on the end.
    In that hallway if you go into the room in the left then in the closet past 
    that you can find a homebrew weapon part on the ground, the HL Reflex Core 
    stock for primary weapons.
    * * * CHECKPOINT * * *
    Continue through the door at the end of the hallway you were just fighting in 
    and on the right-hand wall should be a grated door to continue your venture.
    Fight some more footsoldiers down to the end of the next hallway and see a 
    short cutscene as a kid appears and beckons you to come into the room he's 
    hiding in.
    Continue through the door at the end of that hallway, turn right to find 
    another door and go into the room where the kid is. He then tells you he knows 
    a way to get back to the doctor and heads up the ladder in that room and you 
    need to follow him up.
    After climbing up you will see a cutscene of the kid telling you why hes here, 
    getting medecine for his parent's and Salem and Rios agree to help him, keep 
    him safe and they hoist him up a nearby ledge and cutscene ends.
    Immediatly Step Jump up towards the kid again to find yourself in a short 
    hallway with a radio that's on the table on the right hand side, this one's 
    hard to notice because the face of the radio is turned away from you so at 
    first it just looks like a box and most people would immediately dismiss it of 
    being of any significance.
    * * * CHECKPOINT * * *
    Continue down the hallways to see a room with rings of desks like a college 
    classroom and a cutscene that shows a couple civilians being held hostage and 
    the captain up a couple steps up the stairs. No tricks, just run down and 
    capture the captain to tie up the soldiers and get the D56 suppressor and 
    Notice how there was a giant hole in the wall at the right side of the room? 
    well soldiers start appearing on the skeletal husk of a building on the other 
    side of the street and the building to the left of it.
    First there's a cutscene showing all this and then you face the moral decision 
    of this chapter;
         Issue: Heavy gunfire is coming from the building enemies started coming
                from the other side but the kid you met sees a sniper and wants to
                go for it, and asks you for confirmation.
              + Morality: You tell the kid to stay back, stay safe, and he does
                          what you say and he stays back. The comic book scene
                          doesn't actually play until later for this option, but
                          he goes home with the medicine to find thugs holding his
                          parents hostage and they demand the medicine, the kid
                          gives it to them them pulls out a pistol he was hiding
                          and kills them, then you see his parents holding him but
                          from the signs I don't believe hes dead.
              - Morality: You tell him to go for it, he crawls under the desk for
                          the gun and then crawls right back out, into the open,
                          with nothing but that helmet, and starts jumping around
                          like he won the lottery then catches one in the chest and
                          dies (stupid kid, even stupider adult for telling him to
                          go for it though.) The comic book cutscene plays out
                          showing his corpse, his parent's wandering through the
                          halls to find him, and his funeral. This also bags you
                          the M107 Sniper Rifle.
    * * * CHECKPOINT * * *
    After you've made your decision you then proceed to actually fight the battle.
    There is a mounted gun on the lower level of the right building and snipers on 
    the left. Two RPG soldiers appear first on the middle of the right building and 
    then the catwalk under the roof of the left building.
    After so many of the soldiers have died on the other side a door will be busted 
    open behind you to the left with an ambush of several enemies you will need to 
    deal with then continue out that door.
    You should find another set of enemies with emergency table barricades down a 
    short hallway, finish them off go around the corner into a door on the left 
    hand side to find a ladder that you need to slide down.
    * * * CHECKPOINT * * *
    There is a short conversation between you guys and the kid (if you chose the 
    positive moral answer) then you open the door, to find a new enemy, the 
    Flamethrower Heavy, he moves slowly and isn't able to burn more than several 
    feet in front of him but if you're caught in his flame more than a second or 
    two, even if you run, you'll burn to incompacitation.
    The strategy for this guy is similar to the Chaingun Heavy which you need to 
    hit the tanks on his back, but as long as you guys can just stay out of flame 
    range and shoot at his tanks and he'll keep turning around between you two as 
    each person keeps generating aggro and attracting his ire.
    After the flamethrower is dead as well as several footsoldiers that come out of 
    vents around the room you then need to open the garage-style door near where 
    the flamethrower was standing when the cutscene ensued.Note- if you put your 
    back to the garage door then crawl into the first vent you see on the right 
    hand side you can find a pile of cash worth $30,000.
    On the other side of the garage door is another hallway of enemies and 
    barricades, defeat everybody and if you go straight forward you'll enter a 
    room with a bunch of shelves with stacks of towels and on one of those shelves 
    you'll find a hombrew part, the TG-400 Shield frontmount.
    * * * CHECKPOINT * * *
    Head back out and at the firey hole in the wall and go to the step jump to 
    trigger a cutscene where Dr. Wu takes the kid and the comic book scene plays 
    and you earn $30,000 for completing the objective (if you chose the positive 
    answer) and Salem and Rios just climb up to meet Dr. Wu and say they never saw 
    him and you earn $20,000(if you chose the negative answer.)
    * * * CHECKPOINT * * *
    You then find yourself in the hospital lobby, where you must now get ready for 
    an ambush, and it will consist of 3 waves. 
    If you go towards the large counter in the room and turn to face the 4 double 
    doors, the first wave will bust down and come out of the middle 2 doors, just 
    footsoldiers for this one.
    For Wave 2 the other 2 doors will be blown open and there will be a riot shield 
    soldier on the left as well as snipers on the balcony above the doors along 
    with the foot soldiers.
    * * * CHECKPOINT * * *
    On Wave 3 they come from everywhere, theres a couple riot shields, snipers, 
    and a bunch of footsoldiers.
    After all this is done you and your partner need to push the revolving doors 
    on the left side of the from from the large counter. You will walk slowly 
    while Salem and Rios converse with Dr. Wu over the radio, and then finally you 
    leave the hospital through the proceeding door which happens to be the front 
    * * * CHECKPOINT * * *
    You are greeted outside by a proceeding of footsoldiers as well as a few 
    snipers that appear periodically on the bare building to the left. After you've 
    defeated all the enemies that appear a cutscene plays showing the entry of a 
    Chaingun Heavy and a few more soldiers.
    Kill the Chaingun and his friends and proceed through his entrance that he made 
    down an alley through several barricades with a mounted gun at the end. If you 
    get down there too fast you'll find a Step Jump arrow but won't be able to use 
    it, if thats the case then enemies will still be climbing over the wall just to 
    the left of it.
    Once you finally defeat all the enemies outside you get near the step jump 
    arrow and press B to end the chapter
    * * * END OF CHAPTER * * *
                                 ***    Chapter5    ***
                                       ***    ***
    This time you arrive at the ruins of a neighborhood that was apparently near 
    the hospital, your objective now is to get to the mall at the other side of 
    town. It's hard to explain the layout of this battlefield in a reasonably short 
    paragraph so I will give you a visual representation instead.
           |                                                | V=Armored Carrier
           |                                    B           | X=Barricades
           |       VV   /----|  |--------------|            | Y=Enemy Windows
           |  XX   VV   |    |  |              |            | R=RPG soldier
           |       VV   |____|  |              |            | M=Mounted gun on
           |            _____   |              |            |     barricade
           |       XX  |     |  |              |            |
           |Y          |     |  |              |            |
           |Y          |_____|  |______________|            |
         R |Y          ________________________ A           |
           |Y       F  |                      |             |
           |        S  |                      |             |
           |           |                      |             |
       E __| XXMX      |                      |             |
       X           XX  |                      |   START     |
       I __         R  /                      _______________
       T   |__________/
    Go forward to find a few enemies who aren't already alert to your presence and 
    see an armored personell carrier with a mounted gunner drive by. If you do 
    engage combat and alert the enemy keep in mind there will be a Flamethrower 
    Heavy and a Heavy Shotgunner coming from the first path to the left within a 
    short timeframe.
    It is probably best to fight these two in the confines of the alleyways between 
    the buildings on your left
    I would like to suggest that one person take the first left (Path A on the 
    map), he will be fighting mainly the building windows on the other side of the 
    street and the other person take the farther left (Path B on the map), which he 
    will fight footsoldiers and be probably responisble for dealing with the 
    Armored Carrier's mounted gun.
    There is an RPG in one of the windows as well as the back corner of the second 
    area, so player in Path A be ready to if you get shot by the one in the window 
    and get incompacitated be in a position which you can drag yourself around the 
    corner in the alley and have your friend safely revive you and player B duck 
    behind barricades if you get shot at, because the far RPG cant get a proper 
    angle on you from that far away.
    Be careful towards the end, as a Heavy Chaingun will come as you get close, 
    both you and your partner should be up there at that point and hide behind the 
    nearby cars and barricades.
    * * * CHECKPOINT * * *
    Once the Chaingun threat is defeated continue through a grated door down the 
    paths to a stone wall with an opening to the right, this is a Mock Surrender 
    point with a supply crate behind the two, rewarding $40,000 if you can get to 
    There is a radio on the ground if you turn about 25-35 degrees to the left when 
    you first see the supply crate.
    Continue through the other opening to the left of the supply crate to find some 
    more soldiers, this is another battle of barricades, mounted guns, and RPGS in 
    - Battle Overview: go forward, Windows, to the right, stairs up to the windows 
    and a single barricade and mounted gun, to the left, a number of barricades 
    with several soldiers who use them to greater effect.
    If you rush forward immediatly upon entering the alley and make an immediate 
    right you'll find a fence you can have one of your team step jump over for 
    strategic purposes, which when you turn left will find the staircase up to the 
    building the other enemies are firing from and a mounted gun barricade to the 
    right with a soldier that will try to use it.
    Whoever stays behind from the step jump will have to battle with the people up 
    in the windows, THERE IS ANOTHER RPG THOUGH, if you have any time to react to 
    seeing one fired roll back towards the step jump fence, because your teammate 
    won't be able to easily come back to get you if you employed the step jump 
    Other than that try to keep yourself safe and kill the enemies you can see on 
    the ground and then whatever you can manage of the windows. Once the windows 
    are clear use the cars up ahead to stage your fight against the barricades to 
    the left
    If someone did use the step jump fence, that person needs to get control of the 
    mounted gun to the right and be ready to deal with several footsoldiers coming 
    down the staircase to the building followed by a Heavy Shotgunner, after hes 
    dead you should head up the stairs and clear out the building with the windows 
    so your friend can push forward without fear.
    Once the entire street is cleared continue towards the exit of this area behind 
    the barricades to the left, you will be met with yet another Chaingun Heavy 
    with friends.
    * * * CHECKPOINT * * *
    After they're dealt with go out their entrance to a grated door which leads out 
    to an alleyway, which if you notice, has a radio sitting on the ground on the 
    left side at the right turn.
    Continue down the right turn to see a single soldier, cap him and then be ready 
    for two more than will come out slowly from the left corner. Continue down the 
    pathway until you see a crane, this is the next major battle.
    * * * CHECKPOINT * * *
    Battle Overview: Flank path to the left, armored carrier with not mounted gun 
    and barricades forward, and a hollowed building to the right with enemies that 
    fire out the windows.
    When you come into this area you'll see that there is a civilian, in fact the 
    last civilian to save in the game. This one's tricky, because you can't capture 
    them because the civilian is surrounded by 3 privates, no captain, so if you do 
    capture one, the other two are going to rebel and probably shoot the civilian.
    You will need to quickly, and very nimbly, set up a co-op snipe on two of the 
    three soldiers then quickly kill the third to save the civilian, even letting 
    the last one live that half a second too long and the civilian is screwed. This 
    will be one you'll be restarting the checkpoint for a dozen times in a row if 
    you aren't lucky, but the reward is pretty cool, the usually $75,000 costing 
    MK Grenade Launcher, a chapter early infact for free.
    After you deal with the citizen you will have already excited all the other 
    enemies around the area, this battle is pretty simple, there will be one Heavy 
    Shotgunner that comes pretty early into the fight then you just have to go down 
    the left path to take out the barricades then move past them to the back of the 
    building where there are a couple ramps giving you access to all 3 floor of 
    that building in order to clear the building of enemies.
    * * * CHECKPOINT
    After that's done continue down the wood-laid path behind the building to find 
    a few trash barricades with enemies, get up the hill of that path and look up 
    to the right to find a cat, which is actually hard to see because its darker 
    than usual and blends in with the rubble.
    Aside from the cat, just turn left when you've gotten up the path to reveal the 
    Mall with the parking lot ahead of you divided by a giant trench. You'll need 
    to then fight the enemies that have all those barricades set up acrossed the 
    trench, or you could just turn left and go down towards the bulldozer to 
    trigger the next cutscene.
    The bulldozer is turned on and sent forward, knocking a dumpster or shipping 
    container down into the trench, effectively making the bridge, if there are 
    any enemies when this cutscene plays they dissappear when you get control back.
    Run up the steps toward the mall to initiate the 2nd Back to Back segement of 
    the game, and the last. Immediately aim towards the mall and shift over to the 
    right to see a Heavy shotgun running towards you, shoot the red barrel when 
    he's close enough to just kill him outright.
    Afterwards one person should aim left of the mall and one right to take care 
    of each of those waves of soldiers running through the mazes of barricades. 
    After they are done there will be a group of several people coming across the 
    bridge you made with the bulldozer, afterwards aim right of the mall to find 
    more enemies both on the ground and on the roof above, there is an RPG that 
    appears at this point that could halt progress.
    After all those waves of enemies are slain turn around aiming to the left of 
    the mall to find a last few enemies, and once enough of them are killed a 
    cutscene will trigger showing a second RPG soldier appear and fire a shot 
    straight between Salem's feet, knocking him on the ground.
    The cutscene then shows one of the duo dazed looking at the sky and a Heavy 
    shotgun walking by, then knocking you out via a kick to the face. Then you 
    come to with a couple regular grunts standing over you talking about someone 
    who's going to want to interrogate you.
    * * * CHECKPOINT * * *
    You are then given control laying on the ground, press A to stand up and you'll 
    realize you and your partner are in seperate cells Rios will escape on his own 
    and have relatively few enemies but he cannot die, as noone will be able to 
    heal him. Salem will have more enemies and have to wait for help, but because 
    he'll have help Salem is ok to die because the friend can revive him;
    Rios-                                  Salem-
    -First choke the guard in front of     -You'll have to wait for another merc 
     your cell and open the cell            named Breznev to kill the two soldiers
    -Pick up the gun that the choked guard  in front of your cell and set you free
     dropped and start going forward to    -Pick up a gun from one of the soldiers
     right to find a room with a hole in    Breznev killed
     the wall, and proceed through it      -Fight the next room of enemies to the
    -Go out the room through the left       left then right
     opening and fight through some        -Turn left to find barricades and side
     half dozen enemies behind barricades   rooms and barricades with about a dozen
    -Turn right to the room with the        enemies
     control panel                         -Follow Breznev to your control panel
    -Press control panel button            -Press control panel button
    Note-Breznev is just as effective as any AI partner, although like JB and Alice 
    he won't take AI commands, although they will revive you if you fall.
    At this point the doors on the opposite side of the room you're in should open 
    and you both should be in the same room of the wall, seperated on opposite 
    walkings seperated by a lower walkway. It is possible at this point that Salem 
    found an automatic gun to help his process along, Rios may very well still be 
    stuck with a pistol but he does have fewer enemies.
    For Rios turn left, Salem turn right so you'll both be fighting through many 
    barricades and boxes down this grand hallway both going the same direction. 
    Eventually you should both come to a set of stairs, right hand side for Rios 
    and left hand for Salem, that they should be able to head down and be reuinited 
    on the ground floor, fighting one last set of barricades.
    During this fight in the hallway if one person is considerably farther than the 
    other he can aim acrossed the middle towards the other side to assist the other.
    After this fight is done a cutscene comes which shows Breznev leading Rios and 
    Salem into an armory where they get their gear back, then you find yourself in 
    the room opposite side of the armory from where you came, a multifloored round 
    room of the mall with railings keeping you from falling down the center to the 
    bottom floor.
    * * * CHECKPOINT * * *
    Breznev will then show you where he has some giant cases of C4, which you need 
    to place on each of the 3 pylons supports of the satellite dish above you on 
    the upper floor. There aren't any enemies yet, they won't appear until you pick 
    up a bomb.
    There is a cat in this room, if you aim up above the satellite dish to the 
    beams that were supposedly supporting a glass ceiling, you should see it where 
    the beams that are still there meet in the center
    There is also a hombrew weapon part, once you've triggered the enemies coming 
    by picking up a bomb, head right past the bombs, not going up the escellator, 
    to the second room out of two you'll see and behind the counter you'll find the 
    suppressor slot part, the Kitchen Knife.
    Once you're good and ready pick up a bomb to trigger the ambush of a few 
    enemies on your floor, then a couple dozen upstairs with a Heavy Shotgunner 
    near the opening created close to the right escellator.
    This is the only wave of enemies that appears in this particular setting, after 
    they're all dead go ahead and place all the bombs then go back down to Breznev 
    on the lower level, which triggers the cutscene of the pylons blowing up and 
    the satellite falling down, killing everyone on the very bottom floor 
    destroying all the gear they have set up.
    * * * CHECKPOINT * * *
    After this is done you can't go back upstairs as rubble blocks the escellators 
    upward, you need to now go behind the escellator on the left side to find 
    another escellator going downwards, towards more barricades and boxes with 
    soldiers in the area.
    The mall screens you can see straight forward from the bottom of the escellator 
    will open shortly after getting down revealing a few more soldiers and a Heavy 
    Take care of those enemies and follow Breznev through the floor to a hole in 
    the wall in one of the rooms, where Breznev then opens a grate door to allow 
    you guys to pass through to find more enemies, and a pile of rubble leading 
    down another floor down with more boxes and barricades.
    A dozen enemies populate this floor and down the hallway you can see a Heavy 
    Shotgunner is also going to come at you, mop everybody up then go down the 
    hallway to trigger the cutscene containing this chapter's Moral Decision, 
    Breznev goes into a nearby door and asks for some "private time" with a girl 
    he's kept in that room who's now cowering at the sight of him, Salem and Rios 
    get a consience buzz and consider trying to stop Breznev, who isn't happy and 
    offers a bribe to leave him alone
         Issue: You need to decide whether to take Breznev's bribe and leave him to
                his business or stop him and help the woman.
              + Morality: Stop Breznev, Rios shoots him and a shot from Breznev's
                          AK-47 almost hits Salem, they leave Breznev there
                          lauching and Salem kicks the AK-47 to the woman, the
                          comic book cutscene plays out showing the Woman shoot
                          Breznev in the mall, then go out to her car where we see
                          she has files on Breznev and his family on a file labeled
                          "Defectors," she then goes to a hospital and shoots
                          Breznev's wife then moves to shoot his newborn when all
                          of the sudden Breznev comes back and shoots her thrice,
                          saving his child.
              - Morality: Take the bribe of $7,500, and leave Breznev to his
                          business, he takes her, arms bound, down a few hallways,
                          when she turns and spin kicks Breznev to the face at
                          at which time he decides she isn't worth keeping prisoner
                          and shoots her, then the scene changes to look at a file
                          of he picture next to a file with the noticible note of
                          her involvement in the KGB. (You thought he was going to
                          abuse her didn't you?)
    * * * END OF CHAPTER * * *
                                 ***    Chapter6    ***
                                       ***    ***
    This chapter may seem a bit short when you think about it, but it still takes a 
    decent amount of time to get through, as instead of a bunch of moderate 
    encounter you just have a few colossal battlezones. You start out in an 
    underground pedestrian tunnel.
    Right away on a box right in front of you is this chapter's first radio, kind 
    of hard to miss. After grabbing the radio continue up the stairs to some 
    revolving doors that take you outside to the Harbor.
    Battle Overview: This is just one giant warzone, with several dozen enemies 
    throughout the path up to the plaza with a Mounted Gun close up to the left, 
    and another mounted gun up on the bridge of the plaza itself that has a shield,
    so again you'll need to either flank it or fire through the slit, although that 
    gun will probably be remounted several times by the time you actually get up 
    there. On the other side of the plaza is another area like right before the 
    plaza with another revolving door.
    Usually you can just set your partner to Aggro-Hold Position and he will 
    perform admirably as both taking attention away from you and just plain 
    providing killing support even with the primary weapon acrossed entire 
    battlefields - and this is really effective in most of all 3 battles
    This battle is really simple, but really time consuming. You need to make your 
    way towards the higher plaza you can see ahead, right before it you will 
    encounter a Heavy Shotgunner but other than that its just a gauntlet of 
    footsoldiers to the mounted gun. Under the bridge that the mounted gun is on is 
    a homebrew part, the primary weapon scope Red Shot Sight 3x.
    * * * CHECKPOINT * * *
    Fight down the other side of the plaza, with another mounted gun, to the 
    revolving doors below.
    * * * CHECKPOINT * * *
    You're in another pedestrian tunnel and the first thing you should notice is 
    the supply crate (holding $42,500), but this is again a mock surrender spot, 
    one enemy behind the box to the left and one wondering soldier to the right.
    To the right of the supply crate is the second and last radio of this area, on 
    top of a barrel.
    Turn to the left to find 2 enemies on the other side of the security 
    checkpoint, after ridding yourself of them you'll need to step jump one of your 
    duo over a space in the barbed wire to the right.
    Now, when the person who is lifted over the fence gets to the chain-link door 
    on the other side and goes to open it he will get captured by another soldier 
    and it will be up to the other person to again perform the Call of Duty 4 
    Hostage-freeing shot to release your buddy from the soldiers grasp and let him 
    bust down the chain-link doors on the left side to let the partner through.
    Just continue up from there to find another revolving door, going out to 
    another large battlefield in the harbor.
    * * * CHECKPOINT * * *
    Battle Overview: there are two real sides of this field, the left lower path, 
    which has a mounted gun, and the right upper path, leading through a few 
    chain-link doors to another revolving door. On the lower path you should also 
    notice a platform of shipping containers that will be key after the AA gun is 
    destroyed. Enemies will first appear all over the boat, including a few RPGs 
    and coming up the lower path. The boat on the left has an AA gun mounted on its 
    deck that is preventing Alice's helicopter from coming and retreiving you.
    Your first objective is to go down the lower path and place some explosives on 
    a crate thats rigged up to the crane of the boat then press the button to the 
    left of the crate to hoist the bomb up on the boat. Any enemies that are on the 
    boat when you accomplish this, of course, die in the explosion.
    * * * CHECKPOINT * * *
    If you stand on top of the shipping container platform then aim to the right of 
    the boat and up on top of other shipping containers is another cat to shoot.
    After the AA gun is destroyed you need to back track to the stairs leading to 
    the right upper path and head through the chain-link barbed-wire fences 
    fighting to the revolving door on the far end of the zone.
    * * * CHECKPOINT * * *
    You find yourself at another pedestrian tunnel barricaded by a security 
    checkpoint, step jump over the fence to the right, kill the couple soldiers 
    that appear, then pull the lever at the far fence to let your partner in, go 
    through the opposite door and up to the revolving doors, happy days.
    * * * CHECKPOINT * * *
    You are now in the third and final battlezone of this giant harbor. You have 
    one more AA gun before the helicopter can attempt a landing to retrieve you.
    Battle Overview: the area begins with another courtyard with a ton of enemies 
    and a mounted gun  leading up to a higher stone plaza which in this case hold 
    the AA gun, your objective. There will be a Heavy Shotgunner right before the 
    stone plaza and there are 3 mounted guns, a non-protected one in the courtyard, 
    a shielded mounted gun on a short stairwell to the left leading downward before 
    meeting up at the AA plaza, and a shielded mounted gun up on the plaza near the 
    AA gun. After you clear the AA objective you go down the other side of the 
    plaza to a paultry few soldiers compared to the earlier half of this zone.
    Again a simple but tedious task, there are many barricades and boxes littered 
    about for cover and several dozen soldiers to plow through. right before the AA 
    gun in the courtyard a Heavy Shotgunner will come barreling at you, and then 
    you just go from cover to cover killing soldiers until you finally get up to 
    the AA gun, press the button on the giant box near it to deactivate it.
    * * * CHECKPOINT * * *
    After you do this you need to run down the other side of the plaza to the far 
    end of the zone, barred off by a bunch of hedgehogs (the giant jagged 
    barricades made from steel girders, designed to stop tanks) and barbed wire, 
    there are only a couple soldiers at first behind the crate at the far end.
    After this Alice will tell you the helicopter is on its way, and to hold your 
    position until then. An Armored Carrier without a mounted gun should drive up 
    on the other side of the hedgehogs and unload a dozen soldiers out the back.
    Once the soldiers are dealt with a cutscene plays which shows the helicopter 
    arriving just in time to get nailed near the tail-rotor and send in a death 
    spiral into the neighboring building.
    Cursing and yelling, the duo then decide to duck down into the nearby 
    pedestrian tunnel to recooperate, you just wait for the double doors to open in 
    which 3 soldiers pop out, easy compared to the rest of this chapter, then 
    proceed inside.
    This triggers the last cutscene of this chapter, and yes, there actually isn't 
    a moral decision to be made this time, you just see the duo, cursing and 
    pitying the possible loss of the Alice who was believed to be in the helicopter 
    before it crashed, then Salem see's a poster of Jonah, the guy who started this 
    whole mess, and says he want to kill him, and Rios agrees.
    * * * END OF CHAPTER * * *
                                 ***    Chapter7    ***
                                       ***    ***
    Its the Final Chapter! It's finally time to make the jerk who started this 
    whole ordeal pay for what he's wrought upon you. You open up on the outskirts 
    of a Chinesse temple, which is what Jonah decided to make his base of 
    operations in.
    Note- If you saved all the citizens and made morally positive choices you'll 
    also have a two citizens with guns that will help you with the upcoming 
    battles, they are as effective and your AI partner would be with nothing but 
    the primary gun you start out with, and again cannot accept AI commands.
    Immediately in front of you you'll find a few soldiers and a Heavy Shotgunner 
    as well as a mounted gunner down the end of the path, once these guys are 
    cleared, go back where you entered the chapter and go up the Step Jump wall 
    opposite of where you come into the pathway. Note- you can also lift the 
    civilians that are helping you over the wall to help your partner deal with the 
    enemies there.
    The partner thats on the other side of the step jump wall needs to work through 
    the courtyard he finds himself in going into the second courtyard where the 
    lever to open the doors to let your partner in. The person who did the lifting 
    can, while the first person is working on that, run along the wall shooting 
    through the decorative holes in the wall to help him out.
    In the second courtyard in a small room on the left-hand side coming in the 
    unlocked door is a homebrew weapon part, the J37 defender Mk.4 stock for 
    primary weapons.
    After you and your parter are reunited go in the pathway connected to the 
    second courtyard to find a grated door, and because you need you and your 
    partner to open it and it closes straight afterwards, the civilians won't be 
    able to follow you through it.
    * * * CHECKPOINT * * *
    You then find yourself in another larger courtyard with a pagoda on the far 
    side, which has a cat on top of it by the way, where you are met by an open 
    battle that comes at you in several waves of soldiers that number about half a 
    dozen each out of each of the 4 corners
    There is also a Heavy Shotgunner that meets you out here but you also have 
    another couple citizens to help you fight this battle.
    After fending off the waves of enemies your partner is going to yell that a 
    Heavy Shotgunner (in fact there's two) is coming, thats when you know the 
    chain-link fences on the far side can be accessed and you can continue.
    There are two sets of stairs running up the opposide side of the pagoda that 
    lead to a larger temple up above, the two Heavy Shotgunners are going to come 
    charging down and kick open the chain-link fences to fight you, fend them off 
    and make your way up the stairs.
    Fight your way up and you'll find yourself surrounded by about a dozen enemies 
    that you'll need to get rid of, after killing enough of the soldiers more 
    soldiers will start coming from the back left corner between the big door and 
    the smaller doors to the left and they are going to be followed by a Chaingun 
    When all the soldiers are done for go to the door that is open to the right 
    after coming up the stairs and through the grated door, again leaving your 2 
    civilians behind.
    * * * CHECKPOINT * * *
    Immediately to the right after passing through the grated door is the last 
    radio on a table on the right hand side before you pass through the next door.
    In the next room you should notice that there are two high-up windows on either 
    side of the next door, you can step jump up to these and start killing enemies 
    on the other side.
    The other side of that door consists of a mounted gun about 15 yards in front 
    the door on a barricade, and a deviating path to the left as well as a 
    step-jump ladder to the right that allows a vantage point, as well as a closer 
    place to aim up at bleachers above the mounted gun that have a couple soldiers.
    Once you've satisfactually scared the soldiers on the other side of the wall, 
    continue through the door, kill the soldiers on the ground, up on the 
    bleachers, and on the mounted gun then proceed to the deviating left path to 
    find a few barricades in a thin allyway with a couple more soldiers.
    At the end of this hallway you'll find another Step Jump fence you'll need use 
    to get someone over the fence to go into the neighboring courtyard to open the 
    door for the first partner.
    In this courtyard is a couple soldiers, then once you kill them and open the 
    door half a dozen more soldiers ambush you from the opposite side of the 
    courtyard as the door you let your partner in through.
    Note- In this battle again, if you saved enough citizens and been morally 
    positive enough you'll find 3 people on the rooftop overlooking the courtyard 
    sniping down to help you.
    After that courtyard is cleared a door will open to the left that leads to 
    another highly barricaded courtyard, with just over a dozen soldiers, a 
    shielded mounted gun, and a sniper on a ledge up and to the right of that, 
    needless to say, stay behind cover and pick them off one by one.
    * * * CHECKPOINT * * *
    Continue up the stair to the porches in the courtyard and head right to a door 
    leading through the next room to a grated door and keep going until you get to 
    a room with 2 dragon pillars one either side of a closed door. I feel the need 
    to warn you that on the other side of that door is the final battle zone of the 
    game, and thus I will give you a nice detailed map.
         | |                            D                                  | |
         | | F                                                         F   | |
         |  G H                                                          H   |
         | |  H       |       |  F  |       |     |       |     |        H | |
         |_|__________|       |__M__|       |__F__|       |__F__|      ____|_|
                      |- - - -|     |- - - -|     |- - - -|     |- - - ||
                      |- - - -|_____|- - - -|_____|- - - -|_____|- - - ||
                      |- - - -|     |- - - -|     |- - - -|     |- - - ||
                      |- - - -|_____|- - - -|_____|- - - -|_____|- - - ||
                      |F                            FFSFF              ||
                      |XX                           XXXXX  ____________||
                      |- - - -|     |- - - -|     |- - - -| X=Barricades
                      |- - - -|__F__|- - - -|__F__|- - - -| G=Heavy Grenadier
                      |- - - -|     |- - - -|     |- - - -| M=Mounted Gun
                      |- - - -|_____|- - - -|_____|- - - -| S=Shielded Mounted Gun
                      |F                                  | R=Riot Shield Soldiers
                      |XX R                           R   | E=Entrance
                      |- - - -|     |- - - -|     |- - - -| D=Finish door
                      |- - - -|_____|- - - -|_____|- - - -| -=stairs
                   ___|- - - -|     |- - - -|     |- - - -|_____H=Heavy shotgunner
                   |  |- - - -|_____|- - - -|_____|- - - -|    |   spawn point
                   |      F XX                     X F F X     |F=Footsoldiers
                   |      XX F         XXX           XXX       |
                   |                   H H               F     |
                   |___________________ E _____________________|
    This fight is going to take a while, as you can probably guess, each of the 
    footsoldier "F's" are locations where footsoldiers often get behind cover to 
    fire at you, and there are probably 3 or 4 dozen of those guys alone just 
    throughout the entire duration of the battle and they're going to waste most of 
    ammo because of that.
    As soon as you open the door you'll need to use the door as cover to take out 
    the soldiers at the very bottom level and as you are doing that the Riot Shield 
    soldiers will walk down the stairs as well as a dozen more soldiers.
    If you can, try to kill the riot shields without actually damaging the shields 
    as much as possible, as they ease the process of killing the dozens upon dozens 
    of footsoldiers for at least until the shields run out of durability and become 
    Your worst enemy for the first few flights of stairs is going to be the 
    shielded mounted gun 2 thirds of the way up, as it will keep getting re-mounted 
    by footsoldiers and be constantly harassing you until you finally make it up to 
    the gun.
    Once the footsoldier faucet is finally turned off, run up to the top of the 
    second flight of stairs and you'll trigger both the Heavy Grenadier and the 2 
    Heavy Shotgun guys rushing you. The 2 Heavy Shotgun dudes can appear from 
    either behind you where you entered the area or the left or right sides of the 
    top tier, and they will be the first to meet you as they can jog at a decent 
    pace. The Heavy Grenadier will obviously be slower because they can only walk 
    and will appear exclusively from the top tier on the left side.
    After the 3 heavy soldiers are defeated you just have to get up to the top tier 
    of the zone to finish clearing half a dozen or a dozen footsoldiers depending 
    on how fast you killed the heavies.
    Once you're done you then finally go to the Finish door at the top of the 
    stairs and blow up the fancy door!
    Note-try not to be sprinting or doing anything that would be too taxing on the 
    system, it has been seen that at least the 360 version of the game has shown a 
    proclivity to freeze partway in the last cutscene if you were doing to much 
    straight beforehand, forcing you to do this whole battle again.
    A cutscene plays showing Salem and Rios rushing in through the explosion and 
    Salem will slide in with double pistol's blazing killing the grunts in the room 
    and Jonah's in the room, using one as a meatshield. 
    Jonah then goes on a rant about the degregation of society and people in 
    general then reveals that there is a nuke planted in the middle of the city and 
    he has the detonator, if he lets go of it the town does up.
    This triggers the last moral decision and ultimately, the decider of how the 
    end of the game plays out. Jonah tells you that if you show him ultimate 
    sacrifice, in this case if you kill your partner and give up your kinship, he 
    will order the nuke to be disarmed, saving 7.5 million people left in the city.
         Issue: you need to decide whether to shoot your partner and save 7.5
                million people or just shoot Jonah and end this.
              + Morality: This is the option to shoot your partner, and save the
                          7.5 million people, whoever presses the button first is
                          the one that shoots the other, yells at Jonah to give the 
                          order to shut the bomb off, then you will kill Jonah then
                          immediately kneel over your partner, grieving him.
              - Morality: This is the option to kill Jonah, whoever presses the
                          button first is the one who actually fires at Jonah, then
                          walks back as they ask each other if they're ready for
                          whats coming, and ponder whats going to happen.
    * * * END OF CHAPTER * * *
    The comic book cutscene then plays out showing a fleet of helicopters and boats 
    rushing towards Shanghai, apparently from the UN, and they storm through the 
    city to find Jonah, Salem, or Rios dead, whatever may be the case.
    Jonah (if you killed him) goes of quoting a passage of what is perhaps from the 
    bible, describing the same thing he just implimented in Shangai.
    Salem (if you killed Rios), or Rios (If you killed Salem) have a monologue at 
    the end cutscene talking about how they know people would say that they would 
    have done the same if they were in their position but that they wouldn't 
    understand the fact that the survivor of the duo has to live the rest of his 
    life with their partners, their best friends blood on their hands.
    Then the credits roll, you can either hold D-Pad up to pause the credits or 
    D-pad down to speed through the credits, after which you get a message saying 
    you unlocked costumes, which you can choose at the campaign difficulty 
    selection, and the big head and infinite ammo cheats which can be accessed and 
    toggled on and off in the extras menu.
     * * *  ** *****(( END OF CAMPAIGN ))***** **  * * *
                                   ***              ***
                                     Radio  Locations
                                     ***          ***
    Chapter 1 Radios:
        1-At the very first street to the left on a table right before you meet JB
        2-After the moral decision and the plane crashes into the building,
          creating a hole in the wall, its in the hole on a table to the right hand
        3-Where you have to Step Jump over the fence and then go into the control
          room to open the door for the other partner, its in that same room on the
          opposite corner of the room
    Chapter 2 Radios:
        4-At the first mock surrender on the left hand desk (the Mock Surrender
        5-At the second mock surrender, on the left hand table from the supply
    Chapter 3 Radios:
        6-Right after the 3 civilians, head past them to the open kitchen to see it
          on the counter
        7-Right after you meet Chan and listen to his monologue in the loading
          dock garage, sitting on a stack of forklift pallets on the opposite side
          of the room as you enter
    Chapter 4 Radios:
        8-As soon as you get to the room in the hospital with the power generator,
          its on the ground to the left
        9-In the hallway right after you meet the kid and hoist him up onto a step
          jump ledge, follow him up and its on a table on the right hand side of
          that hallway
    Chapter 5 Radios:
       10-At the first Mock Surrender with the supply crate with $40,000, its on
          the ground to the left of the object the soldier on the left was using
          for cover
       11-After the second major street battle head out and through the grated door
          you need both people to open, continue down the round and its on the
          ground on the left hand side right at the right turn
    Chapter 6 Radios:
       12-Right in front of you on a box as you enter the chapter
       13-At the Mock surrender with the crate holding $42,500, to the right of the
          crate on a box
    Chapter 7 Radios:
       14-After the battle including the Chaingun Heavy, head up the stairs and to
          the door on the right, through the grated door you need both partners to
          open, its on a table on the right hand side right in that next corridor
                                   ***              ***
                                      Cat  Locations
                                     ***          ***
    Chapter 1 Cats:
        1-At the part where you have to place the second set of beacons, look out
          the ledge to the right to find the cat on top of the back right roof
        2-after the first Step Jump make your way outside to the ledges that
          trigger the cutscene of enemies coming out to the roof to fight you, look
          up near the catwalk to find it sitting on a vent duct connected to the
    Chapter 2 Cats:
        3-After you get done fighting down the side of the crashed building, at the
          last segment where the 2 paths join back up look to the right in the
          upper of 2 windows next to the wall
        4-Where you get to the segment where you push the car off the scaffolding
          continue until you see the street sign and you'll find it to the left of
          the street sign
    Chapter 3 Cats:
        5-When you go through the first animal encloser and cross the bridge, aim
          up to the top of the building straight from the bridge and shift a bit
          left to see the cat on the roof
        6-Above the gate the armored carrier drives through right above the middle
          of the gates
    Chapter 4 Cats:
        7-When you climb up to the rooftops, using the ladder of the left, aim
          straight forward to find it on one of the upper balconies
        8-In the battle where you tell the kid to either grab the gun or stay back
          aim across to the right side building and its to the right on top of a
          fridge on the middle floor
    Chapter 5 Cats:
        9-Right after the battle in the area with the crane and the last civilian,
          continue forward and behind the building and go up the dirt hill, and up
          to the right to see it on the balcony, its darker than usual and blends
          in with the rubble
       10-When you place bombs to blow the satellite dish in the mall, aim up where
          a bunch of support struts meet in the center of a glass ceilling where
          the glass is obviously missing, the cat is where the struts meet
    Chapter 6 Cats:
       11-In the area where you blow up the cargo ship, go forward to the shipping
          container platfor and aim up to the right of the ship towards another
          stack of shipping containers and its on top of those.
    Chapter 7 Cats:
       12-When you get to the courtyard with the waves of enemies followed by a
          trip up two staircases up to a temple, its up on the pagoda of that first
                                   ***              ***
                                     ***          ***
    This is where I dumped all of the weapon information as well as all the weapon
    locations, but what most people are going to be looking for here is the
    Homebrew parts, the ones that you pick up from envelopes on the ground, and I
    was recently alerted to a YouTube video that actually very handily shows where
    all the homebrew parts, honestly I can do my best and give really concise
    descriptions but nothing I think beats having a visual representation, if you
    want to watch that video here's the link: 
    I'd like to thank Jimlomax for showing me this video and helping me get some of
    the last weapon parts I was missing in this faq, and I will still add the
    locations in the faq but just also know your other source for help above.
         -Type 05 SMG
          -Your character starts out with this gun
         -G35C automatic rifle
          -Your character starts out with this gun
         -Type 77 pistol
          -Your character starts out with this gun
         -SVD sniper rifle
          -Your character starts out with this gun
         -Ak-47 automatic rifle
          -Available chapter 1
         -QBZ-03 automatic rifle
          -available chapter 1
         -R870 Shotgun
          -available chapter 1
         -+10% primary ammo
          -available chapter 1
         -+20% primary ammo
          -requires you've purchased +10% primary ammo
          -available chapter 1
         -Third Grenade slot
          -available chapter 1
         -Fourth Grenade Slot
          -requires you've purchased Third Grenade Slot
          -available chapter 1
         -Diamond Grenades
          -available chapter 1
         -M4 automatic rifle
          -available chapter 2
         -M110 KAC sniper rifle
          -available chapter 2
         -MP5 SMG
          -available chapter 2
         -P90 SMG
          -rescue a Chapter 2 civilian
         -FSB shotgun
          -available chapter 3
         -Scar-L automatic rifle
          -available chapter 3
         -VSS sniper rifle
          -available chapter 3
         -DE 0.44 pistol
          -rescue a Chapter 3 civilian
         -M249 SAW
          -available chapter 4
         -M416 automatic rifle
          -available chapter 4
         -AA-12 shotgun
          -available chapter 4
         -G18C pistol
          -rewarded at start of the hospital for good moral choices
         -TC-V 0.45 SMG
          -available chapter 5
          -available chapter 5
         -MK Grenade Launcher
          -available chapter 6
          -or rescue a Chapter 5 civilian
         -HM shotgun
          -Chapter 2 Moral Choice, choose to take the guns anyway.
         -M107 .50 caliber sniper rifle
          -Chapter 4 Moral Choice, tell the kid to go for the gun
          -unlocked for purchase provided you have an Army of Two save
         -Grand Pinger
          -unlocked for purchase provided you have an Army of Two save
      -NOTE: most people have been having trouble trying to get these guns, a
    possible troubleshoot to this is to go into your memory and copy a save from
    the first Army of Two to the 40th Day section.
         "It's confirmed, I can buy the AS-KR1 for $300,000 and the Grand Pinger 
    for $450,000. If you haven't managed to unlock them even though you have the 
    Army of Two save, go into the memory on your hard drive and check the Army of 
    Two : The 40th Day saves. In there you should see a copied save from the 
    first Army of Two game. I had it and maybe that's why I can buy them from the 
    very start of the game." -PhilR1, GameFAQs forums
         -Type 05 muzzle
          -Comes with Type 05 SMG
         -G36C Barrel
          -Comes with G36C automatic rifle
         -SVD Barrel
          -Comes with SVD sniper rifle
         -AK-47 Barrel
          -Comes with AK-47 automatic rifle
         -QBZ-03 Barrel
          -Comes with QBZ-03 automatic rifle
         -R870 Barrel
          -Comes with R870 shotgun
         -G14 Thunderstrike
          -First supply crate of Chapter 1
         -K23 Assault Barrel
          -available chapter 1
         -Prykhodko DV90
          -available chapter 1
         -V7 Barrel
          -available chapter 1
         -M4 barrel
          -Comes with M4 automatic rifle
         -MP5 barrel
          -comes with MP5 SMG
         -M110 KAC barrel
          -comes with M110 KAC sniper rifle
         -P90 barrel
          -comes with P90 SMG
         -FSB barrel
          -comes with FSB shotgun
         -Scar-L barrel
          -comes with Scar-L automatic rifle
         -VSS barrel
          -comes with VSS sniper rifle
         -V22 STORMCROW
          -available chapter 3
         -Chepzaas Redstar
          -Homebrew part Chapter 3, acrossed the bridge in the room with the button
           that opens the safari cart track
         -M249 SAW barrel
          -comes with M249 SAW
         -M416 barrel
          -comes with M416 automatic barrel
         -VLOCZ Mk.3
          -available chapter 4
         -G36 Condemner
          -available chapter 4
         -SC-4 TITYOS
          -available chapter 4
         -SC-3 TRITON
          -available chapter 4
         -X22 Black-M
          -available chapter 4
         -RWS HOTSAW V4
          -available chapter 4
         -MM22 barrel
          -available chapter 4
         -L13 Night-Ops Barrel
          -available chapter 4
         -TD-V 0.45 barrel
          -comes with the TD-V 0.45 SMG
         -Felin-2C barrel
          -comes with the Felin-2C
         -Felin BT77
          -available chapter 5
         -Trueshot Mk. 1
          -Homebrew part Chapter 5, as found by Jimlomax
          -From what I've understood and seen, you go through and you clear the
           enemies from the first area and just before you leave the main streets
           to continue through to a back alley, you go to the end of the second big
           street to find it beind a dumpster.
        "chapter 5, section 1, looking at the map on your walkthrough, it is behind
    a bin next to the alley leading to the exit." -Jimlomax
         -G36C stock
          -Comes with G36C automatic rifle
         -SVD stock
          -comes with SVD sniper rifle
         -AK-47 stock
          -comes with AK-47 automatic rifle
         -QBZ-03 stock
          -comes with QBZ-03 automatic rifle
         -R870 stock
          -comes with R870 shotgun
         -Ruslan Mk.3
          -available chapter 1
         -AE9 star tactica
          -available chapter 1
         -ALV-Flex 220
          -available chapter 1
         -T3 Guardian
          -available chapter 1
         -CG2 Hardback
          -available chapter 1
         -MP5 Stock
          -comes with MP5 SMG
         -M4 Stock
          -comes with M4 automatic rifle
         -M110 KAC stock
          -comes with M110 KAC sniper rifle
         -Scar-L Stock
          -comes with Scar-L automatic rifle
         -VSS stock
          -comes with VSS sniper rifle
         -FSB stock
          -comes with FSB shotgun
         -AEG star tactica
          -available chapter 3     
         -HM shotgun stock
          -comes with the HM shotgun
         -AA-12 stock
          -comes with the AA-12 shotgun
         -M416 stock
          -comes with the M416 automatic rifle
         -Rusty Stock 
          -available chapter 4
          -Also found as a Homebrew part in Chapter 1, as found by fuelstaind
         "Also in Chapter 1, after the second turret, the Rusty Stock is in the 
    far-left corner of the room (when entering from stairs)." -fuelstaind
         -Trueshot RF9
          -available chapter 4
         -HL Reflex Core
          -Homebrew part found after turning on the hospital generator, continue
           to the hallway the Heavy Shotgunner attacks you, go in the left room
           into the closet of that room and its in there on the floor
         -M2 Light Stock
          -available chapter 4
         -L12 Assault
          -available chapter 4
         -HN-H tactical stock
          -available chapter 4
         -RMS Jericho V6
          -available chapter 4
         -M249 SAW stock
          -comes with the M249 SAW
         -M249 Charger
          -available chapter 4
         -G78 stock Mk.2
          -available chapter 4
         -TD-V 0.45 stock
          -comes with the TD-V 0.45 SMG
         -MK Grenade Launcher stock
          -comes with the MK Grenade Launcher
         -MK model- 23
          -available chapter 6
          -available after you save the chapter 5 civilian
         -J37 Defender Mk. 4
          -Homebrew part, chapter 7 go over the first step up into the next
           couryard, its in a room in that courtyard
         -SVD scope
          -comes with SVD sniper rifle
         -M110 KAC scope
          -comes with the M110 KAC sniper rifle
         -ZT reflex sight 1x
          -available chapter 3
         -KF-D scope 1.5x
          -available chapter 3
         -Red Dot Sight 1x
          -available chapter 3
         -VSS scope
          -comes with VSS sniper rifle
         -PCG Delta 6x
          -In the second animal enclosure with the downed helicopter, its in the
           supply crate right in front of the helicopter
         -M20 attack sight 3x
          -available chapter 4
         -Red Dot Sight 2x
          -available chapter 4
         -XOPTAC 5x
          -available chapter 4
         -EA-M Brown Elite 7x
          -available chapter 4
         -M107 scope
          -comes with the M107 scope
         -MG36 scope 2x
          -rescue a Chapter 4 civilian
         -Red Dot Sight 3x
          -Homebrew part Chapter 6, In the first big firefight area (Not the tunnel
           you start in) Move ahead to a mounted gun in the middle of a pedestrian
           bridge, go to the tunnel/path under that bridge to find it on the
           ground, relatively in plain sight, not hidden by anything.
         -SVD 5 round mag
          -comes with SVD sniper rifle
         -Type 05 30 round mag
          -comes with Type 05 SMG
         -G36C 30 round mag
          -comes with G36C automatic rifle
         -AK-47 30 round mag
          -comes with AK-47 automatic rifle
         -QBZ-03 30 round mag
          -comes with QBZ-03 automatic rifle
         -50 round Mag
          -available at chapter 1
         -M4 30 round Mag
          -comes with M4 automatic rifle
         -MP5 50 round Mag
          -comes with MP5 SMG
         -HM Shotgun 8 round Mag
          -comes with HM shotgun
         -M110 5 round Mag
          -comes with M110 sniper rifle
         -Scar-L 30 round mag
          -comes with Scar-L automatic rifle
         -VSS 5 round Mag
          -comes with VSS sniper rifle
         -M416 30 round Mag
          -comes with M416 automatic rifle
         -AA-12 8 round Mag
          -comes with AA-12 shotgun
         -M249 60 round bag
          -comes with the M249 SAW
         -40 round S-Mag
          -available chapter 4
         -M249 120 round belt box
          -available chapter 4
         -M110 8 round Mag
          -available chapter 4
         -70 round drum
         -Felin-2C 30 round Mag
          -comes with the Felin-2C
         -TD-V 0.45 25 round Mag
          -comes with the TD-V 0.45 SMG
         -TD-V 0.45 50 round Mag
          -available chapter 5
         -100 round d-drum
          -available chapter 5
         -AA-12 20 round Mag
          -available chapter 5
         -MK Grenade Launcher 6 round drum
          -comes with the MK Grenade Launcher
         -MK Grenade Launcher 10 round drum
          -available chapter 6
          -available after saving a chapter 5 civilian
         -Tactical grip
          -available chapter 1
         -E40 Vertical Grip
          -available chapter 1
         -Slanted G5 Grip
          -Homebrew part, as found by fuelstaind;
         "In Chapter 1 after you fight the first turret, there is a ladder off to 
    the left side. Climb up to the top to find the Slanted G5 Grip."
         -Custom Shield
          -Homebrew part, as found by fuelstaind;
         "Finally, in Chapter 1, outside the window to the left of Radio 3, 
    there is the Custom Shield." fuelstaind
         -Metal Plate
          -available chapter 2
         -870MCS master key
          -available chapter 2
         -Pipe Launcher 40mm
          -Homebrew part Chapter 3, as found by Jimlomax
          -From what I understand and seen, it is at the hostage Jim talks about,
           the Zoo Keeper, you save him then immediately turn around facing where
           you started this area and you'll find a ladder leading up on top of the
           cages there and it's on those.
        "chapter 3, section known as "Caged". Head forward from the start and 
    around the cages to the hostage situation. Deal with hostage takers then climb 
    ladder opposite cage with zoo worker hostage in. The Part is on top of this 
    cage." -Jimlomax
         -Vertical IG grip
          -available chapter 4
         -Aegis Guardian V2
          -available chapter 4
         -U34 combat shield
          -available chapter 4
         -M203 4mm grenade launcher
          -available chapter 4
          -Homebrew part, when going down the hallway right before returning the
           kid to Dr. Wu, instead continue forward to a room with shelves and
           stacks of towels and its on one of those shelves.
         -G36C muzzle
          -comes with G36C automatic rifle
         -SVD muzzle
          -comes with SVD sniper rifle
         -QBZ-03 muzzle
          -comes with QBZ-03 automatic rifle
         -R1 Muz. Reducer
         -E3 muz. Enhancer
         -M4 muzzle
          -comes with M4 automatic assault rifle
         -MP5 Barrel
          -comes with MP5 SMG
          -available chapter 2
         -H12 Bayonet
          -available chapter 2
         -K03 Bayonet
          -available chapter 2
         -L11 Death Whisper
          -available chapter 2
         -AC6 night-ops
          -available chapter 2
         -TLB Shadow
          -available chapter 2
         -Shotgun Bayonet
          -available chapter 2
         -V600 muz. Enhancer
          -available chapter 2
         -Doublecan Silencer
          -available chapter 2
         -SVS muz. reducer
          -available chapter 2
         -K16 muz. enhancer
          -available chapter 2
         -Barracuda V300
          -available chapter 2
         -SMRI muz. reducer
          -available chapter 2
         -SM12 muz. reducer
          -available chapter 2
         -L17 silencer
          -available chapter 2
         -X-12 silent storm
          -available chapter 2
         -ZI muz. reducer
          -on a desk right before the 2nd mock surrender
         -Soda Can Silencer
          -available chapter 4
          -Homebrew, on a chair right after the first mock surrender in chapter 1
         -DSS silent strike
          -available chapter 4
         -D-Ops V244
          -available chapter 4
         -L6 shotgun silencer
          -available chapter 4
         -Spec-Ops L2 stinger
          -available chapter 4
         -M416 muzzle
          -comes with M416 automatic rifle
         -TD-V 0.45 muzzle
          -comes with TD-V 0.45 SMG
         -Felin-2C muzzle
          -comes with the Felin 2C
         -Scar-L muzzle
          -comes with the Scar-L auotmatic rifle
         -D56 silencer
          -rescue a chapter 4 civilian
         -HM shotgun muzzle
          -comes with the HM shotgun
         -M107 muzzle
          -comes with M107 .50 cal sniper rifle
         -Kitchen knife
          -Homebrew part, chapter 5, at the bomb section of the mall to the right
           when you first enter the room past the bombs where you see 2 rooms going
           forward, its behind a counter in the left room
          -you start the game with this style
         -Urban Combat
          -available from chapter 1
          -available from chapter 1
          -available from chapter 1
          -available from chapter 1
          -available from chapter 1
          -This is the only attachment you have to buy for every gun
          -available from chapter 1
         -Tactical Forest
          -available chapter 2
         -Tactical Amazon
          -available chapter 2
         -Tactical Mountain
          -available chapter 2
          -available chapter 2
         -Zebra Large
          -available chapter 2
          -available chapter 3
          -available chapter 3
         -Tactical Urban
          -available chapter 3
         -Tactical Desert
          -available chapter 3
         -Tactical Sahara
          -available chapter 3
         -Leopard Beige
          -available chapter 4
         -Spec-Ops Desert
          -available chapter 4
         -Spec-Ops Forest
          -available chapter 4
         -Spec-Ops Urban
          -available chapter 4
          -available chapter 5
          -available chapter 5
          -available chapter 5
          -available chapter 6
          -available chapter 6
         -Desert Jigsaw
          -available after beating the campaign
          -available after beating the campaign
          -available after beating the campaign
          -available after beating the campaign
          -available after beating the campaign
          -available after beating the campaign
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                                   ***          ***
    This Faq is by me, alias Tanju, and my brother, alias Jasem.
    I do not own Army of Two: The 40th Day or its registered trademarks, they
    belong to their respective owners and entities.
    Special thanks to Jasem, for helping me go through the game a few times and 
    especially for hunting for most of the Homebrew parts that were included in 
    this FAQ.
    Also thanks to GameFaqs user Havoc1353 for the alterior strategy on getting the
    PCG Delta 6x Scope, as well as Fuelstaind and Jimlomax helping me uncover the
    last of the homebrew parts and especially to Jimlomax for showing me the very
    useful YouTube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPq-6DBUK7c which gives a
    very helpful visual representation of where the weapon parts are.
    A FAQ's section will be added provided I get e-mailed a lot of common
    questions, if you have anything I need to answer simply shoot me an e-mail at:

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