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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ExtremePhobia

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    Walkthrough (Continued)

    A Dame, A Dork, and A Drunk

    When you gain control of Max, you'll be through head first into a gun fight. I highly recommend you go into Bullet Time as soon as you come through the door. There will be three men staring you in the face and you may be able to get at least one. After you get that first one, Shoot Dodge forward and right to try and get the other two. This should put you comfortably behind cover. This cover is fantastic because everything in this office is low so you can shoot over it and see better but you're still protected. From here you can basically clear the entire room from safety. Most of the remaining enemies (about five or so) will be on the right side or straight up the middle of the room.

    After the coast is clear, pick up weapons because they've got a lot of good stuff if you want it and then inspect the office just by the door you first came through. This is Victor's office and on the desk is a File on Fabiana and Rodrigo's Email in the laptop here. Take that and then go back into the main room. Cross the room and in the first glass office (the biggest of them) will be part of the Golden MD-97L. Two offices down will be some Painkillers. Take it all and then catch up with the kid.

    You'll enter the next room and immediately get shot at. Four enemies will come through the door on the far end. If you have some Bullet Time, you might be able to take out a couple and then Shoot Dodge behind the table in front of you. If not, I would Shoot Dodge to the cover that the IT guy is behind. You still should be able to get one or two people (more if you're good). If you managed to take any out during the opening volley, it shouldn't be too hard as long as you watch your flanks. These guys wear good armor and aren't afraid to be aggressive. Your cover is also very narrow allowing them to get around it quickly.

    Examine Model

    Before you leave, one of the models in the room can be examined as a clue and they can all be destroyed for an achievement. Make sure you examine it first, then clear every model by shooting it including the couple on the long conference table. If the enemies shot one up first then you can't get credit for it however they should only ever do this by accident or if you use one for cover. After you've destroyed all of them, the achievement should unlock.

    • Achievement: Amidst the Wreckage

    When you move ahead, you'll come to a very large open room with a window along the left side and lots of desks. Max will automatically take cover behind some cabinets. There's also a sort of indented closet along the right wall but there is nowhere inside that you can go for cover so don't go in there or you'll die.

    Pop up in Bullet Time and take out the two people directly in front of you and check for a man to your left. Move up the right side now and Shoot Dodge behind the next desk and take out any more enemies you can see. There should only be a few more at this point and mostly up this right side. Once they are dead, a cutscene will happen and a group of enemies will come through the windows. Thankfully, you'll be placed on the other side of the room. They will have some good cover though but if you want to overcome that, the best bet is to slowly work your way around the outside to the right. There's about a dozen in total and they are going to be all over this room. Just make liberal use of Shoot Dodge to move from cover to cover since the cover is of convenient placement and height.

    It's not an easy fight but once you've cleaned the room out, move ahead towards the stairs. After a cutscene, you'll be outside. Turn around and you should see part of the MD-97L on the left under the balcony. Continue on the way you were going and follow the wall. Along the wall to the right will be a bathroom with Painkillers inside and further along the wall will be a clue. It will be Three Pictures of the Brancos'. At the end of the walkway, go through the large double doors on the right.

    The Brancos

    After the secretary, you'll have a jeep come flying through the front door at you. The only way to survive is to kill the driver though you should also try and kill the gunmen after if you can. Your first priority is the driver though. Immediately after, Max will jump over the desk and a group of six or so enemies will come through the front door. Be ready for them and see if you can't get a few of them now. They'll spread out by the door but shouldn't be a huge problem.

    After you've gotten rid of them, a group of three more men will come through the front door, one of which is heavily armored with a helmet and a large machine gun. You need to put quite a few rounds into his head to dislodge his helmet, then hit him in the head one more time to kill him. Once he's dead, the other two will be a cake walk. Before going back upstairs, check the models along the wall near the reception desk. One of them will have the last part of the MD-97L.

    You'll head upstairs to investigate and after a few minutes, you'll be outside in a pool. Climb up out of the pool into the office directly ahead of you. Climb the stairs to the top and go through the shutter at the top. A man will approach you. Take his gun and kill him. As you pass over the IT kid, examine his body for a clue. NOTE: No picture for this one, too easy and I can only use 100 pictures for the guide.

    As you get past the kid, and round the corner you will be attacked by a man or two. They may come up the middle or up the left side. Kill him/them and go up the middle. The ground will break up but you'll get past it. In the next room will be three guys and a filing cabinet. Kill them (should be an easy Bullet Time/Shoot Dodge) and then push the cabinet over so you can use it as a bridge. Continue along and cross over the wooden beams to get to the other side. Keep walking and you'll finish the chapter.

    A Hangover Sent Direct From Mother Nature

    Basically, you'll have control of Max for the next 10 minutes or so but you won't do anything more than walk. Eventually, you'll be coming up on a bar and Max will say something about the irony of it. At this point, look left to find Anders the ex-cop in an open window. Make your way up the hill and at the top, enter the bar. After a little while, you'll get a gun from Da Silva. Not long after that, the shooting starts.

    You'll be attacked by a group of three men at first. After you kick the table at them, go kill the three of them quickly. Just behind them down the stairs to the right will be a fourth enemy and shortly after that, the bartender will take out a shotgun and shoot at you. Kill him quickly and you should be much safer. At this point, go down the stairs and watch for the couple of guys up by the pool table. After you kill them, go right and take cover behind the bar by the pool table as three more enemies come out of the hall near the pool table. From this angle, they should be easy pickings. Kill all three.

    Head back to the table that you were originally sitting at and you should find a picture of Serrano nearby. Head towards the back of the strip club and in the bathroom by the pool table will be part of the Golden Sawn Off. Grab that and fight your way through the back hallways. As you take your first right, one enemy will come around the corner. Behind him is a room with Pain Killers. Kill him and then kill the enemy that is around the corner to the first left. You'll find one more enemy in each bedroom. Once it's safe, check under the bed in the last bedroom on the right just before leaving to find the Business Man. Exit through the back door.

    You'll regain control of Max after he drops down into a lower area. As you walk up the alley way. You'll see a couple of men running around and you can kill them if you like. If you linger too long, they'll shoot at you. Make your way until you come to an open area with a large set of steps leading up ahead of you. Kill the men as you climb the stairs and round the corner. Follow this ledge and it will curve left. Follow the curve to find cover and clear the area. Once it's safe, drop down.

    After you've dropped down, climb up the far side and you'll be attacked by three men. The first one will be on the balcony of the building on your right and the next two will come running around the corner just beyond that building. Kill them with a Bullet Time/Shoot Dodge and then take cover behind the partial piece of wall along the left side of the alley.

    You'll have a few more enemies in this alley but they will mostly be on the upper levels. Clear them out before making your way up the alley. Once you get about halfway up the alley, one man will come flying through a door beneath an overhang on the right and another will come from the alley at the back left. Shoot Dodge to take them out and then take that alley to the left. You'll come to a padlocked door and on the left will be graffiti. Inspect the graffiti for a clue and then shoot the lock off the door. Go inside.

    When you regain control of Max, you'll be riding a chain to the top of the warehouse. There is an achievement for killing 9 enemies during this sequence. To do this, there are four enemies on the bottom floor that you must take out very quickly (just go for chest shots since you have the auto-pistol), then you will find two more on a middle level to the right. They should be easy enough. Once they are dead, look far to the left to find the stairs in the distance. Hopefully you've been fast enough that you can't see the top level yet but you can see the man on the stairs. Kill the one man on the stairs and then work your way to the right. There will be another enemy just about to take cover behind the railing just before the corner that you need to kill before he gets there and the last enemy is at that corner in the open. Take him out to get all nine. It might take a couple of tries to get it just right so don't be shy about abusing that checkpoint.

    • Achievement: So Much For Being Subtle

    Once you land, make your way along this platform and down the stairs at the far side. Hopefully, you've killed these three people already but if not, they shouldn't pose much of a challenge if you use Shoot Dodge. Go down the stairs and into the building on the middle level. Check the far side of this level because it's likely that a couple of enemies appeared even if the other two on this level were killed during your chain ride. Inside this building is a Rifle with a Red Dot Scope. Grab that and use it to clear as many enemies off the far side as you can. There will be two enemies in the middle, two enemies on the left side, and two to three enemies on the right side by the stairs leading up. After you've cleaned it out a little, check the next area before going down the stairs to find part of the Golden Sawn-off tucked away. Go down the stairs to the lower level.

    On the bottom floor, more enemies will appear. Take cover behind the giant water heater to your left. There will be one enemy in the middle of the first floor and a couple more that will come down the stairs at the back. Kill them and then climb the stairs. You'll find two more enemies towards the top of those stairs. Kill them and then kill the next two in the room at the top. Make your way through the room and in the next room will be one more. Just by the door to the hallway will be part of the Golden SPAS-15. Go into the hallway and turn left. There will be one more enemy coming out of the room on the right side. Kill him and enter the room. On the desk will be pain killers. Come out of the room and turn right to kill the man at the end of the hallway. You've hit a checkpoint!

    Go up the stairs at the back and you'll end up outside again. Go through the giant metal double doors to enter an area with tougher enemies. Just under the man you noticed on patrol will be more Graffiti to examine. Not far from here as you make to leave this area, you will find a stack of wood to the right with part of the Golden SPAS-15 behind it. Make your way through the alleys and when a man with a flare announces your presence, drop down and check near the dead end for the final part of the Golden SPAS-15. Also nearby will be a mural of Claudio the soccer player. Eventually, you will climb some stairs to a destroyed building. You'll be shot at from a similar room across a gap bridged with a wooden walkway.

    There will be two enemies initially and when you kill them, two more will enter that room from the left. Kill them all and cross. When you get to the far side, watch for a man with a shotgun hidden around the corner to the left. Hop down the other side and if you follow the right wall, you will find a flyer of Giovanna tucked in a corner. Go through the single nearby door and there will be one man hiding behind an overturned wooden table.

    Kill him and take cover behind the white counter to the right. There will be some pain killers on this table while also providing good cover. Two more men will attack from the doorway just to the left of the wooden table. Take them out from here and then go through their room. Going out the other side, a man will exit a door across an alley opposite you. Kill him and then take the alleyway to your right. You'll notice a wooden door on the left wall as you go down the alley. A man with a shotgun will pop out of this when you get close so be ready to Shoot Dodge. Get to the end of the alley and go into the building there.

    Immediately turn right as you enter and take cover behind the nearby wall. Take a moment and look up to notice there is an upper level with a couple of gunmen. Kill them and then exit this building through the back. You'll come outside and see a set of stairs with a man on it. Kill him and approach the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs is a small niche to your right that you can't see. There is an enemy there so be sure to take him out as you get to the stairs. Go up the stairs and there will be three men in the room. Use the door frame for cover or (if you feel confident) Shoot Dodge into the room but know that pretty much anywhere you land is going to put you in the middle of a triangle of men with automatic weapons. Cut through the building and exit the back.

    When you get outside, turn right and go through the door at the end of the alley. There will be a cutscene where a man comes out of a building and finds you but you'll already be in cover. There will be about six to eight men scattered around there room. Just start with the enemies in the middle and then the right. Work your way left, cleaning them out. You've got a great position even if your view is rather narrow. When you enter the room, just be cautious of enemies behind all the low cover around here. There may be a few men waiting to ambush you. After they are dead, check on the right side of the room on a kitchen counter for a Bag of Oxidado. Try to exit the back of the building and Max will bust it open. And then bust some more things.

    Once you control Max again, make your way up the alley again. Keep your eyes open for a Comando Sombra gang tag. You'll find a gated fence at the end on the right. You'll enter and take cover behind a small box. Don't stay here too long because they are going to throw quite a few cocktails and if you get hit by one, you are toast. A cocktail will go over you once, then a second will likely land just to your left. After this, you HAVE to move or the next one will hit you. In the meantime, pop out of cover and try to work your way from right to left, killing enemies. There should be about six enemies visible. After that second cocktail though, immediately start moving to your right and toward the stairs. Just to the left of the stairs will be the last part of the Golden Sawn-off. Grab it and head up the stairs.

    When you hit the stairs, there will be one man at the top and then two more in a building in the distance behind him. Kill him and immediately focus on those two. One will be on the middle floor with the other being on the top. Kill them both quickly and move around the right corner. As you round this corner, a man will come charging down the stairs with another not far behind him. Once you hit the top of the stairs, look up to find two more enemies on the rooftops ahead of you. Take cover by the railing to your left once they are dead because you will be shot by enemies across the alley.

    Slide along this cover to the right and when you reach the end, someone will shoot a rocket at you. Shoot it quickly to kill him and then jump down into the alley. Run up to where the man with the rocket was. Follow the path as it wraps around the building on the left and go through the front gate to end the chapter.

    Ain't No Reprievement Gonna Be Found

    Things go sour pretty quickly here. Take cover behind a headstone and start shooting at the three guys that come at you. Make your way a little further along and three more enemies will come at you. Make your way down the hill and the path will turn left. Try and find a thicker headstone that will protect you from that angle and kill the couple guys coming at you. Move ahead and a cutscene will trigger. Shortly after it starts, you'll have to shoot the driver of a van.

    You'll move further into the cemetery. There will be a couple of guys on the bottom floor by the base of the stairs. There will be a couple more at the top of the stairs and one in between the stairs with a grenade launcher. Off to the right side of the cemetery, just to the right of the stairs will be a part of the Golden Auto 9mm. Kill the guys at the bottom and make your way up to the top of the stairs but try and hit the man with the grenade launcher first if you can. When you kill the enemies at the top, more enemies will come from behind the memorial wall to attack you. Try using a Shoot Dodge, and then staying prone and activating Bullet Time if you can to take out the last few.

    Go past the memorial wall and you'll come to another section of cemetery. Almost as soon as you do, you'll be shot at. Try and work your way up the right side of the area, taking out enemies as you go. As you make your way along this outside area, there will be tombstone that you can examine. Check that out and make your way through the gate at the back end of the area.

    In the next area, Passos will create a distraction. While he's doing that, run straight ahead through the brush and you can probably get a really good Shoot Dodge off of the hill and into the group of enemies. There's probably about six to eight in total. They are clumped together so you may be able to take out a good portion of them in a single leap. Try and take cover on the left side of the central statue as more enemies may approach from the direction that Passos went. Once you've cleared the initial group, check behind the central statue for part of the Golden 608 Bull and then make your way towards Passos.

    A man will come out of the building ahead of you and try to lure you towards a trap. Just take cover inside the structure and take out the three men who are now standing in the open, waiting for you. Come out of the structure and take out the man on the right side of the lower level (check inside the building behind him for part of the Golden Auto 9mm) and the one in the same spot on the left. Climb to the middle structure and there may be one or two more enemies up here around corners so be on guard. Cross the area and go through the large gate at the back.

    You'll have to rescue Passos here. When you have control, you can run forward and kill the guy. You can Shoot Dodge over the railing if you want but I recommend you don't. Kill him and immediately make your way to the left and try to find some cover. There's a large group of enemies along this path, probably about ten in total. The nice thing about this is that the lower level will provide a small amount of cover from across the area while you're moving. The best cover is going to be provided by the large rows of potted grass. Keep working your way around the ring until everyone is dead. Make sure you check the central area near where Passos was kneeling to find part of the Golden 608 Bull. Check the lower mausoleums to find Nicole's Mausoleum. Find Passos and go through the nearby gate.

    Max and Passos will take cover behind a brick wall with a Sniper shooting at him. Wait for Passos to start shooting and then make a mad dash for the ivy covered wall directly ahead of you. At this point, enemies will come down the stairs for you. Use some bullet time to come out of cover and kill the first three coming down the stairs and move to the left to take cover on the other side of the path. When those three hit the ground, three more will come out and down the stairs. Take them out quickly if you can and make your way further left around the mausoleum. At the far left side, you'll be able to see into the sniper's nest and kill him.

    When you regain control (sort of), Max will stop what he's doing for a moment. When he does, hit the shoot button to start the fight. Make your way for the nearby stairs leading down but Shoot Dodge across them instead of going down to kill the man with the shotgun there. Make your way further along this upper area and kill the five or so enemies below you. Check around this upper area for a tombstone that stands out. Inspect Vinnie's Tombstone. Once they are down, make your way down there and go into the workshop. You'll find the last part of the Golden Auto 9mm on the floor in the marble shed. One last enemy will come from the entrance to the Morgue. Kill him and go into the morgue.

    From here, turn left and go through the double doors. In the next big room will be at least four guys. A Shoot Dodge into the room will help you clear it and probably put you in relatively good position for cover. Clear the remaining enemies and go through the double doors at the back. Turn left and go up the hallway. You'll go up some stairs and into a chapel.

    You'll have to defend your position at the front. Enemies will come up the aisles, left, right, and center. If you are aggressive enough, it is possible to hold them in the room beyond and get some kills in there. Once the lower level is clear, Passos will mention the man upstairs and how you can't hit him from here. You'll have to make a mad dash up the aisles and under him because he'll duck every time you aim at him. Before you do that though, check just under the lectern to find the last part of the Golden .608 Bull. Now go up and through the curtains and up the stairs.

    Kill the guy and take his rifle. Then use the rifle to protect Passos on the level below. These guys will pay no attention to you at first and the rifle is very powerful so just start taking people out. You'll get probably six to eight enemies running up the aisles. Make sure after you kill a few that you watch the left and right wings just beneath you for a couple more. After this, the chapter will end.

    Here I Was Again, Halfway Down the World

    After the pistol whipping, you'll find that the UFE are moving through the area. Go back down the stairs and follow the alley way. In the first building you enter will be some pain killers on a bench to the right. As you go to exit, there will be a dead body on the floor and a blood stain on the floor, grab his pistol and check the body for a clue. Go out onto the balcony and make your way down the stairs. You don't have to shoot, just run.

    Max will evade the police and you'll find yourself in an alley. Make your way up the alley and out onto a platform. Follow it around until you get another cutscene where you see Giovanna and Mecelo. Continue down these stairs and the next. You'll enter a tunnel and come out to a larger area. You'll hear about the rent-a-thugs. At this point, you'll see a man come up the stairs to your left and get gunned down.

    Look in that direction and kill the UFE that killed him. Go over to your recent kill and pick up the rifle that he dropped. Immediately take cover because there's another cop at the bottom of these stairs. Kill him (he has an auto-pistol) to the left and then try and clean up any enemies down below. There will be one on the middle level of the building across the alley. Check under that UFE to find part of the Golden DE .50.

    Go down below and take the small alley to the right. Two cops will come up the alley and provide some more ammo. Continue down the alley until you see a man get gunned down. Turn around the corner to the left to kill the people who killed him. There will be two more cops coming up either side of this alley. A Shoot Dodge may help a lot here. Kill them and then inspect the body up at the archway just to the right for a clue.

    Dead UFE 55o

    Go through the archway and up the alley. Make your way through a building with some innocent people. When you come to the woman who runs into her bedroom, check her bathroom floor for a part of the Golden M972. Coming out the other side, you'll see a chopper. Go forward and down the stairs to safety. Inside the next room will be a large window and a group of four UFE across the street. Kill them and vault out the window. Make your way along the ledge and you'll be chased by the chopper. After a moment, you'll do another roof slide and have to take down the chopper. The first part will just be a shootout where you take out the people in the middle of the chopper. After a moment, a man with a rocket will appear. Shoot the rocket to take out the chopper.

    When you have control of Max again, make your way down the alley to a point where the UFE are about to execute a man. Kill the three enemies, Examine the dead resident and move further down the alley. Check as you come to the stairs for part of the Golden M972. After you observe the UFE some more, check the brush here to find part of the Golden DE .50. Not far from there, you'll find a nook with the last part of the Golden M972 in it. Head up the long staircase nearby. You'll come to a fence and have to siddle along above the streets. When you get to the other side, you'll find some UFE occupying a bridge ahead.

    Kill the two on the bridge and then focus on the two on the balcony across the street. One more enemy will come out of a room on the left and after he's done, the final enemy will come out of a door on the balcony to the right. Cross the bridge and make your way to the left. Drop off the roof and go down the stairs. Do a Shoot Dodge for a nice amount of Bullet Time. You'll get three UFE on the stairs and one on a balcony ahead. Before leaving, check inside the barred porch area to find the last part of the Golden DE .50. Go further down and at the dead end, go through the door on the right.

    At this point, you won't regain control of Max until you get in a fight with a man with a big blade. I'm unsure if they always go in the same sequence and if it's the same across systems but the order was: Aim, shoot, pick up, and sprint. Doing this will successfully end the chapter.

    It's Drive or Shoot, Sister

    You can't hide from them forever so pick your moment and shoot the enemies here. There will be four of them to start with. After you kill the men in the lower area, be sure to watch the bus to the left as it's a popular flanking position. When the two snipers appear, run into the open and hit Bullet Time to try and take them out since they have a large positional advantage. Once you are safe, look for a broken bus with a missing top. Inside, you'll find part of the Golden FN FAL. Looking at the snipers' building, there's a large blue bus to your left. Go around it to get to the gate to the next area.

    In the fuel depot, watch out for the sniper above the spot where the previous two were. Make your way forward along the left side to the barriers for cover. You can try and shoot your way out through the dozen or so scattered enemies or you can simply shoot the fuel tanks to kill almost all if not every enemy in the area. Once they are gone, more enemies will appear. Use Bullet Time to try and take them out as they appear and watch out for flying grenades. There will be an office by the front gate and if you check inside, you'll find the Office Newspaper inside. As soon as the coast is clear, head back to where Giovanna was to get to the next area.

    You'll enter a bus depot and a few enemies will move into the lower area. Max will grab onto a chain and ride it down to the lower level. If you manage to kill all the enemies before you hit the ground (in Free Aim), you'll get an achievement. Just work your way from right to left on the first group of three and as this is happening, you'll get two more enemies that will come in from the right side of the large door. Kill them quickly and then start picking off the last few enemies from the left as they come in. The goal is to kill all the other groups so you can hit the last group when they bunch up as they are coming in. You should have an automatic for this so aim for the chest and shoot. If the gun doesn't kick up to hit their head, a few rounds to the chest will kill them anyway.

    • Achievement: The Only Choice Given

    Once you've landed and the enemies are dead, check the paint storage room to find part of the Golden M4 Super 90. Hit the large button directly in front of you and then explore the area. Going through the large door that opens will bring you to a maintenance area with quite a few enemies. Pop out of cover and activate Bullet Time (if you have it). Hit one of the glowing control buttons on either side of the lifted bus to drop it down on enemies, then work on the enemies that are likely working up your flank on the left.

    If it seems safe to do so try and make your way over to the rack of tires. It will provide good cover but give you a better vantage. From here, check for an enemy around the corner to the left of the bus and a couple more coming in through a door on the right.

    A couple of guys will appear on a catwalk above. Shoot them off and then more enemies will appear on the lower level. Hit Bullet Time if you have it and try and find a good direction to Shoot Dodge. Kill any enemies that you can in Shoot Dodge and take cover. There should only be about four enemies total. Once you've killed them, Giovanna will lower the stairs and you can get up to her. Before you go up, check the small office under the stairs to find another part of the Golden M4 Super 90.

    The next room seems to be a painting area. You'll be on a raised catwalk with a bunch of enemies below. Make your way down the stairs and kill the lone enemy at the back of the bus. At the bottom of the stairs, immediately turn left to find two more enemies entering this around by the front of the bus. Kill the two of them and go around the front of the bus. Shoot into the bus because there will be an enemy in there. There will be one enemy just to the left of the bus. There will be one last enemy by the back left of the bus. Make sure you go into the bus and check the back before killing the last enemy to find part of the Golden FN FAL. Take him out and you'll make your way and enter into an office building.

    There's a big shoot out at the top of the stairs. Make a Shoot Dodge over the desk directly in front of you. Kill the two enemies in front and slightly left by the windows. If you kill them quickly, try and take out the enemy to your left before you land. Take cover behind this desk and watch for two more enemies who will rush around the corner and head for the desks to your left. They will make for easy targets. There will be a couple more enemies in the back corner office and by the large window near it. Make your way towards those offices and kill any stragglers coming up the stairs to the left. When you are clear, check the office on the far side from the stairs for the last part of the Golden M4 Super 90. Whatever you do, don't go through the giant window, make sure you go down the stairs.

    At the bottom of the stairs will be two enemies, one of which will be in the nearby office. In the hallway, check for a Campaign Poster. Go into the office and around the desk. At the floor by the chair will be the last part of the Golden FAL. In this room will be a button by a window that will open the double doors. A man will appear and you'll come running around the corner to kill him.

    You'll end up outside and hop on a bus. There is an achievement for killing every enemy on this trip which is not an easy task but it doesn't require Free Aim so change that if you think it'll make it easier. Enemy 1 will pop out from behind two blue vending machines. Kill him for some Bullet Time. Enemies 2-4 will be at the end of this platform. Use Bullet Time and be fast here because the first one can slip by quickly while the second one can be obscured by some pay phones.

    When you come around the corner, you'll see a bunch of enemies, roughly enemies 5-14. Immediately blow up the gas tanks and then turn right to shoot a couple of survivors by the stationary bus. Once they are dead, turn left of the gas tanks and you'll likely see a couple of survivors here too. This section shouldn't really cost you any Bullet Time so save it.

    You'll come around another corner with enemies 15-18 next to a red bus. These can also be taken out without Bullet Time if you're accurate. If you need to use some, that's ok. You'll enter a tunnel at this time.

    When you regain control in the tunnel, you'll see enemies 19-21 coming down some stairs on the right side. Use Bullet Time to kill them and then when you turn the left corner, you'll automatically enter Bullet Time again. There will be enemies 22-24 here and one of them has a rocket launcher. Do NOT shoot him yet. Make sure you shoot the enemies on either side of him first because once you kill him, you likely won't have time to kill the others. If you kill those two first, you'll stay in Bullet Time while you kill all three of them.

    You'll come to another bus platform. On the left side of the road will be enemy 25 so make sure you get him. Kill enemy 26 right at the start of the platform and then 27-29 will be just ahead on some stairs. Try to take out the lead guy quickly and then enter Bullet Time to get the next two. Enemies 30-32 will be under the stairs a little spread out. A little past them will be enemies 33-35. Killing them should trigger the achievement. Note that since there are over 30 enemies on this course, it is possible to get the Colder Than the Devil's Heart achievement as well though I believe it requires you to shoot every enemy by the fuel tank and use the Bullet Time sparingly to do so.

    • Achievement Trouble Had Come to Me

    This last part is actually pretty simple and a good opportunity for a couple of achievements. You'll be in the bus and unable to move. There will be lots of people shooting at you and a you'll have a decent amount of Pain Killes. The first achievement is simply shooting 10 grenades and since this checkpoint starts with Bullet Time and a grenade throw, you can just reload it until you get it (though it's really not necessary to grind this). The second achievement is for getting 10 kills in a single Bullet Time.

    To do this, shoot the first grenade and just sit behind cover letting your Bullet Time charge up. When the second grenade comes, shoot it out of the air, kill the person throwing it, and then go into Bullet Time. Start working left to right, killing whatever you can find. Stay up and shooting constantly. Even though you will take damage, just pop pills as you are shooting so you can stay up longer. I highly recommend that you DO NOT shoot the vehicles here. With all the vehicles around, when they start exploding, the smoke gets too thick for you to actually shoot anything. It may take a few tries to do it but you're pretty safe here and can just return to your checkpoint if your Bullet Time runs out. Just don't let it make it to the cutscene.

    I'm not sure what triggers the cutscene but just keep shooting enemies until it does. You have to reload but you otherwise have infinite ammo. Keep killing until the chapter ends.

    • Achievement: Part II Complete
    • Achievement: You Might Hurt Someone With That
    • Achievement: It's Fear That Gives Men Wings

    Sun Tan Oil, Stale Margaritas and Greed

    When you wake up from your sleep, a couple of armed men will be making their way down the hall. You'll have an automatic which will make quick work of them. Head down the hall and grab their weapons as you go. Fire into the kitchen and try to catch one of the enemies in there. You can take cover at the salad station in the middle. They may not come into the room for you so you'll have to make your way up to the divider. Most of them will be on the other side of that divider and so you just need to blind fire over them to kill them. Watch either door for some people coming around to flank you. A few more enemies will come out once the area is clear so kill them.

    Before leaving the kitchen, head back and check the cabin across the hall from Max's to find Notes on Max and go into the next cabin from Max's (on the right) to find Passos' Bed. Make sure you check the back right side of the kitchen for part of the Golden Super Sport.

    You'll enter some sort of engine room. Make your way across the catwalks to a door to another engine room. There will be multiple enemies right up the middle of this room and if you have the Bullet Time to do it, you can easily take them out and make your way up to the room. The engines will explode at this point. There are two shut off valves, each connected to the end of one of the engines. Shut off both and then make your way through the now open door.

    Blood on deck

    When you get to the door, Dodgeshoot through it and kill the two enemies on either side. Go out of the boat and onto the deck. Just as you get out there, you will find some blood on the deck. Examine it for a clue. Go up the stairs. You'll come to a glassed off section of the boat. If you stay outside that and go to the right, you'll find part of the Golden Super Sport. Grab that and then head inside. At the back of the room is a med station with pain killers. Go through the wooden door to the left of the exercise equipment.

    Super Sport part 1/3

    Further inside, you'll find some guys pulling out a section of wall. You'll have to kill these three so pop out and use Bullet Time as appropriate. Just watch for a fourth man to come out from the left side. Before leaving, check the table for a Discarded Newspaper and then examine the Pried Wall. Go through the door into the next room and out into the hall. Check out the next room on the right which is an office. On the desk will be a passport for a clue. Move into the adjoined bedroom and you'll find some pain killers in the bathroom.


    Go into the next room to find the master bedroom. Shoot Dodge into the room to kill a couple of guys, then do another Shoot Dodge into the bathroom to kill the last guy. By the door to the bathroom, inspect the jewelry box for a clue. Head back into the hall and go through the port door at the end.

    Jewelry Box

    Take the stairs out to the upper deck. When you do, a couple of guys will vault over railings to come at you. This actually just makes them easy targets. When you kill them, just make sure you watch for a third guy coming from the right. Go up the stairs and make your way onto the deck proper. There will be eight to ten enemies up here so once you hit the top of the steps, do a Shoot Dodge left and forward to the massive central structure. Take out any enemies you pass so that you have none behind you and then focus on taking out the enemies ahead. They can be tough to see but be careful of enemies in the cab of the boat. Go inside and kill any remaining enemies. At the back of this room on a coffee table to the left will be some pain killers. Go through the nearby door.

    When you walk up the side of the bridge, you'll be shot at by two guys. Take them out as you go and get back inside. Head out the front and take cover behind the table and chairs to the left. From here, try to kill the group of guys on the side of the canal. Don't go up the stairs until you're sure you got most of them.

    Once they are all dead, go up the stairs and at the top, you'll get into a nasty gun fight. Run and shoot up the right side, then do a Shoot Dodge into cover behind the mini-bar on the right. From here, clear out any remaining enemies. When you are all clear, climb over the counter and make your way into the boat. There will be a broken door that keeps opening and closing. Just wait for the door to open and hit Bullet Time so you can kill the two enemies on the other side before it closes.

    Go through the door and the double doors ahead will open revealing an enemy. Kill him and then kill the few enemies on the bridge. Before you go up to the bridge, check just to the left of the two padded doors leading to the bridge for a picture. Shoot the picture off the wall and then shoot the safe to find part of the Golden AK-47.

    When you regain control, you'll attack a tower with enemies on it. Most of the enemies will be on the top of the tower but a few will come out of the large door in the middle too. Just to the left of where you start will be a truck loaded with ammo and pain killers. Hop over, grab it, and get back. Start using the rifle that you just got to clear out the upper level. DO NOT pass Passos or he will get killed. Wait for Passos to move up and follow him. Do this a few times until you get inside the building. Cross through the tower and on the other side, you will find part of the Golden AK-47 on the floor.

    Inside the building, you'll have to climb some stairs and at the top you'll find a long room. There will be two guys at the top of the stairs. Shoot the first one directly in front of you and Shoot Dodge over the railing to the right to kill the second one. Exit the room through the door at the back and you'll grab on to a man as he ziplines across.

    You can get achievement here for killing all the enemies by the time you land. Most of the enemies will be lined up along the wall but there will be one more hidden enemy that you can't see right away. Just behind this line will be a set of stairs leading down in each direction. He's on the right set of stairs behind a barrier and can only be hit when you get close so kill everyone quickly and then patiently wait until you have an angle to kill him.

    • Achievement: Along for the Ride

    Once you land, go inside the building and kill the couple of enemies there. There will be one behind the reception counter and one directly to the right behind an open door. Kill them both. Head back outside and take a left. Follow the wall to find the last part of the Golden Super Sport (this would be the right side as you originally approached the building). Go back inside to the reception desk. On the desk is a switch which will open the gates. Hit it and go through.

    As you go down the hall, an enemy will come around the corner to the left. At the top of the stairs will be an enemy running away and then a few more at the end that you can shoot. Enter the exhibit and kill an enemy there. Quickly turn left and find the other doorway because another enemy will come from there. Going down this hall, you'll find two more enemies at the end. When you go up the stairs, an enemy will ambush you from around the corner. Make sure you check the exterior walkway outside the exhibit on the second floor for the last part of the Golden AK-47.

    At the top of these stairs will be two more enemies around the exhibit in the distance. As you cross the bridge, however, you will be attacked by three enemies across a gap on another bridge. Kill them and then walk through the exhibit to get to that bridge. Cross that bridge and you'll find two more enemies waiting for you. Continue along this path and you'll come to a room with blood in it. Don't enter the room yet. Turn around and head back to the previous Exhibit. Check the displays for the Visitor Center Display Now go back to the room with the blood in it. Walk forward to end the chapter.