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"Max Payne - A name that demands respect!"

Max Payne is a troubled guy. After getting his family killed in the first Max Payne game he fell in love with a woman in Max Payne 2: The fall Of Max Payne, who also got killed of. Now we are left with a bitter, cynical antihero who hates the world and not least himself.

In Max Payne 3, Max is a living wreck, living on pills and alcohol. It is a troubled life for our hero, but don't be fooled. Max Payne is as great as ever.

Since Remedy was busy with Alan Wake, Rockstar took over the development process of Max Payne 3 and it shows. This game however has nothing to do with the open world themes of such games as GTA IV and Red Dead Redemption. This is a much more linear tale and plays out in chapters.

Max hates the world and all its corruption and he goes on a killing spree from the very beginning. I won't reveal any of the plot, since its very straight forward an easy to understand, but trust me when I say, that you will get under the skin of Max Payne as never before. Throughout the plot, he will uncover a conspiracy that is very dark, not to mention very relevant to the society we live in today. Along the way, a lot of people will die.

The graphic in the game is the best in the business - end of discussion. The textures on the character are just mind-blowing and the environment react when you interact with it. The Gun fight are some of the most aesthetic beautiful scenes ever in a video game and you never grow tired of these. The boat sequence in chapter 5 will make your jaw drop and that is just the beginning. The game is full of wow moments, and just when you think the set pieces cannot get any bigger, the game overwhelms you with another scene of sheer awesomeness. My only complaint about the graphics, is that the facial animations on the characters could be a lot better.

The music is also great, with varied tunes and hints of punk, new age and techno. Its definitely different than the scores from the first two games, but some old themes returns in great shape also.

Lets talk about the gameplay. The action in Max Payne 3 is awesome. Bullet time has returned and is as great as ever. It lends the game a very movie like feel and the game just continues to throw a great number of enemies at you. You can throw yourself back and forth when going into bullet time, like in the old games, but also switch it on, whenever you feel like. There are a lot of different weapons scattered around the game and by the end Max has been reduced to a regular killing machine, who would make Arnold and Stallone shiver with fear. Its like a 10 hour flick, instructed by Tarantino and mostly resembles a lengthy version of the famous lobby scene from "The Matrix". ¨

Max Payne is back and this time he's mad.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/18/12

Game Release: Max Payne 3 (EU, 05/18/12)

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