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"Max Payne 3 forgot it's a video game."

Preface: This review is an extreme outliers from other reviews for Max Payne 3 on this site and on Metacritic. This review is not intended to troll or flame; it is an honest assessment.

My biggest problem with the game has to do with the story. A work needs to fit its medium, and this game forgot that it's a game. The bottom line is that there is more story than game in this "game", and the story that's there is typical hammy video game story. The player is inundated with cut scenes and I found myself banging on the controller for minutes at a time trying desperately to get back to something that resembles a video game. It's almost like Rockstar wanted to make a movie but realized they are in the video game business, so they threw in some shooting set pieces. Even if this had been a movie, it wouldn't have been a very good one. Maybe this game has a decent story for video games, but it's not very good compared to TV, movies or books.

The other problem is that the rare gameplay that does exist is not impressive. It's a standard shooter and is essentially the same gameplay as was found in MP1 and 2. The gameplay isn't bad, but bullet time isn't new or fresh anymore and that's the only thing that MP ever had going for it in terms of originality. You hide behind cover, roll around, switch weapons and shoot bad guys. There's also the bullet time feature that was in the previous two games and God knows how many games since Max Payne 1. There is absolutely no gameplay innovation in Max Payne 3.

This game is getting high scores because it has high production values, resembles a summer action movie, has some very good gore visuals and the Rockstar pedigree. The gameplay is as average and mediocre as a third person shooter can possibly be. The story takes itself too seriously and becomes laughable as a result. We live in an era when you can guess game scores in advance with about 95% accuracy based on the press' regard for the developer as well as the quality of the graphics and the history of the IP. In other words, nearly every review is about hype now rather than the actual game, and this was the case with Max Payne 3.

Bottomline: Rent from Redbox or Gamefly or wait until the "Game of the Year" edition (haha) comes out for $20 or $30. Its worth a purchase for that price for a run through of the campaign and the multiplayer, but it is in no way worth $60.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 07/17/12

Game Release: Max Payne 3 (US, 05/15/12)

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