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    Achievement Guide by Mizta_Sinister

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    'Splosion Man Achievement Guide - Version 1.0
    Author: Mizta_Sinister
    You are reading an achievement guide for Twisted Pixel's "'Splosion 
    Man" for the Xbox 360. 'Splosion Man is an Xbox Live Arcade game, and 
    like any other XBLA game, only starts off with 200 Gamerscore points to 
    unlock through achievements.
    This is my first guide, so please take it easy on me. I absolutely 
    loved playing 'Splosion Man, and believe it is one of the best XBLA 
    games since Geometry Wars 2. I've seen a lot of questions asked about 
    the achievements in this game on the message board. Due to the lack of 
    an Achievement Guide on GameFAQs, I've decided to create one myself.
    NOTE: I tried to keep it light on the spoilers. But something may have 
    slipped the cracks, so please keep that in mind.
    NOTE 2: You will see things like "3-11" a couple of times while reading 
    this guide. To break it down for you, the first number represents the 
    game section. 1 is the first section, 2 is the second section, and 3 is 
    the third section. The second number is the level on that section. So 
    "2-1" would be the first level of Section 2, "2-2" would be the second 
    level of Section 2, and so on.
    Enough chatter. Time to get to the guiding!
    Get Them Out of Our Schools - 10
    See those guys running away from you that look like Cyclops from X-Men? 
    Yeah, those are the scientists, and you have to meatify 10 of them with 
    your explosions. This is beyond easy, and should be one of the first 
    achievements you unlock. 
    Omaha Steaks(r), Delicious! - 15:
    A lot like "Get Them Out of Our Schools", just more time-consuming. You 
    have to create 5,000 pieces of meat. When you blow a scientist up, they 
    turn into 6-8 pieces of meat. You should be able to unlock this 
    achievement in your first playthrough. I unlocked it near the beginning 
    of Section 2. 
    If you're REALLY impatient, you can get it sooner. When you use your 
    first fat scientist to get by a laser gun, you can stand underneath it 
    using the doughnut-eater. The laser will keep shooting, creating pieces 
    of meat without killing him. After awhile, it SHOULD unlock the 
    You're the Best Around! - 25
    The typical achievement for beating the entire game. After you complete 
    all 50 single player levels, it should unlock. While I'm not positive, 
    I would assume skipping any level would prevent you from unlocking it, 
    so suck it up and beat everything, no matter how annoying it may get 
    (I'm looking at you 2-9). Just remember, you're the best around, 
    nothing's gonna ever keep you down.
    Not a Portal Reference - 25
    This may come as a surprise, but this achievement is indeed a Portal 
    reference. You unlock it by collecting all 47 cakes in single player. 
    There's 1 cake hidden in every level of the game (excluding the 3 boss 
    levels, which is the reason why you collect 47 cakes and not 50). None 
    of the cakes are super difficult to find. If you miss one, you can 
    always replay the level in the "Time Attack" Mode. Any level in the 
    "Time Attack" menu that has a cake highlighted is a level that you 
    found a cake in. If a cake is not highlighted, that means you did not 
    find a cake on that level, and you should replay it.
    All Hail The Splode King - 25
    The most manly of 'Splosion Man achievements, and the most difficult. 
    To unlock it, you must beat the game on Hardcore difficulty (Which you 
    unlock after beating the game on single player). You will be replaying 
    the same levels on Hardcore, except this time, you get no checkpoints. 
    Die and you will end up at the very beginning of the level. To make 
    things worse, a single hit from anything will kill you as well. Sucks, 
    I know, but no one ever said becoming the Splode King was easy.
    Eventual Destruction of a Galaxy - 10
    This one is hidden a bit. If you ever played Twisted Pixels' previous 
    XBLA game, you will recognize your old friend The Maw. You can find him 
    on 3-17 (Level before the final boss). Near the beginning of the level, 
    you will fall into a long hallway. In it, you have to kill two 
    scientists before they activate an electric trap and kill you. After 
    their meaty doom, you can either go right (the normal way), or left 
    (the way you want to go). Kick an exploding ball towards the left side 
    to activate the gate. After doing so, drop down into the opened area. 
    At the bottom, you will find The Maw trapped in a container. Blow the 
    container up, and release The Maw (Which triggers an amusing cut 
    scene). After the cut scene, the achievement will unlock. You just 
    doomed the entire galaxy, but that's a small price to pay for a 
    slightly higher Gamerscore.
    Only Gandhi Would Be Proud - 10
    To unlock this achievement, you must complete an entire level without 
    killing a single scientist (boss levels don't count). Not very 
    difficult at all. You can easily do this on the very first level. I 
    unlocked it without even trying on 2-9. You should be able to unlock it 
    without even trying on a couple of other levels as well.
    Lay Off the Caffeine - 10
    Clever achievement. You really could unlock it by letting a little kid 
    play! Explode 300 times in a single level to unlock this achievement. 
    Just randomly explode yourself a lot while you try to clear a level 
    (Its kind of fun too). If it's not enough, just keep doing it in front 
    of the exit until it unlocks.
    Master of Controls - 10
    Out of all the achievements I've ever unlocked, this is one of my 
    favorites. To get it, go into "Help & Options" and remap your controls. 
    After remapping 1 button, it should unlock. The button commands are the 
    A = Defualt; 'Splosion. Can be remapped to be; 'Splosion, 'Splosion, or 
    B = Defualt; 'Splosion. Can be remapped to be; 'Splosion, 'Splosion, or 
    X = Defualt; 'Splosion. Can be remapped to be; 'Splosion, 'Splosion, or 
    Y = Defualt; 'Splosion. Can be remapped to be; 'Splosion, 'Splosion, or 
    You read right. Remapping is pointless, because the only thing any of 
    the face buttons can do is make you explode. Some would call it 
    pointless, but it makes me giggle.
    Get Over Yourselves - 10
    Unlock this by viewing the credits. You can view the credits in two 
    different ways. If you are impatient like me, you can access the 
    credits from the main menu. After the credits are complete, it will 
    unlock. Keep in mind that the credits will loop endlessly, so exit 
    after you unlock the achievement. You can also see the credits after 
    beating the game. This is the superior way, because you also get to see 
    one of the most entertaining credit sequences since Portal. 
    A Little Help from Your Friends - 25
    Nice Beatles' reference there. See "You're the Best Around!" because 
    it's pretty much the same deal, except you unlock it in multiplayer, 
    and not single player. Same thing as before; pass 50 levels, 3 of which 
    are boss levels.
    Super High - 25
    See "Not a Portal Reference" for the basics. Just like that, but you 
    must do it in multiplayer instead. 47 cakes to find, 1 on each level 
    (except boss levels of course). Hopefully this task will not put a 
    bitter end to your friendship.  
    Credits/Contact Me/Legal Mumbo-Jumbo 
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by 
    their respective trademark and copyright holders.
    Author: Miza_Sinister
    Game Developer: Twisted Pixel Games
    Publishing Website: GameFAQs 
    If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or corrections, 
    please contact me by email at:
    This document was created on 07/23/2009 by Scott Stephens 
    (Mizta_Sinister). Scott Stephens retains all rights for this document, 
    which was created for use on GameFAQs. With that said, I really don't 
    care if you want to use it for your own site for non-profit purposes. 
    Just please properly credit me for the document, and email me about if 
    you don't mind.

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