Review by roachtbp

Reviewed: 07/21/10

I finally got around to playing this JRPG, and what a surprise! This game is great!!!!!!

I am truly enjoying this game. I have played many JRPGs and WRPGs on the 360 (rgps is all I play!!!) and this ranks up there with the best of them. I was initially interested in this game when I first heard about it, but after seeing the battle system, I became much less interested. Nonetheless, I decided to buy it on day one of its release because I love JRPGs, but I didn't get around to playing it for several months because I was still trying to finish Dragon Age, Mass Effect 2, and FF13 (I am a completionist, so games take me quite a while).

Well, I finally started playing a few days ago, and hear is my opinion:

The graphics are good. I have no complaints about that.

The music is great! The music reminds me of old school rpgs for some reason: Secret of Mana, the old Final Fantasy games.

The characters are well done and likeable. A JRPG with likeable characters is a rare treat these days.

I have not gotten far enough into the story to really comment, but so far I have thoroughly enjoyed it. What is kind of strange about the story is that it mixes very dark, dramatic scenes with very lighthearted, funny scenes. It is kind of weird to go back and forth, but both types of scenes are done very well - the funny scenes are truly funny (not lame like many JRPGs) and the darker scenes truly are very dark for a JRPG (which usually seem to be geared towards 14-year-olds). There is a lot of talk about God and suicide, very mature themes and done very well.

Lastly, and most importantly, I was pleasantly surprised at how fun the battle system is. The clips I watched on youtube prior to playing the game did not get me excited about the battle system. For some reason, it looked too much like a grind. Many JRPGs feel like a grind (Last Remnant, Star Ocean: The Last Hope, Final Fantasy 13 if you try to get the Treasure Hunter achievement). I was expecting the same from this game, but the battle system is so fun in execution that I do not feel like I am grinding at all. In fact, I look forward to every battle. Watching clips of the battle system online just don't do it justice. Since this battle system is completely different from every other game out there, you really can't get a grasp of how it FEELS just from watching videos. I mean, many games have a battle system very similar to other games out there, so a youtube video can really give you a good idea of what the gameplay will be like. But this game is so different from everything else out there, that a youtube video in no way, shape, or form expresses what the game FEELS like. And that is what won me over with this game - the battle system is so much fun in execution! This game has one of the most fun battle systems of any game I have every played.

And lastly, like all Tri-Ace games, there is a deep and complex item creation system that is a lot of fun too. The item creation system is so much fun and very well done.

What makes me sad is that Sega and Tri-Ace went out on a limb to make such a different game, and I feel that they have not received their just reward in terms of sales. It seems like very few people have purchased this game, and that makes me sad. This unique JRPG is a game that ALL JRPG fans MUST PLAY, and I hope that the developers get a good return on their investment so they are encouraged to produce more JRPGs like Resonance of Fate.

I give it a 10 out of 10. If you like JRPGs, you should not overlook Resonance of Fate.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Resonance of Fate (US, 03/16/10)

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