How do I solve Wheel of Fortune quest ?

  1. Has anyone completed the Wheel of Fortune quest ? If so, can you help me ?

    User Info: LilyDelsooth

    LilyDelsooth - 6 years ago

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  1. Not sure which part you need help with, so here's the rundown of the entire quest:

    - Find the Hidden Supply Cave, just north of the town of Nipton, where you receive the quest. Inside you will find a Radiation Suit Package, which is what Logan is asking for.
    - Return the package to Logan, and then his team of prospectors will go with you into Camp Searchlight to search the police station and fire station for NCR weapons, electronics, etc.
    - Visit the police station, in the northeast corner of town, with the satellite dishes in front. Search all around for NCR items (check the jail cells, desks, and shelves). Talk to Logan, and if you've found everything, he'll be ready to move on.
    - Head south, and you should run into the fire station, spotted by the courtyard with a truck in it. Once in the garage, go into the door to get inside the actual station. Follow the same procedure as the police station, searching for NCR items. Talk to Logan when you think you have found everything.
    - Once Logan is satisfied with what you have found, he will then attempt to get rid of you by killing you. Take him and his team out to finish the quest, and then help yourself to all of the goods on their corpses.

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  1. The radiation suits can be found in a cave to the north of Nipton. There is a (Average) lock on the door.

    User Info: Darth_Volmas

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  2. I had a problem with this quest as well the quest marker was sending me to talk to boxcars (whatever the guy with the broken legs's name is). North of Nipton (following the train tracks) is two caves. One will be a wolf den and directly opposite that is the Hidden Supply Cave. It has an average lock on it so you'll need to have lockpicking up to 50. Make sure to search the top of the crates for a perm skill magazine.

    User Info: Silent_Crucifix

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  3. Have same problem....found hidden supply cave before starting quest and the suits spawned so i took them.............. now no dialog option ..................or it could be that "boxcars" is a powder ganger and they hate me so the quest stops at the dialog point.

    User Info: mrxxxxpoopoo

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  4. I completed it. After you speak with the guy (Logan the name if I'm not wrong) on Camp Searchlight, go to Novac and talk to Boxcars (the one that survived the lottery of the Caesar's Legion soldiers), he will tell you that the legionaries was moving the supplies to a cave on the north, so you just need to find the door to the Hidden Supply Cave (Lockpick 50 is necessary to enter).

    There you'll find a crate with the Radiation Suit Package inside, then you go back to Logan to continue the quest.

    User Info: JoaoMarsicano

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  5. If you have talked to Boxcars and completed the Booted quest before starting this quest, you will not receive the dialog option with Boxcars. When you speak with him you all you will get is "I need to get going." Just another crummy bug in this game.

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  6. the hidden supply cave if above and behind the coyote den, basically green circle #154 of the Mojave Wasteland South Region Map on the FAQS page

    User Info: mitsukahakumei

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  7. I know a sure fire way to prevent the Wheel of Fortune quest from glitching with Boxcars. First off, it's ok if you've already visited the Hidden Supply cave before and taken everything inside. Its also ok if you have a crappy rep with the powder gangers.The radiation suits for the quest will spawn in the footlocker no matter what. The problem lies solely in the dialogue with Boxcars, and depends on the options you use when you meet him for the FIRST time...When you meet him for the first time in Nipton he'll tell you about how the Legion beat his legs to a pulp and he'll beg you for some Med-X. You have 3 options: give him one dose, two doses or the max of three doses. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES WHATSOEVER CHOOSE OPTION 2 OR 3. Only choose option 1. Also, talk to him about everything else in order to start the Booted quest, but DO NOT choose the dialogue option "Let's talk about something else". That may cause the glitch where he basically doesn't have anything else to say to you except "BYE". Talk about anything else like the town and the lottery and the mayor then ask him about the slaves that were taken. This will start the Booted quest. Once Booted has started then immediately end the conversation. Choosing these options of dialogue will keep Boxcars from glitching when it's time to do the Wheel of Fortune quest in a way that it kind of acts as a bug override and leaves you with more options to use when you want to initiate conversation with him instead of him saying BYE to you. Only give him ONE Dose of Med-X, and DO NOT choose the dialogue option "Let's talk about something else". I guarantee that will keep the Wheel of Fortune quest from glitching. Since I had this problem on my first play through I've tested this method out on my second and third play through and it's worked perfectly.

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  8. Shoot the leader and steel his keys, ther ya go

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  9. I think you're supposed to hack the terminal to find out about the suits, and then talk to Logan to begin the quest... and everything else is posted already.

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  10. You can find guides for every quest here:

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  11. If your having trouble finding the caves, rather than going to boxcars, go to the mayors office in town hall. Can't remember the difficulty of the computer however there is more than enough materials to help you in front of the computer.

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  12. -hack the terminal.
    -talk to Logan.
    -go to nipton, enter the building left when you first enter town and talk to boxcars.
    -go to cave north of nipton, grab the suits.
    -go back to Logan.
    -Accompany Logan to the police station, find quest items, Return to logan.
    -Accompany Logan to the fire station, After killing enemies inside go upstairs, find more quest items.
    -Once you return to Logan after collecting items they attack you, you kill them...hopefully...

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