Sex bot?

  1. I am on the quest where you recruit a sex bot for the Atomic Wrangler Casino and I can't find the building they say it's in. I try following the arrow but can't find it.

    User Info: donstarplayer

    donstarplayer - 6 years ago
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    Sorry been all over both parts of freeside and still can't find what you are talking about.

    User Info: donstarplayer

    donstarplayer - 6 years ago

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  1. its in the far corner NE in freeside next to the NCR food place follow the path and it's the building on the right

    User Info: lac_sabre72

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  1. Theres a path around some junk to the right and I'd you keep following it you'll get to cerulean robotics (few rats in here but nothing too serious) make sure you grab the disk from that guys shop first though... Ben a jerrys or whatever it called.

    User Info: RobotOfficer

    RobotOfficer - 6 years ago 2 0
  2. From the freeside north gate, run down past the fort to the first intersection. turn right and run till you see the building with the guard tower behind it. turn left and follow the road ( south west). keep following it and you will come to a small passage that is hard to see. ( just past the door thats locked and requires a key). run through there and you will see a large gray building right in front of you. thats the place.

    User Info: xxxxthatguy

    xxxxthatguy - 6 years ago 2 0
  3. If just coming out of the Atomic Wrangler turn right and walk into the next house, through the bottom floor and will find a door to a THIRD part of Freeside. Run left then left, all the way down here and left again well you'll see where it is can follow map. Bot is in that building. If you have the wild wasteland perk on (SPOILER HERE) then when exiting this building you'll be attacked by some old grannies, enjoy :)

    User Info: bluedragon619

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  4. Head through the doorway from the Atomic Wrangler side. Once here, you will see some Tracks. Follow those a little, and head down. Head past the abandoned building, and keep heading down. The building you need is the Cerulean Robot I beleive it's called. If you have the Wacky Trait active, a bunch of 'Housewive' type women will come attack you with Rolling Pins

    User Info: Blitzerspike

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  5. Start at Mick and Ralphs - do the whole make my chip dick part, Make your way (NW) around the DOOR that leads to Van Graffs side of town. follow that road and look on your street map for the door, its a bit crazy but keep going around corners

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  6. Step 1: Go to your map and fast travel to ``The Strip North Gate
    Step 2: When you spawn, turn around 180 degrees and walk to the intersection of King`s School of Impersonation
    Step 3: Turn left at this intersection, look at the signs on the will PASS the Wrangler Casino, Smitty`s, and the Silver will approach a dead end of rubble...turn right into a building that has no door...walk through this building and go through the door on the other side.
    Step 4:When you spawn, go in third person mode and take about 10 steps forward, then turn left facing NW and take another 10 steps...turn left again and follow the road down to the end where it turns left in between two piles of you turn you will see this sign: ``Wolf`s Bakery``.
    Step 5: From this point you will have no trouble finding it on your compass` marker

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  7. I cant feel my legs!

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  8. Why red when you can Listen and watch! This Helped me alot.

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  9. Once you get it, don't forget to talk to it and test it out!

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  10. It took me a really long time to figure this one out too.

    Just as AGENT_P6 said, go through the lit up gate that says Freeside. The Wrangler, Silver Rush and Smitty's with be there. At the end you're going to want to turn right into the house and go through the door on the left side of the stairs.

    Once you're out that door, go straight until you reach the road and then turn left (should be North, I believe) and then follow that. You're going to see a door on the left side of the screen that requires a key. Ignore it and continue down the road.

    A blocked off place called Wolf's Bakery will be on the left side of the screen once you find the new area. Keep heading straight and there will be another door called Cerulean Robotics.

    Hope that helps you out!

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  11. Glitch

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  12. If you enter Freeside from the North gate you go south until the Junction in the road where the Mick & Ralph's Crier is then turn Right(West) and continue in that direction until you pass a door to Freeside that enters near the Van Graff's, there is a big pile of junk and you go past that and turn left(South) follow that for a while and it'll bring you to an open area where it looks like not much is going on turn left(East) and go towards the building with the Courtyard/Alcove style entrance and there will be a door on the left to go into Cerulean Robotics, enter and there will be big rats and a couple of robots to kill, you hack the terminal to get access to the Robot, you need to go to Ralph at Mick & Ralph's first to convince him to make you a Sexbot program which you then upload to the Terminal. I had high enough Speech or Barter to convince Ralph to do it for free, you come back in a day or so and it's ready. You have to get the program off Ralph before you can do anything with the robot anyway so it's better to do that first. Also if you have enough Barter you can haggle with Garret for a better price for finding the prostitutes he wants

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