How do I open remants bunker?

  1. How can i open the door at the remants bunker place?

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  1. SPOILERS, obviously.

    The Remnants Bunker is a part of the quest For Auld Lang Syne, given by the companion Arcade Gannon.

    Gannon can be recruited from the Old Mormon Fort in the north part of Freeside by speaking to him with either 75 Speech or the Confirmed Bachelor perk (male only).

    The player must then trigger the quest by travelling with Gannon to certain locations, such as Repconn HQ and the Silver Rush. These locations will always trigger dialog with Gannon about his experiences with technology such as energy weapons, robots, etc. Also you should bring Gannon to Caesar's fort; this will trigger dialog and you should respond with "we'll just figure out what he's up to and get out".

    Finally since the quest has implications for the endgame, you must have progressed to a certain point in the story before it will trigger. For example, if following the NCR path, you must have started For the Republic, Part 2.

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  1. I asked this last night. According to the answer I got you need to get Arcade Gannon in your party and then get enough points for him to open up and talk to you. This will start quest and I think Arcade Gannon will open the door for you or something.... If you figure out exactly how this quest starts, like if it's something specific, please tell. Gannon is Fort Monroe. It's in Freeside.

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    Arcade will speak to you near the end of the game if you have him as a companion, im not sure if you would need to have had convo's revealing anything about his history before but it's what happened for me. anyway he will tell you about how he knows the remnants of the enclave(5 people) who his father knew.(he was a kid at the time) and because of the coming conflict over hoover dam he thinks they need something special to take out the legion and help NCR (just so the Mojave wont become a slaver community) anyway, you then get a quest where you go to each secluded remnant (former enclave soldier) and convince them to join in for one last fight, and once thats done and you've convinced them all, you can head to the bunker and enter, having been provided a coded word from each one you have convinced. which together spells out a sentence. you are in and you discuss the coming battle, who to support and what not. and this is what happened for me. I decided to help legion and one of the members wouldn't do it and left, with that, they gave me the remnant power armor and helmet as he wouldn't need it. thats it. you can only get it near the end of the game and the hoover dam final quest wont start until you've finished your respective task, for me it was talking to YES MAN.(so now im exploring the wasteland with kick ass remnant armor, without a care in the world...well deathclaws maybe)Now go out there and get this sweet armor, I hope this was of help.

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  3. Im pretty sure Arcade will just talk to you about it if you are Enemies with Legion, otherwise hell say he prefers to stay here... the book foxfire wrote is long and he forgets to mention that... he probably just found him by accident and wanted to share his story... All you need to know is you find Arcade Gannon at the Followers of the Apocolypse after you have a speech skill of 75, and after your Legion standing is less than neutral....

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  4. There also seems to be a glitch where one of the members will turn against you if you work for the NCR. If you cannot use Speech, you must kill him to gain the Key to get back to the others. However, it seems that the key is removed once you enter the room, and you are locked in completely, thus trapping you inside. This may be a glitch on my side, but be sure to save before this point, just in case

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  5. You have to start Arcade's side quest (Auld Lang Syne) and once your done getting all the enclave remnants to go to the bunker just turn on the terminal and the pass-phrase will already be put togeather for you.

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