Getting boones companion quest?

  1. Any info on what you need to do to get boones companion quest "Forgot to Remember to Forget"? I'm ready to wipeout cottonwood cove for the NCR but from what I gather killing everyone there is also boones companion quest so I would like him to give me the quest first. Anyone know how this quest is aquired or exactly what it entails?

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    Chooseyourname - 6 years ago
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    thats boones recruitment quest which I have already done I'm talking about the quest he gives you much later on after he has joined you.

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    Chooseyourname - 6 years ago
  3. Clarification Request::
    I did the same thing, i got Manny killed but that didnt allow me to get Boone as a companion. i'm level 15 so I was hoping to not have to restart just to get him. Any suggestions?

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    elbarto74 - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. This quest is described in detail here:

    In a nutshell, to initiate the quest you must do the following:
    -- Fulfill five "history points" with Boone as a companion, mostly involving acting against the Legion's interests. An example is freeing the Powder Ganger slaves in the Booted! quest, or disarming the bomb in I Put a Spell on You. Note that unlike Gannon, with Boone acquisition of 'history' points is not always signaled by dialog.
    -- Speak with Manny Vargas (the other sniper in Nipton, other NPCs may work as well but Manny does for sure) about Bitter Springs. You need this to trigger dialog options regarding Bitter Springs with Boone, as this is what eventually leads to him giving the quest.

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Other Answers

  1. The guide says that you need to find someone named Manny Varges in novac and ask about Boone,thentalk to him and offer your help,it entails finding the towns citizen who sold his wife into slavery(or someone in the town you want dead)

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  2. Try talking to Boone on your companion wheel. I didn't know your companions gave you missions after their join mission.

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  3. Boone mentions wanting to kill Legion members after recruiting him and he if you talk to him he mentions he may be more open with you if you did what he wanted. So my guess is that after you kill 'X' amount of Legion, more dialog will appear.

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  4. Ok, so I just did that quest finally. I'm pretty sure it does involve "x" amount of Legion deaths. I actually wiped out Cottonwood Cove, Boone's quest is in Bitter Spring or something like that. But yeah, anyway, you go through the dialogue options with Boone and after you've killed enough Legionnaires with him in your party he'll open up about his wife and a bunch of other crap then after a while either you talk to him or he talks to you (can't quite remember) but he says he wants to head to Bitter Springs to check it out and gives you the mission. Sorry, that's a little vague, but yeah, I think when you're talking to him, use the less accusatory dialogue options and you should be fine.

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  5. My guess would be talk to him after he talks to you about killing all the legionares when you go to Nelson

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  6. @ phantomlink101 - He does that whenever you're near a legion encampment.

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  7. If you have him as a companion already you know that he is very mysterious about his past .......... BUT what i did was go and kill Ceaser cause he hates the Legion(so do I) then he told me his whole story and the quest activated for me...........I did the awesome quest and after he got some sweet ass NCR armor

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