How do i join the legion?

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  1. He approaches you as you leave The Tops after handling the situation with Benny. He bestows upon you a necklace called The Mark of Caesar allowing you safe passage to The Fort by way of Cottonwood Cove. He forgives all crimes committed against the Legion and updates your map. By the way, don't try to take Boone with you and Arcade whines about it a little; but Cass, Veronica, and Raul seem to be cool about it. Not sure Lily's opinion on the Legion tho...

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  1. Just keep doing the main story missions and eventually you'll be contacted by Vulpes Inculta (if you didn't kill him) or another Legion agent if you did.

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  2. As long as you have neutral karma with the legion, and dont mind being hated by the NCR there are a number of quests you can do before going to the Fort. You can kill the NCR at forlorn hope, agree with Vulpes's attack on Nipton, tell the NCR that the legion destroyed Nipton, etc. Hope that helps

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  3. I dont think you can

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  4. all you need to do is after you go see Benny walk out and Vulpes comes and gives you the mark of Caesar and said all crimes are forgiven and you need to meet Caesar say one of the options and go to cotton wood cove and get a ride to the fort go up the hill and into Caesar's tent and talk to him he asks you to destroy Mr houses bunker accept his quest and go to the building in the fort and insert the chip and go down there you talk to Mr house say all things legion like then go on kill the robots destroy the bunker and go back to Caesar and tall him its done and then do all other quests he gives you you mite not be legion but its as close as you are going to get

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  5. Do quests for the legion until you have a nice relationship with them then do main story missions you will then be confronted by Vulpes. After that you go to cottonwood cove (should be unlocked from the earlier missions) and take the ship to The Fort. Caesar will then talk to you, do his quests and PRESTO!!!

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