Do I have to destroy the Brotherhood of Steel?

  1. I am doing the NCR questline and I am really reluctant in killing them. Is there a way I can get them to help the NCR?

    User Info: Milhouse09

    Milhouse09 - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. It does say for you to "Deal with the Brotherhood", whether to kill them or not. The only down side to this is that you have to gain loyalty to the Brotherhood which means some quest fun. Some people might not like this and opt for killing them but the quests are fun and in the end you get Power Armor Training and you are accepted as a fellow Brother in the Hood. I opted for the Brotherhood to help NCR but i never saw a brother at Hoover Dam (might have been a glitch). But all in all its fun. You can also allow the Great Khans to help the NCR but you are told to not even bother in doing so. You will also have to gain some loyalty to the Great Khans to do this though just as you have to do with the Brotherhood.

    User Info: enOacillateM

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Other Answers

  1. You can get them to help the NCR just go tell the Elder what they are planning and he will tell you to go back to Moore saying they will help out.

    User Info: mingbming

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  2. how do you stay on the NCR questline? after doing quests for Mcarren

    User Info: Bpeckumboarder

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  3. the only way you can make the BoS join the NCR is by doing the main elder quest, and don't do the optional quest (replace the current elder with hardin) after you finish all of the quest the lockdown will started, wait outside for a couple of day and go back in, then go to the elder and talk to him, there will be a dialog saying (The NCR still want to destroy you) after you choose that dialog the elder will decide to allied BoS with NCR, now go back to moore at hoover dam, and you will see a BoS paladin talking to her, tell her that BoS is willing to support the NCR, thought this will gain the NCR infamy a bit (not some drastic infamy thought so its ok) hope this help..

    User Info: UnDeAdTaKsU

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  4. Yea the whole BoS seems to be extremely glitchy. If you don't do things in the right order, then you end up breaking the BoS quests. Also happens if you work with the elder AND with Hardin. The best thing to do is to wait until the main story requires you to do the BoS, rather than doing them beforehand, These glitches will probably get patched around the time of the dlc.

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  5. The question is pretty much answered, so you can probably close it. But, in case you want to know, in the ending, if BoS becomes allied with NCR, then it says that NCR gave up all power armor, and in return they help patrol a highway.

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  6. If you are doing the mr house story line you must kill them

    User Info: silentheadshotz

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