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  1. Does anyone have a complete list of the weapons that can be modified? Ive played through about halfway and wondering whats the list of the weapons that can be modified and what those mods are. I am also wondering if you can purchase different mods at specific locations. I know of Gun Runners and random traveling merchants but was wondering if someone knew something I didnt. If anyone can help even a website would be great.

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  1. Weapon MOD Attribute Base ID
    .357 Magnum Revolver .357 Revolver Long Barrel +3 Damage 000EEEDA
    .357 Revolver HD Cylinder Increases condition by 50%000EEED9

    .44 Magnum .44 Revolver Scope Adds a short range scope 0010C85B
    .44 Revolver Heavy Frame Increases durability by 50% 0010C85C

    9mm Pistol 9mm Pistol Extended Mags Increases mag capacity by 7 000EED3D
    9mm Pistol Scope Adds a short range scope 000EED3C
    10mm Pistol 10mm Pistol Silencer Noise Reduction 00129878
    10mm Pistol Extended Mags Increases mag capacity by 4 0010C858
    10mm Pistol Laser Sight Decreases spread 0010C859
    12.7mm pistol 12.7 Pistol Silencer Noise Reduction 00147620
    Assault carbine Aslt . Carbine Extended Magazines Inc. mag capacity by 6 0010C863
    Brush gun Brush Gun Forged Receiver Increase weapon condition by 50% 000EEA72
    Cowboy repeater Cby. Rep. Custom Action Increased rate of fire 000EED39
    Cby. Rep. Long Tube Increases mag capacity by 4 000EED3A
    Cby. Rep. Maple Stock Reduces weight by 1.5 000EED3B
    Service rifle Svc. Rifle Forged Receiver Increases wpn cond. by 50% 0010C851
    Svc. Rifle Upgraded Springs Increases rate of fire 0010C850
    Trail carbine Trail Carbine Scope Adds mid-range scope 000EEA70
    Hunting Rifle Hunting Rifle Extended Mag Increases mag capacity by 5 0010C862
    Hunting Rifle Scope Adds a high powered Scope 0010C860
    Hunting Rifle Custom Action Increases reload rate 0010C861
    Sniper rifle Sniper Rifle Suppressor Noise Reduction 0010C864
    Sniper Rifle Carbon Fiber Parts Reduces weight by 5 0010C865
    Varmint rifle Varmint Rifle Extended Mags Increases mag capacity by 3 00EEED8
    Varmint Rifle Night Scope Adds long-range night scope. 00EEEDB
    Varmint Rifle Silencer Noise Reduction 00EEED7
    10mm Submachine Gun 10mm SMG Extended Mags Inc. mag capacity by 10 0010C85D
    10mm SMG Recoil Comp Decreases spread 0010C85E
    12.7mm Submachine Gun 12.7mm Submachine Gun Silencer Noise Reduction 001476B0
    9mm Submachine Gun 9mm SMG Drums Increases mag capacity by 30 000F18FC
    9mm SMG Light Bolt Increases rate of fire 0010B968
    Silenced .22 SMG /Silenced .22 SMG exp. Drums Increases mag capacity by 60 0010C86F

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  1. --------------Shotguns---------------------
    Hunting Shotgun Hunting Shotgun Longtube Increases mag capacity by 3 000F0FE8
    Hunting Shotgun Choke Decreases spread 000F0FE9
    Minigun Minigun Damped Subframe Decreases spread 0010C866
    Minigun High-Speed Motor Increases rate of fire 0010C867
    Light Machine Gun Light MG Expanded Drums Increases mag capacity by 110 0010C852
    ---------------------Energy Weapons----------------
    Laser RCW Laser RCW Recycler Every 4th shot is free 0010C854
    Laser Rifle Laser Rifle Focus Optics Increases damage by 3 0010C869
    Laser Rifle Beam Splitter Splits beam and increases combined damage by 30% 0010C86A
    Laser Rifle Scope Adds long-range scope 0010C868
    Plasma Rifle Plasma Rifle Mag Accelerator Increases speed of projectile 0010C86B
    ----------------------Heavy Energy (and Other)----------------------
    Flamer Flamer Expanded Tanks Increases mag capacity by 60 0010C85F

    Gatling Laser Gat. Laser Focus Optics Increases damage by 3 0010C86C
    Gat. Laser CF Frame Reduces weight by 50% 0010C86D

    Plasma Caster Plasma Caster HS Electrode Increases rate of fire 0010C855

    Grenade Rifle Grenade Rifle Long Barrel Increases range by 100% 0010C856

    Fat Man Fat Man Little Boy Kit Reduces weight by 50% 0010C1AD

    Grenade Machinegun Grenade MG High-Speed Kit Increases rate of fire 0010C857

    Missile Launcher Miss. Launcher Guidance Sys. Decreases spread 0010C86E

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