How do i get the khans to join the NCR?

  1. I've heard that u gotta kill the khans leader and talk to Regis afterwards. Is that true and if so do you have to talk to someone, in the NCR perhaps, to do it (if it is a quest)? And what is the best way to kill the leader without getting bagged?

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    rebelarms1960 - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. I forgot to mention that Melissa has a quest for you to do. And after that when getting her to side against the legion just tell her that women are slaves in the legion. Simple.

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Other Answers

  1. You don't have to kill papa khan to get the khans to help you. Talk to papa khan and exhaust all conversation options. Ask him to end his alliance with Caesar and he will ask for a reason, but will always say something along the lines of "No, this conversation is finished". Exit his house after that and Regis will talk to you telling you what you need to do to convince papa khan.

    You will need to meet with caesar in his tent and steal the slave ledger in one of the tents there. This will help you convince Regis to side against the legion.
    Also find Melissa in quarry junction. She in the far back past All the deathclaws, but there is a path leading to her where you just have to get past a few death claws.
    Next you can either pass a speech check with Jack or if you completed diane's quests and rescued anders they will aide against the legion. You only need to convince one of the two.
    As a side quest you can get Karl killed either by stealing his journal in his room or passing a few speech checks.
    After you have convinced the other four khans just talk to papa khan again and pass a 75 speech check with him to get the khans to join you.

    If you really wanna kill papa khan there is some col or capt in Hoover dam that will give you a quest chain to do so. Just sneak into papa khans room at night with a silenced sniper rifle and headshot him. I didn't do this part so I can't help out as much since I lack the details.

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