How do I enter Miguel's Pawn Shop during the Contreras mission?

  1. Is this mission or the Pawn Shop itself bugged? I get to the part where I am to deliver the medical supplies to Price, but I can't enter the Pawn Shop.

    User Info: HubeG

    HubeG - 6 years ago
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    Answered my own question. The Pawn Shop is bugged(pre-patch). You have to use the technique similar to the one used to get the Lucky Shades in Fallout 3. Switch to 3rd person and stand with your right shoulder against the door at an angle and slightly move the camera until you see the option of entering the Pawn Shop.

    User Info: HubeG

    HubeG - 6 years ago
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    I bet if you download the patch it will get rid of a lot of these bugs. However, i'm not ready to give up my cheats just yet. All you can do for now is save, save, save..... and when you're done doing that.. save again :P

    User Info: HubeG

    HubeG - 6 years ago


  1. Unfortunatley, I would'nt be surprised. I personally haven't gotten to the mission you're talking about, but from my expirience there ahs already been two missions I can't complete due to similar bugs,

    For me, I need to complete 'Oh my Papa'. To do this I need to speak to an NPC named Melissa who I already saw on a previous quest. Because I already saw her in the latter quest, she has vanished permanently from the spot, and the quest marker continously leads me to an empty campground. I've come to accept that the game is new, so I must have to start another game to try again :/

    User Info: Lotus_Kidd

    Lotus_Kidd - 6 years ago 0 0

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