How do I Start "For Auld Lang Syne"?

  1. I have Arcade Gannon as a follower and I can't get him to initiate the quest. I am accepted by the Followers of the Apocalypse and I have taken Arcade Gannon to all of the places to gain his trust and he still won't give me the quest. Is it bugged or is there another way to initiate the quest?

    User Info: DomPetro

    DomPetro - 6 years ago

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  1. The places you visit with arcade will gain his trust but you have to have progressed to a certain point in the main questlines for either house, caesar, yes man/independant or NCR for quest to activate. There is a few bugs that can occur when quest initiates such as being locked in rooms that require keys etc, so save often :)

    User Info: lapp1e84

    lapp1e84 - 6 years ago 2 0


  1. lapp1e84 is right, you have to earn trust with arcade in order to activate his quest, now u need 2 rep points for arcade (The easiest ones are 1. crashed verti-bird 2. Repcon HQ 3. Silve Rush 4. Caesar's base (Just to be safe)).

    He will start talking with u when u are at these locations. Once u have progressed into the game enough (mine was installing yes man into the lucky 38) then arcade will come and talk to u; and then the quest begins. Hope this helps

    User Info: blfkakarot911

    blfkakarot911 - 6 years ago 0 0
  2. You have to install Yes man, and im pretty sure if you get to were Pres Kimball may be assassinated is about the time in the story hell open up.. and i use the crashed vertabird sight to get him talking... its south and a tad westish from camp searchlight in a valley of a mountain... but many playthroughs tells me im pretty sure kimball needs to die, so that NCR isnt strong, and use Yes man, and hate legion too...

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  3. If you dont do all that, Arcade will bring up the quest while your at hoover dam for the last mission... which doesnt help then...

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  4. Im sure that during the quest for colonel morre when u have to take-out mr house after getting enough rep points for arcade triggers the quest.

    I had down all of the above and then started the mission against mr house, killed him, then talked to yes man to have him uploaded (acrade is still with during all this), when yes man is fully intergrated into the lucky 38 server it happens. When u go to the casino of the lucky 38 and then tell arcade to follow u, he should want to talk to u.

    User Info: blfkakarot911

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  5. Well you need to get far enough in the game (main questing) for arcade to know who's side you are on. He will talk to you after you have gotten far enough. you also need to get a certain amount of points to activate the quest as well. the locations are:
    quest "white wash"- complete the quest and arrest anderson, but you need to keep west side supplied with water.- 1 pts
    quest"white wash"- complete the quest and frame the scorpion gang, then kill them- 2 pts
    crashed virtibird- just go near it- 1 pts
    repconn test site- just enter building- 1 pts
    quest"there stands the grass"- after talking to doctor hildren about the OSI then arcade should talk to you- 1 pts
    quest"that lucky old sun"- direct all power to freeside and complete the quest- 1 pts
    the fort- enter and tell arcade that you only want to see what there up too and leave- 3 pts

    requires 2 pts for his trust

    User Info: Xxfirebird95xX

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  6. To start the quest, you must have good reputation with the Followers of the Apocalypse ( Which is in Freeside). There should be a guy named Arcade, he should be in a tent ( On the left side ). As Xxfirebird95xX you must get at the very least 2 points for him to trust you or, a speech of 85. After talking to him for a while he should give you the quest and he will be a temporary companion.

    User Info: Violencejr1234

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  7. You have to pretty much side with the NCR about stuff and he'll talk to you about your decision. I think you need 4-5 "points" with him to start the quest.

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  8. can you get the quest earlier by having a higher intelligence skill when Arcade talks to you at the Reppcom HQ?

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