What are good and balenced S.P.E.C.I.A.L stats for starting?

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  1. My baseline build (pre-implant) chart would be something like this.

    ST 5: +2 for melee/unarmed, +2 for no-power-armor melee/unarmed.
    (Extra ST adds melee/unarmed damage and allows heavy weapons)
    PE 1: (+4 and +1 EN) to get PE perks.
    (Extra PE does NOTHING useful, get ED-E if you need compass radar power. DO NOT GET FOUR-EYES, it lowers your base PE, which is all that matters.)
    EN 5: +1 for EN regen perks, +1/2 for PE/CH implants for perks, and +1 for regen implant.
    (Extra EN points at the VERY beginning add extra starting HP)
    CH 1: (+4 and +1 EN) for CH perks, or (+8 and +1 EN) for always-on Companion Nerve.
    (Extra CH otherwise does NOTHING useful, go drink booze or chew Mentats)
    IN 4: No specific +'s here, but less than 4 is self-imposed challenge territory on grounds of skill.
    (Every +1 IN adds 15 skill points; I DO recommend spending a point or two here)
    AG 4: +1 for most AG perks, +1 more for Nerves of Steel.
    (Extra AG adds VATS points/regen)
    LK 1: +4 for Better Criticals.
    (Extra LK adds crit chance, and every extra +2 at the start adds 13 skill points across the board)

    Implant priority: IN, LK, ST, AG, and Damage Threshold for sure, then EN, CH, Regen, or PE as necessary for perk progression or preference.

    My baseline gives 19 loose build points to play with; more points will cost a perk apiece. Taking a level of Intense Training is pretty normal early on, but later, good perks will probably be preferable. Take a really hard look at how you want to play. A few hints: crits are great for unarmed, good for guns, and unimpressive for melee. If you aren't nuts about VATS, you can skimp a bit on AG and probably LK. Consult a perk list to see about those PE and AG perks; they really, really depend on your choice of weaponry.

    IN scores basically tell you how much skill leeway you have to play with; however, no matter what, you can't have everything. Skimp on barter, explosives, and medicine, plus survival if you're not playing hardcore; get repair only as high as you want for building items. Four skill books for each skill exist, and several skills can be increased slightly (5 to maybe 15%) with a combination of armor and drugs/food. Ranged-weapon users can focus on just guns or energy weapons; unarmed/melee people kinda need to pump both short-range skills. Lockpick, Science, and especially Speech are hard to live without; gun-users can skip Sneak, but short-range folks WILL want 60 Sneak for Ninja.

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  1. "good", balanced, and allowing for near maximum skill points
    S 5-6
    P 5-6
    E 5 -6
    C 1-5 (can be lowered to raise others, small influence in my opinion)
    I 9
    L 6-7
    Charisma only really changes your STARTING value in Barter and Speech, and speech challenges now require you have a certain skill rather than a percent chance of success, all reasons why not to raise you CHR. Per. is another, but i like knowing when people are around, so i dont lower it past 5.
    With Int. 9, raised to 10 ASAP (implant or intense training), you can maximize your skill points as you level. Luck being at 7 is well enough to rob the casinos, you may want more for crit chance, but i had no problems. Str, End, and Agi are kinda up to how you play. If you like swinging weapons, high Str. If its fisticuffs that float your boat, you want End. Or, if you love VATS, you want Agi. so yeah, those are my thoughts

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  2. *Agi 5-6

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  3. S 5
    P 6
    E 6
    C 5
    I 7
    A 6
    L 5
    Best stats

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  4. This is easy.
    ST nothing less 5. you will carry lots of items and it effect melee and unarmed which in this game in my opinion is far better then shotguns in close combat.

    PER nothing less then 5 again. this effects how easy it is to spot enemys and your acurracy.

    END its your health points. So 6 or 7 to start. with implants to raise your special stats you will need high endurance to be able to get every implant. and for the BIG implant DO NOT GET THE HEALTH REGEN. it SUCKS!!!!!!!

    CHR easy if i could put it at 0 i would. So put it at 1. points can go to more valuable stats. plus you will use skill points when you raise levels to up your speech and barter.

    INT if you want more skill points then raise it higher but never lower this stat. Me i prefer it to be at 8 or 9 when i start.

    AGL more action points and being able to move faster. action points are vat points and honestly we all use the vat lots. So keep it above 5.

    LUCK this effects all skills points and how often you get a critical hit. I probably go a little crazy and have mine @ 9 to start. but to be honest start it on a odd number like 5 7 or 9. you can get the implant to make it a even number. because every 2 points in luck raises your all your skill points a little.

    I honestly think thats the best way to start a character. oh and be a girl. more guys so you have 2 very useful perks to help you get started.

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  5. A good strategie I use is get S-6 so u get 210 lbs starting limit. Then Luck 6-7 for casinos cause that's an easy way for money, then get perception 6-7 so u can unlock the safe in the school house easily cause it tends to have good stuff, then intelligence 6 so u can hack and repair well and the higher intel the more skill points u have to distribute when u lvl up, then do watevr u think is best for the rest of them. That's wat I did and I'm supah strong!! Hope this helped ;)

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  6. Strength: I would keep the strength S.P.E.C.I.A.L attribute the same as it starts out, a five. The reason I would keep it a five is because it won't make much of a difference throughout your play through unless you plan to get up close and personal with melee weapons often. Most of the time you will need to use a gun to get your point across without getting gunned down before you can even get close. The reason it shouldn't be lower is because it helps you hold a massive amount of weight and items in your inventory. Though if needed it can be lowered, as companions are fairly easy to get early on in the game and can carry between half and as much weight as you can.

    Perception: Perception isn't a very helpful S.P.E.C.I.A.L stat. The reason I say this is because it doesn't help much in terms of survivability (if that's even a word) except for the fact that it shows enemies at a greater distance on your compass, allowing you to avoid a few encounters. For the most part you won't use this perk much unless you are going to be using it to obtain unique dialogue options with other characters around the wasteland. Perception also grants a few bonuses to some skills, (lockpick, explosives, etc..) but isn't really worth having high early on. I would recommend keeping it between two and four.

    Endurance: Endurance is the most important S.P.E.C.I.A.L stat. You are going to need to keep this at at-least a seven if you plan to survive your time in the wasteland. The reason I say it should be high is because the endurance stat directly effects your hit points, or health. Simply put, higher endurance = more health. And of course, the more health you have, the more hits you can take. Endurance does not only effect resistance to damage, it can also effect resistance to radiation which comes as a small bonus, especially when traveling to highly irradiated areas such as Camp Searchlight. The final thing endurance can do for you which comes as a massive bonus is effect the number of implants you can get, which means the higher your endurance, the higher each other S.P.E.C.I.A.L stat can get to.

    Charisma: Like the perception S.P.E.C.I.A.L stat, this can be put low to allow more points for other S.P.E.C.I.A.L stats. Charisma doesn't help survival at all, unless you can get a speech or barter option completed from the few points each point of it gives. This stat is nearly useless at the start of the game but can be enhanced later via implants. I suggest keeping this S.P.E.C.I.A.L stat around a one to four.

    Intelligence: This is somewhat more important than the perception and charisma S.P.E.C.I.A.L stats. Intelligence, like the two effect a few skills but it also allows you to distribute more skill points each time you level up, so the higher it is, the more points you get each time you level up which lets you maximize your effectiveness throughout the wasteland quicker, and conquer it faster than it can keep up. I recommend keeping this skill at at-least a five. Personally I say this skill should be at-least a seven but it is not that necessary for every player. So again, a five at minimum. (If you keep it super low, you get some unique dialogue options which are pretty much gibberish and stupid)

    Agility: I would keep agility at a strict five or six. Nothing more, nothing less. Agility effects of course a few stats like every other S.P.E.C.I.A.L stat but also assists with V.A.T.S. The higher your agility is, the more action points you have in V.A.T.S. There's nothing really special about it although it can come in real handy in some situations where you need that one extra shot. I know because I've been in that position at-least a hundred times.

    Luck: Luck should stay a five or six in my opinion. Luck has literally no effect on your ability to survive unless I've missed something throughout the wasteland. The only think luck primarily effects is your chances at the casinos throughout the Strip and Freeside. The higher your luck is, the better chance you have to simply get lucky and make caps from games.

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  7. I put charisma and perception to 1 charisma is almost pointless and if you run with ed-e his sensors make perception nearly pointless. You miss out on a few perks but id rather leave them both at 1 intelegence is the most important stat in the game since it affects how many skill points you get when you level. I always go 9 or 10 here. If you like vats than agility should be high. I usually go 9 and add the small frame perk to raise it to 10. Crippled limbs are easy to fix even on hardcore. Some argue on the importance of luck but i like mine at 9 for better criticals. Endurance i usually put at 4 or 5. This game is pretty easy to me so i dont need tons of hit points. If your playing on higher difficulty maybe bump this up though. Strenght i put at 5 or 6 depending on how many stats i have left. Im not much for meele but it affects your carry weight. I actually just started a new game today. My stats are strength 6 perception 1 endurance 5 charisma 1 intelligence 9 agility 9 + 1 from small frame for 10 and luck 9

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  8. so i dont know if this answer will still be relevant but, it depends really on what character you want to build really. if your playing vanilla then only a few archetypes of character are presented to you if you stick to S.P.E.C.I.A.L stats. but if you add in perks your gonna get then chances are you will stray to the archetype your making anyways. but if you want a jack of all trades character who can be anything without a consequences the following stats will work well,

    with 7 strength your almost guarateed that you have pretty high damage bonus and a moderate amount of HP boost. some perk also open with 7 strength that you can opt to pick or not.

    a good 6 perception lets you hit better with VATS if that is your kind of deal-o, plus if i recall correctly, a perk that increases your accuracy shows at 5~6 perc.

    Although 5 Endurance is very pitiful in the face of the more beefier and tankier super mutants of NV, one of the main selling point of NV was ammunition variety which allows you to outpower any enemies with varying bullet types. putting that to mind, you can simply use a dorky M1911 againts a super mutant IF you load i with the right round.

    Most user here on gamefaqs does say that charisma is useless and i can attest. i dont think charisma checks on dialogues matter this time so leave it at 1.

    at 5 intelligence, better crafting opens up for you, which will help offset that weak ass endurance. but also allows you to properly wield both energy and plasma weapons if you do so choose.

    A high Agility lets you have more AP and in turn use more vats. other than that i dont know what else you could do to an 8 AGI but hey its better safe than never.

    luck at 8 will give you a pretty good critical percentage and i think better loots so go ahead

    i dont know how accurate i made this stats because i forgot how much points you can allocate in the begining already so yeah.

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  9. Depends on how you think you'll want to play the game this time around.
    I think I started my first save with something like this: about 6 strength, 7 perception, 5 endurance, 4 charisma, 7 intelligence, 6 agility, and 5 luck.
    You will have the opportunity to gain additional SPECIAL points during the game at the NV Medical Clinic, DLC's, and with certain perks/equipment, so it's best not to raise any to 8 or higher to start out, because you'll cap one skill at 10 early and have the others under-leveled.

    Strength indicates how much weight you can carry and your physical attacks' strength, so if you want to use hand to hand or melee weapons, upgrade this.

    Perception can allow you to spot enemies with VATS or as a red bleep on the cross hairs long before they get close to you (helpful around deathclaws, cazadors, assassins, and hunting parties).

    Endurance is good to have in Hardcore mode, because it'll decrease how frequent you'll have to eat, drink, and rest, and if you want to raise any survival skills for perks, but if you're not playing that the first time it's not that important.

    Charisma is nice because it allows some unique dialogue options in certain parts of the game, which just make it fun to have sometimes.

    Intelligence is good to upgrade because it'll help you acquire perks for leveling faster or buffing the effects of skill magazines and books. It also affects the manner that your character will communicate with other NPC's in dialogue (a low intelligence will make your character sound slow).

    Agility is decent to upgrade for almost all fights, because it'll affect your VATS recharge, reload, jumping, movement speed, and fire/hit rate.

    Luck isn't that important because it'll only affect your criticals, scavenging, and time at the casinos (which you get kicked out of anyway when you earn enough money playing their games, so it limits this skills effectiveness). If you're playing for all achievements/trophies and you want to "break the bank", then raise this skill, agility, and intelligence to about 10 and walk straight to NV from Goodsprings.

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