Having an issue with Ed-e My Love quest?

  1. I was wonderin if I'm screwed on this quest because i went to repconn headquarters (if that's where i'm suppose to finish this quest) before even recruting ed-e. Also im having some kind of glitch in my game where the lady at gibson scrap yard is missing and her dogs are at helios one. So I can't talk to the lady to finish the first part of the quest. Any Ideas? lol

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  1. At no point in the quest do you have to go to Repconn and you dont HAVE to talk to Gobson to trigger the first Enclave log. You can also:

    Repeatedly talk to an NCR Trooper standing outside of HELIOS One. You can also gain the HELIOS One quest, and talk to several Troopers inside to trigger Log 1.

    Talk to Doctor Henry at Jacobstown about his experience with the Enclave.
    Talk to Colonel Moore for the first assignment in the quest in For the Republic, Part 2.

    Talk to Ignacio Rivas at Helios One about Archimedes and The Brotherhood of Steel

    Talk to Torres, the quartermaster of the Brotherhood of Steel armory in Hidden Valley.

    Talk to Thomas Hildern, director of the OSI at McCarran.

    Talk to Michael Angelo at Michael Angelo's Workshop on The Strip.
    For log 2 you can do any one of these (after waiting 5 days):

    Talk to Ignacio Rivas in the NW corner of HELIOS One near Fantastic and ask him about ARCHIMEDES.

    Listen to the brotherhood scribe teach his class.

    Speak with Veronica Santangelo while on the quest I Could Make You Care and after accessing Father Elijah's terminal.

    When trying to gain the Brotherhood of Steel trust (without the help of Veronica), a keyword is spoken after killing or convincing the NCR ranger to leave Hidden Valley.

    When you first talk to Michael Angelo on his workshop at the New Vegas Strip. Talk about his "lack of inspiration" and choose the medical answer. (It will still work even if the requirements aren't fulfilled).

    Complete Still in the Dark, leave Bunker L1, and return again after waiting a few days. A BoS Scribe will thank you and tell you of a footlocker stashed with recharged energy ammo. If you try to talk to this BoS Scribe again, ED-E will immediately play the message.

    Talk to Quartermaster Mayes at Camp Forlorn Hope about locating supplies sent from Helios One for the Restoring Hope quest.

    Talk to Doctor Henry at Jacobstown about his previous employment with the Enclave.

    Talk to Watkins about her parents and her decision.

    Talk to Dr. Hildern at Camp McCarran about the quest There Stands the Grass.

    Sometimes just hanging around with the Brotherhood of Steel in Hidden Valley will trigger the event.

    Talk to a Brotherhood of Steel paladin around Hidden Valley and they will proclaim they haven't seen this type of eyebot before and it will trigger.

    Take ED-E to Vault 22

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