How do I kill Mr . House?

  1. I want to finish render unto caesar and i dont know how to kill him?

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    sniperking99 - 6 years ago

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  1. 1. Go to Lucky 38 Casino
    2. Take elevator to Penthouse
    3. Insert Platinum Chip into computer terminal to the right of Mr. House's Console
    WARNING: When you do this the Securitrons will be hostile
    4. Take elevator down, open Mr. House's pod, kill him

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  1. You go to the casino of where he is then you access this terminal on the wall right by the tv where the robots are then that opens this door next to it then some robots try to kill you but if you kill them i am not positive but one of them might have a key but if not go to the elevator then walk forward a few feet and there is another terminal there acsess it then it opens this container of which Mr. House is in then you can talk to him and/or just shoot him but you might want to save your game before that just in case killing him without talking to him messes up the quest.

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  2. If you go to camp golf their is a terimnal that unlocks his computer under the stairs. If they hate you they have one in the h&h tools factory. Not sure where that one is though. once your at lucky 38 talk to him or the quest wont update.

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    Kill everything in Mr. House's casino (excluding the penthouse), loot everything possible, then talk to Yes Man back in the hotel room if you killed Benny, and tell him to go back to the Lucky 38. Find him in the room that isn't the penthouse (sorry my memory fails me, jet lag it's a long story) and tell him you want to talk to Mr. House. Walk down the platform and access a console (might have to kill a couple more of those robots) and you can either just open the thing to kill him, or from what I gather electrocute him while he's still in the life support pod thingy. Your choice. I'm a fan of overkill though, cause underkill just causes problems...

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  4. This issed me of to, Go to the lucky 38. and go to the mr house computer and if you killed all the robots there there should be red ticks on ur compass its not up stairs its down go to the left by the computer terminal and it says unlock door and Unothorized personal something disengage the lock and there will be 2 robots there kill them and there will be a nother computer there use that and unlock the door. go in that door and there will be a pod there activate the terminal and he will pop up but say to him ''I will put you back in you're pod, good as new. And he will say something like No.. dont disable something just kill me. go back to the terminal and disable the thing o there then the robots wont attack you then just kill the bastard

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  5. Djgjjgjg.

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  6. First, have the Platinum Chip plus lots of Med-X, Psycho, Pulse Grenades OR Pulse gun (sweet!) that you got at the Silver Rush. Next, go to the Lucky 38 Casino and take the elevator to the Penthouse. Talk to Mr. House or not but facing his big tv screen go left all the way until you hit a wall which will have a terminal you can log in to that will slide open the wall right next to it opening up a hidden area. If the robots were not hostile they will be now and there are two more behind the wall! When the robots are dead you can find another elevator that you turn on with another terminal nearby. Take the elevator down and find a third terminal that will open up the chamber so you can shoot Mr. House inside or access the terminal again and sterilize his chamber which will also kill him.

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  7. if you have a sneak skill (and a stealth boy wouldn't hurt) you don't have to do all that fighting unless you want to. If you access the computer on the wall without being detected and can sneak into the hidden room and activate the elevator, once you get down and deal with House, the robots will not be hostile when you come back up.
    Not sure if this will work if you leave him alive, I always shoot him.

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  8. 1 Go to The Lucky 38
    2 On the place where you can talk to Mr. House look around till you find the computer on the wall this will make the robots not atcack you there will be 2 hostiles but not sure where they are
    3 Find a computer around on the part where you exit the elevator access it then there that will open other elevator go up it
    4 After exiting the elevator you came out of there will be a computer straight in front of you access it and it will allow you to open his tube like thing
    5 After opening the tube thing you will talk to Mr. House in person then you can make your decsion to kill him or what ever you decind to do

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  9. Go into the Lucky 38 casino, go to the penthouse, use either 75 science, a Lucky 38 casino VIP keycard obtained in the H&H Tool Factory or in Chief Hanlon's desk in his office inside the main buiding at Camp Golf, or the Platinum Chip to access the terminal and open the hidden door (Robots will turn hostile when you do this). Go to the elevator and power up the elevator using the terminal to the right of it. Then, activate the final terminal and open the chamber. Then wait a few seconds and the chamber holding Mr. House will open. Talk to him and afterwords, kill him

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  10. Go to terminal in the back of the penthouse... Go down elevator after dealing with or running past securitrons... Open pod and shoot him... or you could decontaminate him... lol... but to be thorough... You get more negative karma if you sever his link and put him back in without killing him...

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  11. 1. Go to the lucky thirty-eight
    2. Take elivator to pent house
    3. Use terminal near house to open secret door (securitrons attack)
    4. Use elivator in secret room
    5. Use terminal then kill house or whatever you chose

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  12. 1.)Go to the Lucky 38 Casino.
    2.)Take elevator to "Penthouse."
    3.)Under the second set of stairs is a computer terminal. Find it.
    4.)Open the door via the computer terminal. Be prepared to kill ALL Securitrons. (One little hint. If you leave some alive and rush to the elevator, they will not be hostile when you come back up.)
    5.)Go to next terminal.
    6.) Take the elevator.
    7.) Go to the computer and open the tube.
    8.)Talk to Mr.House.
    9.)Kill or doable him.

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  13. With a dignified act of defiance and an overpower fire arm.

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