Energy build help pls? Closed other on on accident

  1. Sorry closed my last one on accident.
    I am starting fallout new vegas again and i wanna make a energy weapon build. But im not sure how to make it, i kind of wanna keep charisma up for my companions but also high luck because i heard you can win money easy with it then i can get implants which help. So im not sure how to make a build on that any ideas?

    User Info: Rass01

    Rass01 - 6 years ago


  1. If you intend to rely on EW and plan on gambling to make a living you could set your Str really low. Especially since you plan on having a high Cha to influence your followers, the loss of carry weight is really that big of a deal since you will be making the jack in the casinos.I always take a high Agilitly for the AP and bonus to move speed. Luck for gambling (and Crits!) should be around a 9, before the implant, to 'stack the deck' against those who oppose you at the tables or in the wastes. A low Per is acceptable; even more so with the Sensors perk compliments of Ed-E.Endurance would be moderately high for hit points and implantability.

    During my own trials as an EW user I was really excited about some of the perks. I could not wait to get Melt Down and it was AWESOME... at first. Sure watching raiders erupt in a chain reaction thru the scope of your Gauss Rifle is cool: But blowing your own self up after dispatching an ambush party with your Laser RCW is most definitively not cool. But to each his own, I guess.
    Laser Commander, however, is in fact wicked.
    Better Crits if Per is high enough.
    Sniper because head shots make a difference.
    Grim Reaper's Sprint for group fun.
    Nerves of Steel because AP is good and you need to use it alot.
    Commando for VATS effectiveness.
    And there are a few more to pick from, just do what you like.

    Now theres my two cents... >;-p>

    User Info: TheDreadPoet

    TheDreadPoet - 6 years ago 0 0

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