Deathclaws at Quarry Junction?

  1. Hi guys. How can I get past the annoying Deathclaws near the entrance of the Junction? I always die, they're too tough, they detect me even if I use Stealth Boys. I need to finish the Oh My Papa Quest for the NCR. Any tips? Thanks. :)

    User Info: JennSlade

    JennSlade - 5 years ago
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    Wandrian, Jakethesnake

    I'm already level 23 and these, I don't know what to call them, adult Deathclaws or something, are still kicking my ass no matter what I do. Boone is able to kill 2-3 before they get close, but even with me and Rex combined, it doesn't stop them since 4 or 5 come at once.. Should I upgrade my arsenal or just fail the quest? I'm really getting annoyed by these guys.

    User Info: JennSlade

    JennSlade - 5 years ago


  1. What I would do is have Boone or Lily with you and also have Rex. Then you would want to have some unique weapons with you like the mini-gun and a powerful shotgun. And make sure you have stimpacks and super stimpacks with you as well as doctor bags.

    User Info: jakethesnake022

    jakethesnake022 - 5 years ago 0 0
  2. If you're trying to go straight to Vegas that way, you're going the wrong way. The game punishes you for trying to go places underleveled and indeed, going anywhere there are deathclaws while under level 20 is suicidal. The same goes for the final boss, rushing through the game you'll find yourself either very well perforated by .50 caliber bullets or helpless on the ground as a guy continuously beats on your unconscious body with a sword as large as he is.

    ...But if you absolutely insist, you *CAN* go north to Vegas if you're really careful. Talk to NPCs until you get a map marker for the NCR Correctional Facility. Head there, then follow a path directly east of it into Hidden Valley. Once you're there, start heading northeast and stay on the rocks, stay crouched unless you see [DANGER] displayed. You should run into a friendly super mutant and find the map marker Neil's Shack. Continue northward, less east. When you come to the edge of the rocks, don't get down from them. Check for deathclaws and head further east until you can't see any more, you may get the map marker for Black Mountain added. At that point, just head north and you shouldn't run into anything more danagerous than fire ants.

    Or are you hunting deathclaws? Be level 20+, keep as much distance as possible from them, use a quiet scoped weapon(Sniper Rifle with suppressor mod or similar) with a decently high amount of power(minigun with AP rounds also works well), bring a lot of drugs like Psycho or Steady, and keep companions far far away because they'll die/be knocked out very fast unless you're overprepared. Companions that specialize in melee like Lily and Rex will die the fastest if you haven't given them good weapons, so instead you should use companions like Arcade, Boone, and Raul that are good with some kind of ranged weapons. Last but not least, don't ever think you're equipped well enough until you've wiped out all of them. Deathclaws are some of the strongest enemies in the game and aren't to be underestimated.

    User Info: Wandrian

    Wandrian (Expert) - 5 years ago 0 0
  3. It is highly recommended to be at lv 20 or higher to fight deathclaws, their perception skill is ridiculously high thus they can still detect you even if you are using a stealth boy.

    User Info: aaron11219

    aaron11219 - 4 years ago 0 0
  4. You need level six perception. Than go to gun runners and get anti material rifle and ammo for it. Then travel to Sloan and head towards the quarry. However stay in crouch mode. You will be in this your whole way through. Know right when the red mark appears aim at it and you should see the death claw but he won't see you. Don't worry about head shots a body shot will kill it. I just did this on hardcore mode with only one death claw seeing me.

    User Info: workhardlearn

    workhardlearn - 2 years ago 0 0
  5. You should go the other way to Vegas until your a high enough level and have an anti material rifle and some good armor and explosives never hurt either especially land mines I had to use 10 of them on the deathclaw mother she went up in a beautiful explosion of fire and body parts.

    User Info: SoulSnatcher419

    SoulSnatcher419 - 1 year ago 0 0
  6. Don't bother with the I-15 for a while as it a low yield in terms of usefulness and loot until you are able to deal with deathclaws. If you are going to Vegas take the primm-novac route, alternatively there is the bonnie springs route. Going through Sloan is highly recommended as even couching in Sloan is enough to cause the deathclaw nation to reign down as their perception is enough to easily detect you and their Agro range for detection is huge. So Bonnie springs or primm. If you are doing the great Kahn quest the best bet is to go the Bonnie springs route there is a back entrance which is moderately safe just don't crouch because that detection range is no joke. You can also optionally set up an ambush for the death claw alpha or snipe the deathclaw babies to enrage the mother and get free xp assuming you have a suppressed rifle that can do the job. You will get caution while crouching just you need the crit and as long as you don't use anything loud you will be fine.

    User Info: Nanoguy96

    Nanoguy96 - 1 year ago 0 0

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