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    Snowglobe Location Guide by jken324

    Updated: 11/25/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    Snowglobe Location Guide
    Fallout: New Vegas
    by:  Joe Kennedy
    Version:  Final
    				Table of Contents
    Contact Info.........................{CON}
    Version History......................{VER}
    Snowglobe Locations..................{SNO}
        Goodsprings Snowglobe............{SNO-1}
        Hoover Dam Snowglobe.............{SNO-2}
        Old Mormon Fort Snowglobe........{SNO-3}
        Mt. Charleston Snowglobe.........{SNO-4}
        Nellis AFB Snowglobe.............{SNO-5}
        Test Site Snowglobe..............{SNO-6}
        The Strip Snowglobe..............{SNO-7}
    				Contact Info {CON}
    You may contact me at jken324@gmail.com.  Please put Fallout: New Vegas in    
    the subject line so as not to be immediately banished to the junk folder.  
    Anytips, strategies, corrections, additions, etc. etc. are gladly accepted. 
    				Version History {VER}
    Version 1.0
    11/24/2010: Began the guide, wrote the guide, finished the guide!
    				Introduction/Explanation {INT}
    Welcome to my Snowglobe Location Guide.  This guide was written to help you
    locate all seven snowglobes with ease in the Mojave Wasteland.  So, you may
    be asking yourself, what's the point of collecting the globes?  Well it
    turns out that these globes are very collectible and you can make 2,000 
    caps for each if you sell them to Jane in the Lucky 38 Casino's Penthouse.
    Turns out ole Mr. House is a bit of a snow globe aficionado.  
    Not too shabby!
    The snowglobes are located all over the wasteland.  It's a fun little 
    miniquest, sort of like the Bobbleheads from Fallout 3.  Unfortunately, the
    snowglobes don't bestow any increase in S.P.E.C.I.A.L stats or skills. :(
    Being that there are seven snow globes and seven SPECIAL stats, I think the
    programmers missed a good opportunity.  But, considering how easy they are to
    find as compared to Bobbleheads, I guess 14,000 caps is a pretty good 
    incentive to go find them.  Also, if you're playing on the XBOX or PS3 
    consoles, collecting all seven globes will earn you the Globe Trotter trophy
    or achievement.
    Just a quick note, if you kill Jane or Mr. House prior to selling your globes,
    then you will never be able to do so.  So make sure you sell them before you
    do anything rash!
    There is also a display case in your suite at the Lucky 38 casino so even when
    you sell them, you can still check them out.  Onto the locations!
    				Snowglobe Locations {SNO}
    Goodsprings Snowglobe {SNO-1}
    Location:  Goodsprings Cemetery
    You can find this snowglobe easy enough, it's located in the cemetery that 
    Victor was kind enough to dig you out of.  In the northwest corner of the 
    cemetery, you can locate the snowglobe at the base of a grave marker there.
    This is likely the easiest of the globes to find being that it is closely
    located to where you start the game and all you have to do is fight a few
    bloatflies and possibly a bark scorpion that are in the area to get it.
    Hoover Dam Snowglobe {SNO-2}
    Location:  Hoover Dam Visitor Center
    At the Hoover Dam, go into the visitor center and you will see the globe
    sitting on the reception desk. Go and grab it. Easy peasey.
    Old Mormon Fort Snowglobe {SNO-3}
    Location:  Old Mormon Fort
    Enter the Old Mormon Fort and make a hard right and go to the southwest corner
    of the yard.  Here you will find a door that leads to a tower in the Old
    Mormon Fort.  Go in the tower and climb the stairs to the left up until you
    reach a small bedroom.  The globe can be found on top of bookshelf against the
    Mt. Charleston Snowglobe {SNO-4}
    Location: Jacobstown Lodge
    Enter the stately Jacobstown Lodge and directly in front of you on the check
    in desk is the globe.  
    Nellis AFB Snowglobe {SNO-5}
    Location:  Nellis Boomer Museum
    Another easy one, provided you can make it to the gate in one piece.
    At the Nellis AFB, go the the Boomer Museum.  Upon entering
    you will see a table to your immediate right.  The globe is sitting on it.
    The museum can be a pain in the butt to find when you first get to the base. 
    It is located in a small hangar looking building just south of the large crane
    near the railroad tracks.
    Test Site Snowglobe {SNO-6}
    Location:  Lucky 38 Casino Cocktail Lounge
    This globe is hinted to you by Jane when you first ask her about snowglobes.
    This globe can be found by riding the elevator to the Cocktail Lounge.  It is
    located behind a cash register on the back counter behind the bar.
    The Strip Snowglobe {SNO-7}
    Location:  Vault 21
    On the strip, go into the Vault 21 store and make your way towards the tour.
    Continue down the stairs until you reach Vault 21 and enter.  From the 
    entrance, continue down a couple flights of stairs until you reach a large 
    common area with a few people milling around.  Make a left from here and go
    to the second door on the left which is an average locked door.  You will 
    lose karma for picking it.  Inside, you can locate the snowglobe on the night
    stand between the beds.
    I hope this guide will serve you well in your quest to find the snow globes!
    Please feel free to drop and line with any comment, criticism or just to say 
    hi.  I can be reached at jken324@gmail.com!

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