Is there vehicle customization?

  1. Are you able to customize your car to your own unique look and style?

    User Info: discusthrower

    discusthrower - 7 years ago

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  1. Long Story Short: if there is customization in CoD: MW2, it's in Blur.

    Short Story Long: You can change basic colors, brightness of that color, and by racing with the car, you can unlock other paint types (metallic, pearl, and sparkle).

    Customization extends to "mods", different gameplay tweaks that apply to your car, like expanded weapon ranges, extra fans, extra damage, targeting assists, countermeasures, and free items. Also, in addition to paints, you can get speed and health upgrades by completing the car challenges.

    User Info: Edge_of_Blade

    Edge_of_Blade - 7 years ago 3 1


  1. To some extent. You can change the color of your car and that's pretty much it.

    User Info: Gallego

    Gallego - 7 years ago 3 2

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