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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Okami5436

    Version: 1.81 | Updated: 09/28/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    FAQ/Walkthrough  Guitar Hero 5
    Console: Xbox 360
                  .M                                           . M.
                ~MMMMM$ .                  .......... .     . 8MMMMM.
               MMMMMMMMM  MZ           . MMMMMMMMMMM7 . .   MMMMMMMMMM
               MMMM ~MMM  MMMM  MMMM      .$MMM   MMMMMMMMM $MMM  MMMM
             ..MMMMMMMMM :$MMMMMM=. . +MMM.$M8.. .MMM .M:  ...MMI. ,MMMM
                       .      ..   MMM~  ..   .MMM  . . . MMM       8MMMM
                   ..MMM  MMMM  MMMM  MMMM ~MMM. MMMM  MMMM  MMM          .
                   ..MMM  MMMM. MMMM  MMMM ~MMM  MMMM  MMMM .MMM
                   ..MMM  MMMM..MMMM  MMMM +MMM  MMMM  MMMM .MMM?.
                    .MMM .MMMMM MMMM  MMMM MMMM..MMMM  MMMM .MMMMI
                    7MMMMMMMMM  MMMMMMM  . +MMMMMM,    MMMM .MMMO
                   .MMMM..MMMM.MMMMM..     ~MMMMMMM+  MMMMM .MMM
                    =MMM  MMMM. MMMM   MMM ~MMM MMMM ..MMMM .MMM
                   ..MMM  MMMM. . MMMMMO...       MMMM...MMMMMZ.
                   ..MMM           .N. MMMMMMMMM . MMMM .  M  .
                    MMMM            ..~MMMMMMMMM.    =MM   .
                                      ~MMM  ..
                                      ~DDN .+MMM.
                                       MMMO MMMM
    Created 2009
    New to the game? I highly recommend you read important notes throughout
    this guide due to information you may not be aware of.
    |___ Table of Contents _________________________________________________|
     ,....I. Introduction.............................................(INTRO)
     ,....II. Version History.........................................(VSHST)
     ,....III. Copyright Notice.......................................(CPYNT)
     ,....IV. Walkthrough.............................................(WKTOH)
     ,..........4.1  Basics...........................................(BASIC)
     ,.............4.1.1 - Main Menu..................................(MMENU)
     ,.............4.1.2 - Playing The Instruments....................(PLTIN)
     ,.............4.1.3 - Rock Meter, Streaks, And Scoring...........(RMSAS)
     ,.............4.1.4 - Star Power.................................(STRPR)
     ,.............4.1.5 - Whammy Bar.................................(WMYBR)
     ,.............4.1.6 - Tutorials & Practice Mode..................(TLSPM)
     ,..........4.2  Intermediate.....................................(INTMD)
     ,.............4.2.1 - HammerOns & PullOffs.......................(HOPOS)
     ,.............4.2.2 - Drum Fills & Vocal Fills...................(DFVFS)
     ,.............4.2.3 - Progression From Easy To Medium............(PFETM)
     ,.............4.2.4 - Solos......................................(SOLOS)
     ,.............4.2.5 - Solo Career................................(CREER)
     ,..........4.3  Advanced.........................................(ADVNC)
     ,.............4.3.1 - The Orange Key (Guitar/Bass)...............(ORNGE)
     ,.............4.3.2 - Those Darker Notes?  Tapping...............(TDRKN)
     ,.............4.3.3 - Expert Difficulty..........................(EXPRT)
     ,..........4.4  Band Stuff.......................................(BANDS)
     ,.............4.4.1 - Star Power.................................(BSRPR)
     ,.............4.4.2 - Rock Meter, Streaks, And Scoring...........(BRMSS)
     ,.............4.4.3 - Band Career................................(BCRER)
     ,.............4.4.4 - Band Moments...............................(BMMNT)
     ,.............4.4.5 - Saving Others From Fail....................(SOFFL)
     ,..........4.5  Other Features...................................(OTHER)
     ,.............4.5.1 - Importing Songs............................(IMPRT)
     ,.............4.5.2 - Options Menu...............................(OPNMU)
     ,....V. Multiplayer..............................................(MULTI)
     ,..........5.1 - Cooperative.....................................(CO-OP)
     ,..........5.2 - ProFace Off.....................................(PROFF)
     ,..........5.3 - New Modes.......................................(NWMDS)
     ,.............5.3.1 - Momentum...................................(MMNTM)
     ,.............5.3.2 - Do Or Die..................................(DODIE)
     ,.............5.3.3 - Elimination................................(ELMNT)
     ,.............5.3.4 - Streakers..................................(STREK)
     ,.............5.3.5 - Perfectionist..............................(PRFCT)
     ,.............5.3.6 - Party Mode.................................(PRTYM)
     ,..........5.4 - Band Vs. Band...................................(BNDVS)
     ,..........5.5 - Online Play.....................................(ONLNE)
     ,....VI. Venues & Characters ....................................(VN&CT)
     ,..........6.1 - Venues..........................................(VNUES)
     ,..........6.2 - Characters......................................(CRCTR)
     ,....VII. Song List..............................................(SNGLT)
     ,..........7.1 - Career Songs....................................(CRSNG)
     ,..........7.2 - Imported........................................(IMTSG)
     ,....VIII. GH Jam/Mix - Recording Studio.........................(GHJ/M)
     ,....IX. Challenges..............................................(CHLNG)
     ,....X. Achievements.............................................(ACHVE)
     ,....XI. FAQ/Questions...........................................(F-A-Q)
     ,....XII. Cheats.................................................(CHEAT)
     ,....XIII. Contact...............................................(CNTCT)
     ,....XIV. Credits................................................(CRDTS)
    |___ I. Introduction ____________________________________________(INTRO)_|
     Guitar Hero 5, the next GH game which includes new features like new    
     game modes, challenges, and the most important (I would say), party     
     mode. With those editions, there's still things that are original, such 
     as difficulty levels (with the exception of beginner). You can play as  
     all instruments, there's custom avatars, and with the new backwards     
     compatibility, you can rip your songs from Smash Hits and World Tour    
     onto GH5 in order to play them with all the new game modes. [Use CtrlF 
     to search for sections using the "Gibberish" (ex. VSHST brings you to   
     Version History)].                                                      
     If you're looking for a section on how to rip songs from WT and Smash   
     Hits, then go to the Importing Songs section (4.5.2).                   
    |___ II. Version History ________________________________________(VSHST)_|
    Version 1.0 - Started: September 1, 2009  Finished: September 4, 2009.
            1.3 - Started: September 4, 2009  Finished: September 4, 2009.
            Took off Faceoff Section. Added other multiplier sections.
            Finished list of challenges. GHMix Section added.
            1.5 - Started: September 4, 2009  Finished: September 17, 2009.
            Rid Of: Sections I decided not to do. Added more content.
            1.8 - Started: September 20, 2009. Finished: September 28, 2009.
            Challenge section updated and complete along with some minor
            changes throughout the guide. Had to get rid of Bars | arround 
            all text. HOPO section updated.
    |___ III. Copyright Notice ______________________________________(CPYNT)_|
     Guitar Hero 5                                                           
     All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by   
     their respective trademark and copyright holders.                       
     This Walkthrough can only be used on these sites: 
    |___ IV. Walkthrough ____________________________________________(WKTOH)_|
        This walkthrough starts at the basics, so if you've never played     
     before, Start here. And for those of you who don't know. G = Green,     
     R = Red, Y = Yellow, B = Blue, and O = Orange. Strumline  The line     
     where you play the notes.                                               
    4.1  Basics (BASIC)                                                     
     This section is mostly from my first guide which was for GH3. Yet it    
     may contain updates since there is a full band involved now.            
    4.1.1  Main Menu (MMENU)                                                
     Once the game loads, press yellow (guitar) to play a random song now.   
     To go to the main menu, press Start.                                    
     Pressing the bluekey (guitar) brings up the newspage. Pressing green, 
     will select an option. If you press yellow, party mode will popup.     
     Contents W/Description:                                                 
     Competitive - Play against Friends or go online for more intense        
     Quickplay - Play any song with any instrument on any difficulty.        
     Career - Go through the career earning stars and completing challenges. 
     Unlock new characters, customizable instruments/outfits, and more.      
     Music Store - Download songs, track packs, and albums to play.          
     GHStudio - Make your own song by either FreeJamming or going through   
     each instrument.                                                        
     Options - Other Features (Options Section of this guide).               
     View Xbox Live Party - Check the people in your Xbox Live party that    
     are playing Guitar Hero 5.                                              
     Leaderboards - Check top scores and records.                            
     Rock Star Creator - Create your own custom Rocker or Avatar to play as. 
     Training - Practice songs here on any difficulty, any instrument, and   
     on different speeds.                                                    
    4.1.2  Playing The Instruments (PLTIN)                  All Instruments 
     Guitar/Bass - First off, you can't just press the fret keys and hope    
     you get the note hit. You have to hold down what ever the correct keys  
     are on the GH controller and then strum at the right time. Hold down    
     the fret key then strum when the scrolling note(s) get(s) to the first  
     line on the board. This may sound confusing to some, but you'll get     
     used to it. For practice, just use practice mode.                       
     For Bass Only: If you see a purple line across your board when playing, 
     then strum that normally except with no frets held down. These are      
     called Open Notes.                                                      
     NOTE: It's alright to play notes (other than chords), when holding down 
     other fret keys that are "Lower" than the one you're playing. So if you 
     are supposed to play a yellow note, you can also hold down red and/or   
     green, just not blue and orange.                                        
     Drums - If playing drums, you CAN just hit the "buttonpads", just do   
     it at the right time. Again (If you read the Guitar/Bass section), you  
     must play the note once it gets to the strumline. The line that you see 
     coming down the board is for playing the bass pedal. The other notes    
     are somewhat the same way, just use the "buttonpads". Again, that's    
     just the basics. Oh, and YES, Rock Band drums WILL work with GH5.       
     Vocals - Singing can be done with the Xbox 360 Microphone, or the GH    
     Microphone. I'm not sure about the Rock Band one. Anyways, it's quite   
     simple to sing. All you have to do is match the pitch. There's no need  
     to sing the right word, just make sure it's the right note or an octave 
     away from that. (That's how Rock Band worked.) Once again, make sure    
     that before you "sing", the scrolling or static vocal notes make it to  
     the line (I may also call this the strumline). And follow them just     
     like one may do when playing the other instruments.                     
    4.1.3  Rock Meter, Streaks, and Scoring (RMSAS)         All Instruments 
     - Rock Meter  Green is Good, Red is Bad. The more notes you hit,      
     the higher it goes up (to green); the more you miss, the lower it gets  
     (to red). Star Power will increase the rock meter faster with each note 
     hit. If your rock meter happens to go all the way down, then you lose.  
     Located on the left side of your noteboard.                            
     - Streaks  The amount of notes you hit, will up your streaks. This    
     can also be seen under your score. The better streak, the more points   
     (due to your multiplyer going up).                                      
     - Scoring  Each single note is worth 50 points, every 2 note chord    
     is 100, and 3 is 150. The higher the streak, the more points: starts    
     at x1, after every set of 10 notes hit (in a row), it goes up to x2,    
     x3, and x4. The multiplyer can be seen above the star power meter on    
     the right side of the noteboard. Star Power will double these          
     multipliers. x1 = x2, x2 = x4, and so on, until x8. Long notes will     
     give you points depending on how long you hold them, and [long] chords  
     will give you more than single ones. (Scoring is on the right side of   
     the noteboard).                                                        
     Note: If you want to get more stars at the end of the song (stars as in 
     the number in the star that appears once you finish a song), then all   
     you have to do is get a better score. More score  more stars.          
         For band explinations, check section 4.1.5                        
    4.1.4  Star Power (STRPR)                               All Instruments 
     - In order to gain Star Power, you must hit a sequence of notes that   
     are highlighted a lightblue. After hitting all notes in a sequence,    
     more Star Power will be added to your reserve.                          
     - It is simply something that either helps you when your rock meter's  
     red or helps you score more points. When filled up enough, the meter    
     for star power "shining" (right side of noteboard).                    
        How to activate:                                                     
        Guitar - Tilt instrument upwards (same with Bass).                   
        Drums - Simultaneously hit the Yellow & Orange Cymbal.               
        Vocals - Press X, Y, B, or A if using a Headset. For a microphone,
                 simply tap it.
     After activating, the board with turn kinda blue, and all notes will be 
     a sort of light blue or cyan kinda color. During this time, your multi 
     plyer will be doubled (2x, 4x, 6x, or 8x). If you're playing badly or  
     want to get your rock meter up fast, then once active, Star Power will  
     make it raise faster with each note hit.                                
    4.1.5  Whammy Bar (WMYBR)                                   Guitar/Bass 
        The Whammy Bar  one way to get star power  when there is a long    
     note that has a star shape, push the whammy bar in and out towards the  
     guitar controller, the note on the screen will turn blue as you gain    
     some star power. The whammy bar can also be used to make sounds as you  
     move it in and out at a certain rate depending on how you like.         
    4.1.6  Tutorials & Practice Mode (TLSPM)                All Instruments 
     To practice or do a tutorial, choose Training from the Main Menu.     
     Tutorial List:                                                          
      Highway & Rock Meter                                                   
      Score & Stars                                                          
      Challenge Mode                                                         
      Using The Guitar                                                       
      Using Fret Buttons                                                     
      Sustains & Chords                                                      
      Star Power                                                             
      HighNote Override                                                     
      HammerOns & PullOffs                                                 
      Tapped Notes                                                           
      Using The Slider                                                       
      Hand Positions                                                         
      Extended Sustains                                                      
      For Your Health                                                        
      Open Notes                                                             
      Band Play:                                                             
      Scoring System                                                         
      Star Power Overflow                                                    
      Instrument Roles                                                       
     Practice Mode                        
     - If you are having trouble with a song section or just a song, then go 
     to practice mode. Here, you can play songs on any instrument without    
     failing, and you can change the speed. If you want, you can also choose 
     a specific part of a song as well. During a practice song, you can see  
     how much percentage of the notes you have hit. There's no star power or 
     scoring but there is a multiplier still where it normally is.           
    4.2  Intermediate (INTMD)                                               
      If you've already played a few times on the easier difficulties and    
    think you're ready to move on, simply read the next section.             
    4.2.1  HammerOns & PullOffs (HOPOS)                         Guitar/Bass 
       Also known as HOPOs, HammerOns & PullOffs may not appear until hard  
     mode, but I think now's a good time to learn about them. When playing  
     guitar or bass, you may see notes that have a larger white circle, the 
     se specific notes may be playing without strumming, as long as you     
     press the fret button when needed, AND most importantly, if you strum  
     the first note before or during the HOPO sequence: Image example       
        |           | (r)  Regular note type.                   
        |  (o)      | (o)  HOPO note type.                         
        |    (o)    |                                         
        |  (o)      | Strum at the (r), then press the right fret keys when
        |(o)        | the time comes. No need to strum them unless you
        |  (r)      | somehow messup.                 
        |           |                                                  
        | G R Y B O | Important Note: It's okay to strum any note, it will
        |___________| still count towards your score and streaks. You may
                      also strum a (o) note and continue a HOPO sequence    
     from there. Just be sure to press the fret keys (when the notes are    
     over the strumline) when needed.                                    
    4.2.2  Drum Fills & Vocal Fills (DFVFS)                    Drums/Vocals 
     Drums  If you come across a part on your "noteboard" while playing a   
     song in which there is a purpleish wave type thing, then this means    
     you can play anything you want. Only during this part you can play free 
     though until it returns to its normal state. This will not messup your 
     streaks or rock meter so what ever you had before the DrumFill will be 
     the same. Yet, after a DrumFill, you must return and play the normal   
     parts of the song.                                                      
     Vocals  For vocals, it's almost exactly the same as the DrumFill, yet 
     your wave is sideways, and is kind of green.                            
    4.2.3  Progression From Easy To Medium (PFETM)          All Instruments 
     Guitar/Bass  For adding the bluekey, use your pinkyfinger. To make   
     the transition from medium to hard easier, you should just move the     
     fingers you've already been using. The bluekey just takes time to get  
     used to, along with the appearance of a lot more chords. So, as a good  
     training method, I suggest practice mode until you can get the blue key 
     and then try a song on quickplay (medium) and go for 90%. If you start  
     the mediumdifficulty career for guitar/bass afterwards, it should be   
     a little easier. You may still fail some songs but overtime the blue   
     key will be just like any other. Oh, and 1 last note, if you've been    
     using color schemes in order to tell what key your press, then stop.    
     Just try and coordinate where the note appears in response to which     
     finger needs to be pressed down.                                        
     Drums  (Coming Soon)                                                   
     Vocals  Not much changes for Vocals except that there are more pitches 
     you must hit and you must have more exact pitches. So make sure you're  
     good with Easy Mode before moving on and try a song in practice mode at 
    4.2.4  Solos (SOLOS)                                             Guitar 
       One of the most fun parts of Guitar Hero, is the solo. Exclusively    
     for guitar, solos include many HOPOs, and single notes. During this     
     time, the bass and drums will probably repeat the same thing over and   
     over, while vocals do nothing. If you are having trouble with a solo,   
     the best thing I recommend, is to keep your fingers where they are; yet 
     for your indexfiner, use it for green and red. This may not always     
     work considering there are times when chords are played during solos,   
     so, practicemode is something you should use. I can't highlight songs  
     in GH5 that you may need help on, but solos I should be able to do. If  
     you need help with a specific solo STILL AFTER reading this section, I  
     guess you can email me (Contact Section) with the name of the song.
    4.2.5  Solo Career (CREER)                              All Instruments 
       If you want, you can go through Career Mode alone. You may want to    
     switch instruments depending on the song's challenge or you can just go 
     back later. It's easier to get Challenges and get more stars while      
     alone unless the Challenge is a Band Challenge which will require you   
     to play with atleast 1 other person in that song (that is if you want   
     to do the optional challenges for bands).                               
    4.3  Advanced (ADVNC)                                                   
    If you're looking at this section before you've 5starred a medium song  
    and gone through atleast 1 career, then don't. This section includes     
    things only for those who are ready to move onto hard mode and expert.   
    4.3.1  The Orange Key (Guitar/Bass) (ORNGE)                             
       This can either be very hard, or very easy. For one, if you haven't   
     played at all, don't read this. 2, get used to moving your fingers. In  
     order for it to be an easier transition to harder difficulties, I high 
     ly recommend that you play and complete a song on medium difficulty    
     without using your pinkyfinger. I know, it may seems impossible but    
     you can atleast try. If you can't do this, then there's no way you will 
     be able to get expert mode.                                             
       If you have trouble on medium, go back to easy or beginner using only 
     your first 2 fingers. Go for atleast 95% or more while doing this, and  
     if you can (that is 95% on easy), increase to medium, just add your     
     ring finger. You'll probably eventually make some progress as it will   
     become more natural and easier for you to move your hand. Once again,   
     go for 95% (yet on medium), and once you think you're ready, give hard  
     mode a chance.                                                          
       This can be the hardest part in the transition  adding the orange    
     fret key. Once you start a song (hard or expert), sometimes it can be   
     easier to start with your hand on RYBO (Red, yellow, blue, orange). Use 
     what you've done before in easier modes by moving your hand. If you for 
     some reason try to remember the colors and use them to know what you're 
     playing, then don't. That is the worst thing to do because you don't    
     want to look at your hand when playing (you'll mess up  of course).    
     Just try to make sure that you are still moving your hand and for the   
     simplest way to get a song completed, use your indexfiner to press the 
     green AND red key, when not playing chords. This way, your other fing  
     ers won't have to move.                                                
    4.3.2  Those Darker Notes?  Tapping (TDRKN)                     Guitar 
       Similar to HammerOns & PullOffs, these notes can be played without    
     strumming; yet, there's not need to strum any note if you messup (but  
     you can if you want). Seen more often in ExpertMode, these notes can   
     be played with the "notepad" seen on GH5Version guitars (and since    
     there are more in Expert, that's why it's in the Advanced section). The 
     "notepad" (As I will call it), includes those 5 buttonlike... buttons 
     in the middle of the fretboard. Once again, strumming is optional. Oh,  
     and they are referred to as Taps.                                       
    4.3.3  Expert Difficulty (EXPRT)                                        
       After going through many songs on HardMode, go to practice mode and  
     bring up Song 2 or something easy in Expert Mode. You'll want to start  
     small and not go for big solos yet unless you think you're ready. There 
     are many differences between Hard & Expert. For one, Expert Mode has    
     more chords and uses the OrangeKey an amount more. As an added part,   
     much more difficult solos and taps are playable.                        
       There's not much to say about going from Hard to Expert except that   
     you should be able to get atleast 98% on a song in Hard Mode before     
     attempting anything like "2 Minutes To Midnight". If you want, you can  
     go through the Tutorials again or atleast the ones on Taps and some of  
     the Advanced things, then try them out for yourself.                    
    4.4  Band Stuff (BANDS)                                                 
    This part of the walkthrough talks about what happens when playing as a  
    part of a band.                                                          
    4.4.1  Star Power (BSRPR)                                          BAND 
       Star Power is gained and activated by yourself, although, activating  
     it together will raise your multiplier higher, especially if you do     
     this right after a Band Moment is performed correctly.                  
    4.4.2  Rock Meter, Streaks, And Scoring (BRMSS)                    BAND 
     Rock Meter  Unlike World Tour, while playing in a band, everyone gets  
     their own rock meter. If someone fails, then the whole band doesn't,    
     but they will need to be helped or else failing is going to happen.     
     (Section 4.4.5 Has More Info).                                          
     Streaks & Scoring  Streaks are put together as a band, so if someone   
     were to messup, then the whole band streak would reset. Scoring is     
     like singleplay except it combines everyone's score together. For a    
     higher number of stars at the end of the song, the band's score will    
     have to be higher than the needed score for singleplay. Multipliers    
     are set as a band and single. Alone, it can get up to x8. As a band, a  
     multiplier can be x11.                                                  
    4.4.3  Band Career (BCRER)                                         BAND 
       Very much like a SoloCareer, yet, stars are harder to get unless you 
     are playing with good players. Your combined score is used to get the 5 
     stars from that (excluding the 1 extra from 100%), along with the Band  
     challenges for an extra 3. Solo challenges can still be completed in a  
     band as long as you are using the correct instrument.                   
    4.4.4  Band Moments (BMMNT)                                        BAND 
       During play as a band, some notes (1 or 2 times per song) will have   
     flames around them. If everyone plays these without MessingUp, then    
     the Band Multiplier will raise for a short amount of time. Completing   
     20 of these will get you an achievement.                                
    4.4.5  Saving Others From Fail (SOFFL)                             BAND 
     After someone fails, a crowd meter will popup in which the other band  
     members have to play well so that it fills all the way, in order to     
     revive their fallen bandmate. As an optional way to get a bandmate      
     revived, one person can activate star power.                            
    4.5  Other Features (OTHER)                                         N/A 
     Extra things in the game you may not know of, including how to import   
     songs from GH: Smash Hits, and from World Tour.                         
    4.5.1  Importing Songs (IMPRT)                                      N/A 
       Go to Options from the Main Menu. Choose Import Songs. Pick which     
     game you want songs from, and then enter the 20Digit unique code from  
     the back of that game's manual. For a list of songs that become import 
     ed, check the Song List section of this guide.                         
    4.5.2  Options Menu (OPNMU)                                         N/A 
     Here, you can change Audio leves for specific instruments or sound    
     effects as well as switch to LeftyFlip. You can also calibrate your    
     system and TiltSensor. As well as Saving & Loading, you can enter any  
     cheat codes you know (Just select Input Cheats).                        
    |___ V. Multiplayer _____________________________________________(MULTI)_|
       Online play is availible along with many different modes to choose.   
    5.1  Cooperative (CO-OP)                                                
     Instruments: Any 24 (Each being different or the same).                
        In cooperative, or band mode (whatever you call it), you can play 
     as any instrument along with any others. So, there are different        
     combinations of instruments to play, such as: Drums and Vocals, Guitar  
     and Bass, Guitar, Bass, and Vocals; mostly whatever instrument          
     combination you want. Even, 4 of the same. If you want to do this, then
     simply go to Career or Quickplay. Search for players, friends, or play
     local-ly. All of you can choose a difficulty and play a song of choice.
    5.2  ProFace Off (PROFF)                                               
     Instruments: Any 28 of the same, Or, any type of Band vs same.         
     - During a match, there is Star Power, multipliers, and scoring, but   
     you can't fail. Whoever gets the most points, will be the victor. Use   
     Star Power during chords and get an x8 multiplier going to score the    
     most. If you messup and are playing with someone average of your play  
     ability or better, you will probably lose unless they manage to messup 
     as well (Just Saying). Choose any song you want yet everyone must play  
     it on the same difficulty.                                              
    5.3  New Modes (NWMDS)                                                  
    These modes are exclusive to Guitar Hero 5.                             
    5.3.1  Momentum (MMNTM)                                                 
     Instruments: Any 28 of the same.                                       
     - Starting Up, you will be on Medium difficulty. If you miss notes, the
     difficulty will go down, if you hit more notes, it raises (don't worry, 
     there's no fail). . In order to win, you must get the most points. For  
     the best way to do this, you must raise to Expert Mode and hit a lot of 
     notes when using Star Power, just don't messup a lot or you'll be sent 
     back to Hard or even something lower.                                   
    5.3.2  Do Or Die (DODIE)                                                
     Instruments: Any 28 of the same.                                       
     - Play through the song, if you miss 4 notes, you fail the phrase and   
     won't play until a tinybit after the next one starts. To win, get the  
     most points: 1 point per phrase not failed. Star power is not required  
     as it doesn't contribute to points (and there's no Rock Meter). Phrases 
     are marked with thin gold lines along the NoteHighway. There's also a  
     timer than counts down when the phrase ends and a new one comes.        
    5.3.3  Elimination (ELMNT)                                              
     Instruments: Any 28 of the same.                                       
     - Play through a song with others and try to score the most points. The 
     one who has the lowest points once the next phrase starts (there's also 
     a timer), will be eliminated and not be able to win or play the song.   
     It keeps going until every person but one, has been eliminated. So, it  
     could end in the middle of a song.                                      
    5.3.4  Streakers (STREK)                                                
     Instruments: Any 28 of the same.                                       
     - Once a song has started, get streaks of notes. For every 10 notes that
     you manage to streak, you get some points. 1 for the first, 2 for the 
     next 10 that goes along with the first; then 3, and finally 4 points for
     each 10 you manage to streak from then on. Get the most points to win, 
     but don't mess-up or you'll go back to getting 1 point and you will have
     to make your way back up.
    5.3.5  Perfectionist (PRFCT)                                            
     Instruments: Any 28 of the same.                                       
     - Go through a song without a Rock Meter. If you messup, you will be 
     given less points at the next phrase. If you don't once the next one    
     has come, then you will be given the maximum 4. At the end of the song, 
     the one/team with the most points will win.                             
    5.3.6  Party Mode (PRTYM)                                               
     Instruments: 14 of any instrument combination.                         
     - In order to play PartyMode, from the Main Menu (This is only local), 
     press the YellowKey (Guitar). A song will startup, you choose your    
     instrument and difficulty and start playing this random song. In order  
     to choose your own songs, press Start, and choose Song. Choose new song 
     and make your own playlist or whatever you want.                        
     During PartyMode, you can dropout, change instrument or difficulty, or 
     take a break. There's no fail and it won't stop unless you quit.        
    5.4  Band Vs. Band (BNDVS)                                              
     Instruments: 2 of each (Vocals are optional).                           
     - This is basically 2 StandardBands going through songs trying to score
     the most points possible. You can't see what your opposing Band is      
     playing but you can compare scores in the center of your display. So,   
     overall just try to get the highest BandMultiplier possible. As well   
     as the score in the center, there's a meter pointing towards which team 
     has the most points.                                                    
    5.5  Online Play (ONLNE)                         All Instruments & Band 
     To do online play, go to Quickplay/Career/Competitive (You can change   
     this while in the player lobby). Press Orange to search for players.    
     If you chose Career or Quickplay, it will search for any 3 others of    
     any instruments. If you chose Competitive, it will bring up this list:  
      Pro Faceoff                                                            
      - Face off against others players in a free for all, high score    
      competition (Section 5.2).                                             
      - Compete against other players during a series of songs. Game rules
      will change after every song. Players vote on which rules to use.      
      Rockfest includes Pro Faceoff, Momentum, Streakers, Do Or Die,         
      Perfectionist, and Elimination.                                        
      Team Pro Faceoff                                                       
      - Face off against an opposing band of any instrument combination in
      a hish score competition.                                              
      Team Rockfest                                                          
      - Compete against an opposing band during a series of songs. Game    
      rules will change after every song. Players vote on which rules to     
      use. Team Rockfest includes Team: Pro Faceoff, Momentum, Streakers, 
      Do Or Die, Perfectionists, and Elimination.                    
      Band v Band                                                            
      - Face off against an opposing standard band in a high score competit
      ion w/without Vocals.                                                 
     Choose one of these to start your search.                               
    |___ VI. Venues & Characters ____________________________________(VN&CT)_|
        A complete list of all unlockables including characters, venues, and 
    6.1  Venues (VNUES)                                                     
                                Career Venue List                            
     The 13th Rail                                                           
     Club Boson                                                              
     Angel's Crypt                                                           
     O'Connell's Corner                                                      
     The Aqueduct                                                            
     Neon Oasis                                                              
     Electric Honky Tonk                                                     
     Calavera Square                                                         
     Cairo Bazaar                                                            
     The Golden Gate                                                         
     Fjord of Swords                                                         
     Hypersphere  Beat Career (Final Song in Fjord of Swords)               
    6.2  Characters (CTCTR)                                                 
       - Random Rocker                                                        
       - Random Avatar                                                        
       - List of Custom Characters                                            
       Axel Steel                                                           
       Casey Lynch                                                          
       Judy Nails                                                           
       Clive Winston                                                        
       Lars Umlaut                                                          
       Eddie Knox                                                           
       Izzy Sparks                                                          
       Johnny Napalm                                                        
       - Xbox Avatar                                                      
       Johnny Cash - Complete "Ring of Fire" in Career.                     
       Carlos Santana - Complete "No One To Depend On" in Career.           
       Matt Bellamy - Complete "Plug In Baby" in Career.                    
       FrankenRocker - Complete "APunk" Challenge on Platinum (Career).    
       Gerald Contest Winner - Contest Winner 1 Cheat.                      
       Kurt Cobain - Complete "Smells Like Teen Spirit" in Career.          
       Shirley Manson - Complete "Only Happy When It Rains" in Career.      
       Skeleton - "Disconnected" Platinum Challenge.                        
       Golden God - Complete the Platinum Challenge "The God of Rock's      
                   Final Test" in Career Mode.                             
       Shadow - "Lust For Life" Platinum Challenge.      
    |___ VII. Song List _____________________________________________(SNGLT)_|
     All the songs in GH5: Including Backwards Compatible ones.              
     Songs are Ordered by Quickplay, DLC, then the WT & SH ones.             
     7.1  Quickplay Songs (QPSNG)                                           
     3 Doors Down  "Kryptonite"                                             
     A Perfect Circle  "Judith"                                             
     AFI  "Medicate"                                                        
     Arctic Monkeys  "Brianstorm"                                           
     Attack! Attack! UK  "You and Me"                                       
     Band Of Horses  "Cigarettes, Wedding Bands"                            
     Beastie Boys  "Gratitude"                                              
     Beck  "Gamma Ray"                                                      
     Billy Idol  "Dancing with Myself"                                      
     Billy Squier  "Lonely is the Night"                                    
     Blink182  "The Rock Show"                                             
     Blur  "Song 2"                                                         
     Bob Dylan  "All Along the Watchtower"                                  
     Bon Jovi  "You Give Love A Bad Name"                                   
     Brand New  "Sowing Season"                                             
     Bush  "Comedown"                                                       
     Children Of Bodom  "Done With Everything, Die For Nothing"             
     Coldplay  "In My Place"                                                
     Darker My Love  "Blue Day"                                             
     Darkest Hour  "Demon(s)"                                               
     David Bowie  "Fame"                                                    
     Deep Purple  "Woman From Tokyo ('99 Remix)"                            
     Dire Straits  "Sultans of Swing"                                       
     Duran Duran  "Hungry Like The Wolf"                                    
     Eagles Of Death Metal  "Wannabe in L.A."                               
     Elliott Smith  "L.A."                                                  
     Elton John  "Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting"                    
     Face To Face  "Disconnected"                                           
     Garbage  "Only Happy When It Rains"                                    
     Gorillaz  "Feel Good Inc."                                             
     Gov't Mule  "Streamline Woman"                                         
     Grand Funk Railroad  "We're an American Band"                          
     Iggy Pop  "Lust For Life"                                              
     Iron Maiden  "2 Minutes to Midnight"                                   
     Jeff Beck  "Scatterbrain"                                              
     Jimmy Eat World  "Bleed American"                                      
     John Mellencamp  "Hurts So Good"                                       
     Johnny Cash  "Ring of Fire"                                            
     Kaiser Chiefs  "Never Miss a Beat"                                     
     King Crimson  "21st Century Schizoid Man"                              
     Kings Of Leon  "Sex on Fire"                                           
     Kiss  "Shout it Out Loud"                                              
     Love and Rockets  "Mirror People"                                      
     Megadeth  "Sweating Bullets"                                           
     Mötley Crüe  "Looks That Kill"                                         
     Muse  "Plug in Baby"                                                   
     My Morning Jacket  "One Big Holiday"                                   
     Nirvana  "Lithium"                                                     
     Nirvana  "Smells Like Teen Spirit"                                     
     No Doubt  "ExGirlfriend"                                              
     Peter Frampton  "Do You Feel Like We Do (Live)"                        
     Public Enemy Featuring Zakk Wylde  "Bring the Noise 20xx"              
     Queen & David Bowie  "Under Pressure"                                  
     Queens Of The Stone Age  "Make it With Chu"                            
     Rammstein  "Du Hast"                                                   
     Rose Hill Drive  "Sneak Out"                                           
     Rush  "The Spirit of Radio (Live, 2008)"                               
     Santana  "No One To Depend On (Live)"                                  
     Scars On Broadway  "They Say"                                          
     Screaming Trees  "Nearly Lost You"                                     
     Smashing Pumpkins  "Bullet With Butterfly Wings"                       
     Sonic Youth  "Incinerate"                                              
     Spacehog  "In the Meantime"                                            
     Stevie Wonder  "Superstition"                                          
     Sublime  "What I Got"                                                  
     Sunny Day Real Estate  "Seven"                                         
     T. Rex  "20th Century Boy"                                             
     The Bronx  "Six Days a Week"                                           
     The Derek Trucks Band  "Younk Funk"                                    
     The Duke Spirit  "Send a Little Love Token"                            
     The Killers  "All the Pretty Faces"                                    
     The Police  "So Lonely"                                                
     The Raconteurs  "Steady As She Goes"                                   
     The Rolling Stones  "Sympathy for the Devil"                           
     The Sword  "Maiden, Mother & Crone"                                    
     The White Stripes  "Blue Orchid"                                       
     Thin Lizzy  "Jailbreak"                                                
     Thrice  "Deadbolt"                                                     
     Tom Petty  "Runnin' Down a Dream"                                      
     Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers  "American Girl"                         
     TV On The Radio  "Wolf Like Me"                                        
     Vampire Weekend  "APunk"                                              
     Weezer  "Why Bother?"                                                  
     Wild Cherry  "Play That Funky Music"                                   
     Wolfmother  "Back Round"                                               
     7.2  Imported (IMTSG)                                        
     World Tour:
     "About A Girl"  Nirvana                                                
     "Are You Gonna Go My Way"  Lenny Kravitz                               
     "Band On The Run"  Wings                                               
     "Dammit"  Blink182                                                    
     "Demolition Man"  Sting                                                
     "Do It Again"  Steely Dan                                              
     "Everlong"  Foo Fighters                                               
     "Heartbreaker"  Pat Benatar                                            
     "Hollywood Nights"  Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band                 
     "The Joker"  Steve Miller Band                                         
     "The Kill"  30 Seconds To Mars                                         
     "L'Vin L'Viaquez"  The Mars Volta                                      
     "Lazy Eye"  Silversun Pickups                                          
     "Livin' On A Prayer"  Bon Jovi                                         
     "Love Spreads"  The Stone Roses                                        
     "The Middle"  Jimmy Eat World                                          
     "Never Too Late"  The Answer                                           
     "No Sleep Till Brooklyn"  Beastie Boys                                 
     "Obstacle 1"  Interpol                                                 
     "One Armed Scissor"  At The Drive In                                   
     "One Way Or Another"  Blondie                                          
     "Our Truth"  Lacuna Coil                                               
     "OverKill"  Motorhead                                                  
     "ReEducation Through Labor"  Rise Against                             
     "Santeria"  Sublime                                                    
     "Shiver"  Coldplay                                                     
     "Soul Doubt"  NOFX                                                     
     "Spiderwebs"  No Doubt                                                 
     "Stillborn"  Black Label Society                                       
     "Stranglehold"  Ted Nugent                                             
     "Sweet Home Alabama"  Lynyrd Skynyrd                                   
     "Today"  Smashing Pumpkins                                             
     "Toy Boy"  Stuck In The Sound                                          
     "Up Around The Band"  Creedence Clearwater Revival                     
     "You're Gonna Say Yeah"  Hushpuppies                                   
     Smash Hits:
     "Caught In A Mosh"  Anthrax                                            
     "Cult Of Personality"  Living Colour                                   
     "Free Bird"  Lynyrd Skynyrd                                            
     "Freya"  The Sword                                                     
     "Heart Shaped Box"  Nirvana                                            
     "Hey You"  The Exies                                                   
     "Hit Me With Your Best Shot"  Pat Benatar                              
     "I Love Rock 'N Roll"  Joan Jeff And The Blackhearts                   
     "I Wanna Rock"  Twisted Sister                                         
     "Message In A Bottle"  The Police                                      
     "Miss Murder"  AFI                                                     
     "Monkey Wrench"  Foo Fighters                                          
     "No One Knows"  Queens Of The Stone Age                                
     "Nothin' But A Good Time"  Poison                                      
     "Play With Me"  Extreme                                                
     "Psychobilly Freakout"  The Reverend Norton Heat                       
     "Rock And Roll All Nite"  KISS                                         
     "Shout At The Devil"  Mötley Crüe                                      
     "The Trooper"  Iron Maiden                                             
     "Woman"  Wolfmother                                                    
     "YYZ"  Rush                                                            
    |___ VIII. GH Jam/Mix - Recording Studio ________________________(GHJ/M)_|
     If you choose GHStudio from the Main Menu, 3 other options will appear.  
     GHTunes: Download Songs other people have made.                         
     GHJam: Play a song, record, or just fool around.                        
     GHMix2.0: Get serious, and make your own song the right way.            
     After choosing either GHJam or GHMix2.0, you can Create a new song, edit 
     one you've already made or downloaded, or play an example song. After    
     choosing Create New, different styles will come up (You can change this  
     later). Pick one and then continue. Here is a list of controls for GHMix 
     as well as some helpful tips. For further help in GHMix, hold any button 
     other than Start for more information.                                  
     Start: Return to Original GHMix menu. Pressing this at that menu will    
     allow you to save, quit, or go to Pattern Mode.                          
     Press Back/StarPower: Preview notes, play anything according to the note 
     scale. Hold the same button and play notes to palmmute them.            
     Press Green: Plays your song from where your marker is at the set tempo. 
     Press/Hold Strum Bar Up/Down: Moves marker that shows where you are ent 
     ering notes. Note: After pressing Up/Down, you can use the WhammyBar   
     in order to scroll faster, depending on which direction you strummed.    
     Press Red: Recording, press green in this menu to Live Record (Basically 
     GHJam Mode). Press Start to stop. Press red to Step Record (Strum notes  
     where you want in the song for more exact recording). Yellow is JumpIn  
     recording (Press green to set a marker, and go back to JumpIn recording 
     to Live Record from there). Press Blue for Looping (Select an area by    
     strumming, then press Green to set a loop here). Press Orange to Add or  
     change markers.                                                          
     Press Yellow: Editing. Press Green and strum to select an area (then     
     press Green to delete the chosen notes, Red to copy them, Yellow to cut, 
     Blue to clear the entire track for the instrument, or Orange to select   
     a different track). In the editing menu, press Red to paste your copied  
     or cut section any amount of time. Press Yellow to edit specific note    
     sounds or pitch. Press Blue, strum to select an area, then press Green   
     to Quantinize the notes to the specific Snap (Change snap using knob or  
     directional pad on instrument/controller). Pressing Orange allows you to 
     Nudge [a] note(s) back. From where your marker is after pressing Orange, 
     press Green to Nudge the next note forward one "Snap", Red to Nudge all  
     notes forward from the marker, Yellow to move the first previous note    
     from the marker, and Blue for all previous notes.                        
     Press Blue: Track Settings. Press Green to change the note scale (Choose 
     a note Root (E as lowest), scale style, your own custom notes, chord ty 
     pe, or Expressive Note Set (decending note pitch and similar things)).  
     If you press Red, you can change between Classic or Modern (Guitar) for  
     sound. Press Yellow to change your Effects  Read the intro to this sec 
     tion?, well here's where you can change your note's sound from Metal,   
     to Classical, and many things in between. Press Blue to set Effect and   
     instrumental sounds.                                                     
     Press Orange: For Tools. Green will Undo, Red will let you change the    
     tempo of the song, Yellow lets you choose where Star Power is given,     
     choose what notes go where, or choose a playable Track. Press Blue for   
     general settings  Scrub, Metronome, Menu Sounds On/Off, or Lefty Flip.  
     Press Left/Right (DPad/Controller/GuitarKnob): Change to which ever in 
     strument's track you want to edit.                                      
     Pattern Mode: Lets you copy and paste parts of your song for things like 
     a chorus or verse that you want to repeat.                               
    |___ IX. Challenges _____________________________________________(CHLNG)_|
     There are 3 levels for challenges: Gold, Platinum, and Diamond.         
     Challenges vary from streaks and note hits, to other things such as     
     maintaining multipliers.                                                
     If you want to complete a Challenge but don't have the instrument to do 
     it, simply go online with someone who does and load up a song in career 
     that has that instrument's challenge. If they complete when you are     
     playing the song with them, then you will get the challenge completed   
     as well.                                                                
      The 13th Rail                                                        
     "Song 2"  Blur                                                         
     Instrument: Band                                                        
     Gold: Score 500,000 Points                                              
     Platinum: Score 1,000,000 Points                                        
     Diamond: Score 2,000,000 Points                                         
     "They Say"  Scars On Broadway                                          
     Instrument: Drums                                                       
     Gold: Hit 200 Snares                                                    
     Platinum: 235 Snares                                                    
     Diamond: 245 Snares                                                     
     "Gamma Ray"  Beck                                                      
     Instrument: Bass                                                        
     Gold: Hit 340 UpStrums                                                 
     Platinum: 540 UpStrums                                                 
     Diamond: 695 UpStrums                                                  
     "In My Place"  Coldplay                                                
     Instrument: Guitar                                                      
     Gold: Whammy the sustains for 30 Seconds                                
     Platinum: 40 Seconds                                                    
     Diamond: 80 Seconds                                                     
     "Feel Good Inc."  Gorillaz                                             
     Instrument: Vocals                                                      
     Gold: Maintain 4x Multiplier for 30 Seconds                             
     Platinum: 60 Seconds                                                    
     Diamond: 120 Seconds                                                    
     "All Along The Watchtower"  Bob Dylan                                  
     Instrument: Drums                                                       
     Gold: Hit 285 Snares                                                    
     Platinum: 300 Snares                                                    
     Diamond: 325 Snares                                                     
     "Sympathy For The Devil"  The Rolling Stones                           
     Instrument: Band                                                        
     Gold: Maintain Band Multiplier of x2 for 86 Seconds.                    
     Platinum: 172 Seconds.                                                  
     Diamond: 345 Seconds.                                                   
     ESP Wants You! ...Maybe  Choose 1 Song                                 
     Instrument: Guitar                                                      
     Gold: Strum 100 Chords                                                  
     Platinum: 250 Chords                                                    
     Diamond: 400 Chords                                                     
      Club Boson                                                           
     "Steady, As She Goes"  The Raconteurs                                  
     Instrument: Drums                                                       
     Gold: Hit 100 Kicks (Bass Pedal)
     Platinum: 220 Kicks
     Diamond: 390 Kicks
     "Blue Day"  Darker My Love                                             
     Instrument: Bass                                                        
     Gold: Score In Star Power - 15,000 Points
     Platinum: 30,000 Points
     Diamond: 60,000 Points
     "Gratitude"  Beastie Boys                                              
     Instrument: Guitar                                                      
     Gold: Tap 15 Notes
     Platinum: 24 Taps
     Diamond: 35 Taps (All)
     "Sowing Season (Yeah)"  Brand New                                      
     Instrument: Bass                                                        
     Gold: Hit Notes Strumming Up - 300 Up-Strums
     Platinum: 400 Up-Strums
     Diamond: 475 Up-Strums
     "Only Happy When It Rains"  Garbage                                    
     Instrument: Vocals                                                      
     Gold: Refill Star Power Meter - 75%
     Platinum: 100%
     Diamond: 135%
     "Blue Orchid"  The White Stripes                                       
     Instrument: Drums                                                       
     Gold: Hit 100 Kicks (Bass Pedal)
     Platinum: 200 Kicks
     Diamond: 300 Kicks
     "Hurts So Good"  John Mallencamp                                       
     Instrument: Guitar                                                      
     Gold: Whammy Sustains For 15 Seconds
     Platinum: 25 Seconds
     Diamond: 35 Seconds
     AudioTechnica Seeks Vocal Talent  Choose 1 Song                       
     Instrument: Vocals                                                      
     Gold: Maintain 4x Multiplier For 75 Seconds
     Platinum: 100 Seconds
     Diamond: 150 Seconds
     Rags To Rich's Guitars  Choose 1 Song                                  
     Instrument: Guitar                                                      
     Gold: Score 50,000 Points                                               
     Platinum: 125,000 Points                                                
     Diamond: 175,000 Points                                                 
     "Play That Funky Music"  Wild Cherry                                   
     Instrument: Guitar                                                      
     Gold: Maintain 4x Multiplier For 50 Seconds
     Platinum: 100 Seconds
     Diamond: 200 Seconds
     "Fame"  David Bowie                                                    
     Instrument: Vocals                                                      
     Gold: Nail the descending Fames at the end of the song - 5 Notes
     Platinum: 20 Notes
     Diamond: 24 Notes
     "ExGirlfriend"  No Doubt                                              
     Instrument: Guitar                                                      
     Gold: Whammy Sustains For 30 Seconds
     Platinum: 50 Seconds
     Diamond: 70 Seconds
     "Cigarettes, Wedding Bands"  Band Of Horses                            
     Instrument: Bass                                                        
     Gold: Score In Star Power - 40,000 Points
     Platinum: 60,000 Points
     Diamond: 90,000 Points
     "Woman From Tokyo ('99 Remix)"  Deep Purple                            
     Instrument: Band                                                        
     Gold: Score In Star Power - 312,500 Points
     Platinum: 625,000 Points
     Diamond: 1,250,000 Points
     "Under Pressure"  Queen & David Bowie                                  
     Instrument: Vocals                                                      
     Gold: Score 50,000 Points
     Platinum: 85,000 Points
     Diamond: 115,000 Points
     "Sex On Fire"  Kings Of Leon                                           
     Instrument: Band                                                        
     Gold: Refill Star Power 300%
     Platinum: 450%
     Diamond: 800%
     EMG FTW  Choose 1 Song                                                 
     Instrument: Guitar                                                      
     Gold: Score 80,000 Points
     Platinum: 110,000 Points
     Diamond: 150,000 Points
     Zildjian Is Feeling Charitable  Choose 1 Song                          
     Instrument: Drums                                                       
     Gold: Refill Star Power 150%
     Platinum: 200%
     Diamond: 250%
      Angel's Crypt                                                        
     "Kryptonite"  3 Doors Down                                             
     Instrument: Drums                                                       
     Gold: Streak 50 Notes
     Platinum: 150 Notes
     Diamond: 300 Notes
     "Send A Little Love Token"  The Duke Spirit                            
     Instrument: Vocals                                                      
     Gold: Score 20,000 Points
     Platinum: 40,000 Points
     Diamond: 80,000 Points
     "Mirror People"  Love And Rockets                                      
     Instrument: Drums                                                       
     Gold: Hit Snare/TomTom Combos - 200
     Platinum: 275 Snare/Tom
     Diamond: 315 Snare/Tom
     "Comedown"  Bush                                                       
     Instrument: Vocals                                                      
     Gold: Streak 24 Phrases
     Platinum: 34 Phrases
     Diamond: 44 Phrases
     "Never Miss A Beat"  Kaiser Chiefs                                     
     Instrument: Guitar                                                      
     Gold: Streak 125 Notes
     Platinum: 200 Notes
     Diamond: 400 Notes
     "Dancing With Myself"  Billy Idol                                      
     Instrument: Guitar                                                      
     Gold: Streak 130 Notes
     Platinum: 200 Notes
     Diamond: 400 Notes
     "Shout It Out Loud"  KISS                                              
     Instrument: Band                                                        
     Gold: Maintain 2x Band Multiplier - 45 Seconds
     Platinum: 75 Seconds
     Diamond: 150 Seconds
     Schector BassOff  Choose 1 Song                                       
     Instrument: Bass                                                        
     Gold: Score 50,000 Points
     Platinum: 100,000 Points
     Diamond: 200,000 Points
      O'Connell's Corner                                                   
     "You Give Love A Bad Name"  Bon Jovi                                   
     Instrument: Band                                                        
     Gold: Score 875,000 Points
     Platinum: 1,750,000 Points
     Diamond: 3,500,000 Points
     "In The Meantime"  Spacehog                                            
     Instrument: Bass                                                        
     Gold: Hit 60 HOPOs
     Platinum: 215 HOPOs
     Diamond: 380 HOPOs
     "You And Me"  Attack! Attack!                                          
     Instrument: Drums                                                       
     Gold: Score In Star Power - 20,000 Points
     Platinum: 40,000 Points
     Diamond: 60,000 Points
     "L.A."  Elliott Smith                                                  
     Instrument: Bass                                                        
     Gold: Hit 4 HOPOs
     Platinum: 45 HOPOs
     Diamond: 90 HOPOs
     "Make It With Chu"  Queens Of The Stone Age                            
     Instrument: Drums                                                       
     Gold: Score 150,000 Points
     Platinum: 250,000 Points
     Diamond: 315,000 Points
     "Plug In Baby"  Muse                                                   
     Instrument: Band                                                        
     Gold: Refill Star Power 200%
     Platinum: 400%
     Diamond: 700%
     "Superstition"  Stevie Wonder                                          
     Instrument: Guitar                                                      
     Gold: Tap 300 Notes
     Platinum: 415 Taps
     Diamond: 580 Taps
     "Sultans Of Swing"  Dire Straits                                       
     Instrument: Guitar                                                      
     Gold: Strum 340 Chords
     Platinum: 550 Chords
     Diamond: 610 Chords
     Paul Reed Smith's Open Call  Choose 1 Song                             
     Instrument: Bass                                                        
     Gold: Streak 100 Notes
     Platinum: 200 Notes
     Diamond: 300 Notes
      The Aqueduct                                                         
     "Why Bother?"  Weezer                                                  
     Instrument: Guitar                                                      
     Gold: Strum Up And Down For 225 Notes
     Platinum: 275 Notes
     Diamond: 345 Notes
     "Jailbreak"  Thin Lizzy                                                
     Instrument: Band                                                        
     Gold: Refill Star Power 350%
     Platinum: 500%
     Diamond: 1000%
     "The Rock Show"  Blink182                                             
     Instrument: Drums                                                       
     Gold: Streak 50 Notes
     Platinum: 75 Notes
     Diamond: 150 Notes
     "Bleed American"  Jimmy Eat World                                      
     Instrument: Band                                                        
     Gold: Maintain 2x Band Multiplier For 42 Seconds
     Platinum: 82 Seconds
     Diamond: 165 Seconds
     "Hungry Like The Wolf"  Duran Duran                                    
     Instrument: Vocals                                                      
     Gold: Score 50,000 Points
     Platinum: 80,000 Points
     Diamond: 100,000 Points
     "Looks That Kill"  Mötley Crüe                                         
     Instrument: Guitar                                                      
     Gold: Strum Up And Down For 500 Notes
     Platinum: 600 Notes
     Diamond: 800 Notes
     Daisy Rock's Ladies Night  Choose 1 Song                               
     Instrument: Bass                                                        
     Gold: Score In Star Power - 30,000 Points
     Platinum: 50,000 Points
     Diamond: 80,000 Points
     Mmmmmm.... Pork Pie  Choose 1 Song                                     
     Instrument: Drums                                                       
     Gold: Score 125,000 Points
     Platinum: 200,000 Points
     Diamond: 350,000 Points
     "Lonely Is The Night"  Billy Squier                                    
     Instrument: Guitar                                                      
     Gold: Whammy Sustains For 25 Seconds
     Platinum: 45 Seconds
     Diamond: 65 Seconds
     "Wannabe In L.A."  Eagles Of Death Metal                               
     Instrument: Bass                                                        
     Gold: Refill Star Power 75%
     Platinum: 101%
     Diamond: 126%
     "Nearly Lost You"  Screaming Trees                                     
     Instrument: Drums                                                       
     Gold: Score In Star Power - 20,000 Points
     Platinum: 40,000 Points
     Diamond: 60,000 Points
     "Smells Like Teen Spirit"  Nirvana                                     
     Instrument: Guitar                                                      
     Gold: Refill Star Power 225%
     Platinum: 300%
     Diamond: 350%
     "Lithium"  Nirvana                                                     
     Instrument: Vocals                                                      
     Gold: Refill Star Power 100%
     Platinum: 200%
     Diamond: 290%
     "All The Pretty Faces"  The Killers                                    
     Instrument: Band                                                        
     Gold: Maintain 2x Band Multiplier For 60 Seconds
     Platinum: 120 Seconds
     Diamond: 240 Seconds
     Tama Sponsorship Invitational  Choose 1 Song                           
     Instrument: Drums                                                       
     Gold: Streak 100 Notes
     Platinum: 200 Notes
     Diamond: 300 Notes
      Neon Oasis                                                           
     "20th Century Boy"  T. Rex                                             
     Instrument: Guitar                                                      
     Gold: Maintain 4x Multiplier For 35 Seconds
     Platinum: 70 Seconds
     Diamond: 135 Seconds
     "What I Got"  Sublime                                                  
     Instrument: Vocals                                                      
     Gold: Streak 15 Phrases
     Platinum: 30 Phrases
     Diamond: 45 Phrases
     "APunk"  Vampire Weekend                                              
     Instrument: Bass                                                        
     Gold: Refill Star Power 75%
     Platinum: 100%
     Diamond: 130%
     "Seven"  Sunny Day Real Estate                                         
     Instrument: Drums                                                       
     Gold: Streak 75 Notes
     Platinum: 175 Notes
     Diamond: 350 Notes
     "Bring The Noise 20xx"  Public Enemy Featuring Zakk Wylde              
     Instrument: Vocals                                                      
     Gold: Streak 40 Phrases
     Platinum: 60 Phrases
     Diamond: 75 Phrases
     "Du Hast"  Rammstein                                                   
     Instrument: Guitar                                                      
     Gold: Tap 200 Notes
     Platinum: 230 Taps
     Diamond: 295 Taps
     Ibanez Jackpot Jam  Choose 1 Song                                      
     Instrument: Guitar                                                      
     Gold: Streak 200 Notes
     Platinum: 300 Notes
     Diamond: 500 Notes
      Electric Honky Tonk                                                  
     "Ring Of Fire"  Johnny Cash                                            
     Instrument: Vocals                                                      
     Gold: Score In Star Power - 10,000 Points
     Platinum: 25,000 Points
     Diamond: 40,000 Points
     "Disconnected"  Face To Face                                           
     Instrument: Guitar                                                      
     Gold: Streak 150 Notes
     Platinum: 250 Notes
     Diamond: 600 Notes
     "Bullet With Butterfly Wings"  Smashing Pumpkins                       
     Instrument: Bass                                                        
     Gold: Maintain 4x Multiplier For 50 Seconds
     Platinum: 100 Seconds
     Diamond: 200 Seconds
     "One Big Holiday"  My Morning Jacket                                   
     Instrument: Guitar                                                      
     Gold: Hit 200 HOPOs
     Platinum: 350 HOPOs
     Diamond: 480 HOPOs
     "We're An American Band"  Grand Funk Railroad                          
     Instrument: Drums                                                       
     Gold: Refill Star Power 175%
     Platinum: 225%
     Diamond: 250%
     Seymour Duncan Pickup Match  Choose 1 Song                             
     Instrument: Guitar                                                      
     Gold: Whammy Sustains For 15 Seconds
     Platinum: 30 Seconds
     Diamond: 40 Seconds
      Calavera Square                                                      
     "Incinerate"  Sonic Youth                                              
     Instrument: Drums                                                       
     Gold: Hit 280 Kicks (Bass Pedal)
     Platinum: 640 Kicks
     Diamond: 760 Kicks
     "Maiden, Mother & Crone"  The Sword                                    
     Instrument: Bass                                                        
     Gold: Maintain 4x Multiplier For 70 Seconds
     Platinum: 100 Seconds
     Diamond: 200 Seconds
     "Wolf Like Me"  TV On The Radio                                        
     Instrument: Guitar                                                      
     Gold: Strum Up And Down For 900 Notes
     Platinum: 1300 Notes
     Diamond: 1600 Notes
     "So Lonely"  The Police                                                
     Instrument: Vocals                                                      
     Gold: Score 60,000 Points
     Platinum: 80,000 Points
     Diamond: 120,000 Points
     "No One To Depend On"  Santana                                         
     Instrument: Guitar                                                      
     Gold: Maintain 4x Multiplier or Higher for 35 Seconds
     Platinum: 75 Seconds
     Diamond: 160 Seconds
     "Runnin' Down A Dream"  Tom Petty                                      
     Instrument: Guitar                                                      
     Gold: Whammy Sustains for 30 Seconds
     Platinum: 60 Seconds
     Diamond: 80 Seconds
     Ernie Ball's String Set  Choose 1 Song                                 
     Instrument: Bass                                                        
     Gold: Score 100,000 Points
     Platinum: 150,000 Points
     Diamond: 250,000 Points
      Cairo Bazaar                                                         
     "Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting)"  Elton John                  
     Instrument: Band                                                        
     Gold: Score 1,500,000 Points
     Platinum: 3,000,000 Points
     Diamond: 6,000,000 Points
     "Young Funk"  The Derek Trucks Band                                    
     Instrument: Guitar                                                      
     Gold: Score 100,000 Points
     Platinum: 175,000 Points
     Diamond: 225,000 Points
     "Sneak Out"  Rose Hill Drive                                           
     Instrument: Drums                                                       
     Gold: Score In Star Power - 10,000 Points
     Platinum: 25,000 Points
     Diamond: 42,500 Points
     "Streamline Woman"  Gov't Mule                                         
     Instrument: Guitar                                                      
     Gold: Maintain 4x Multiplier For 40 Seconds
     Platinum: 90 Seconds
     Diamond: 160 Seconds
     "Back Round"  Wolfmother                                               
     Instrument: Bass                                                        
     Gold: Maintain 4x Multiplier or Higher for 70 Seconds
     Platinum: 100 Seconds
     Diamond: 190 Seconds
     "Medicate"  AFI                                                        
     Instrument: Vocals                                                      
     Gold: Score In Star Power - 20,000 Points
     Platinum: 35,000 Points
     Diamond: 50,000 Points
     Getting Ahead  Choose 1 Song                                           
     Instrument: Drums                                                       
     Gold: Refill Star Power 175%
     Platinum: 225%
     Diamond: 275%
      The Golden Gate                                                      
     "Six Days A Week"  The Bronx                                           
     Instrument: Bass                                                        
     Gold: Strum Up For 600 Up-Strums
     Platinum: 730 Up-Strums
     Diamond: 850 Up-Strums
     "American Girl"  Tom Petty & The Heartbreaks                           
     Instrument: Guitar                                                      
     Gold: Streak 200 Notes
     Platinum: 400 Notes
     Diamond: 650 Notes
     "Judith"  A Perfect Girdle                                             
     Instrument: Band                                                        
     Gold: Score In Star Power - 500,000 Points
     Platinum: 1,000,000 Points
     Diamond: 2,000,000 Points
     "Deadbolt"  Thrice                                                     
     Instrument: Bass                                                        
     Gold: Hit 75 Open Notes
     Platinum: 125 Open Notes
     Diamond: 164 Open Notes (All)
     "Brainstorm"  Arctic Monkeys                                           
     Instrument: Drums                                                       
     Gold: Hit 180 Toms
     Platinum: 265 Toms
     Diamond: 460 Toms
     "2 Minutes To Midnight"  Iron Maiden                                   
     Instrument: Vocals                                                      
     Gold: Streak 20 Phrases
     Platinum: 40 Phrases
     Diamond: 56 Phrases
     McSwain Custom Challenge  Choose 1 Song                                
     Instrument: Guitar                                                      
     Gold: Score 100,000 Points
     Platinum: 175,000 Points
     Diamond: 250,000 Points
      Fjord Of Swords                                                      
     "Lust For Life"  Iggy Pop                                              
     Instrument: Guitar                                                      
     Gold: 100 Note Streak                                                   
     Platinum: 375 Note Streak                                               
     Diamond: 600 Note Strreak                                               
     "Sweating Bullets"  Megadeth                                           
     Instrument: Band                                                        
     Gold: Maintain 2x Band Multiplier for 50 Seconds                        
     Platinum: 90 Seconds                                                    
     Diamond: 110 Seconds                                                    
     "Do You Feel Like We Do?"  Peter Frampton                              
     Instrument: Guitar                                                      
     Gold: Hit 250 HOPOs                                                     
     Platinum: Hit 800 HOPOs                                                 
     Diamond: 1160 HOPOs                                                     
     "Demon(s)"  Darkest Hour                                               
     Instrument: Bass                                                        
     Gold: Hit 180 Open Notes                                                
     Platinum: 300 Open Notes                                                
     Diamond: 339 Open Notes                                                 
     "Scatterbrain"  Jeff Beck                                              
     Instrument: Guitar                                                      
     Gold: Maintain 4x Multiplier for 40 Seconds                             
     Platinum: 90 Seconds                                                    
     Diamond: 190 Seconds                                                    
     "Done With Everything, Die For Nothing"  Children Of Bodom             
     Instrument: Guitar                                                      
     Gold: 150 Note Streak                                                   
     Platinum: 400 Note Streak                                               
     Diamond: 600 Note Streak                                                
     "The Spirit Of The Radio"  Rush                                        
     Instrument: Band                                                        
     Gold: Score 437,500 Points in Star Power Mode                           
     Platinum: 875,000 Points                                                
     Diamond: 1,750,000 Points                                               
     "21st Century Schizoid Man"  King Crimson                              
     Instrument: Guitar                                                      
     Gold: Tap 100 Notes                                                     
     Platinum: 150 Taps                                                      
     Diamond: 290 Taps                                                       
     The God Of Rock's Final Test  Choose 1 Song                            
     Instrument: Band                                                        
     Gold: Score 2,500,000 Points                                            
     Platinum: 5,000,000 Points                                              
     Diamond: 10,000,000 Points                                         
    |___ X. Achivements _____________________________________________(ACHVE)_|
     All the Xbox 360 Achievements for GH5 with a small guide on how to get  
     them. Sorted by Score Given (g), THEN by type. Some or All Achivements  
     may not be awarded when cheats are active.                              
     Secret Achievements are AT THE BOTTOM (Spoiler Reasons).               
     5g  What's New?                                                        
     Complete any tutorial's lesson on a new feature.                        
     Guide: Simply do what the achievement says. The tutorial's that will    
     work are: Go to Training in the MainMenu, and then choose Tutorials.   
     Choose Gameplay, Basic, and then Challenge Meter. You can skip this by  
     pressing green a lot, or you can go through it. Afterwards, you will    
     get the Achievement.                                                    
     5g  Crowd Pleaser                                                      
     Fill your Rock Meter all the way.                                       
     Guide: Hit notes, and if it helps, use star power to get your rock      
     meter up. Any difficulty will work. Streaks help.                       
     5g  Score Big                                                          
     Earn 500,000 points in a single song as a solo act.                     
     Guide: Should be done on Expert; when your multiplyer is 4x, use star   
     power (or when there are a lot of chords) to max out your score.        
     Songs you should do this on include: "Do you feel like we do?" or       
     "Sultans of Swing".                                                     
     5g  Representative                                                     
     Complete a sponsor gig challenge at Diamond level.                      
     Guide: During career, go into a venue, and choose one that makes you    
     choose a song. Once the song is chosen, finish the challenge given on   
     Diamond level.                                                          
     10g  The Fabricated Four                                               
     Create a band of 4 created rockers and play a song with them.           
     Guide: Go to Rock Band Creator, make 4 different "rockers", and go to   
     quickplay. At the bottom of your character's menu, is Band LineUp.     
     Select this, and change the characters for every person in your band to 
     the "rockers" you created (including yourself). Play and finish a song. 
     10g  Special Guest                                                     
     Complete a song with your Xbox 360 Avatar.                              
     Guide: Song, difficulty, and instrument don't matter. To use your       
     avatar, simply load up quickplay/career or any other mode and change    
     your character to your avatar.                                          
     10g  Explore The Studio Space                                          
     Read 5 Tooltips in GHMix.                                               
     Guide: Go to GHMix and read 5 Tooltips.                                 
     10g  Producer                                                          
     Create a music studio song.                                             
     Guide: Load up the music making studio and make a song. Don't forget    
     to save it.                                                             
     10g  Above And Beyond                                                  
     Complete a song with an average individual multiplier above 4x.         
     Guide: Best on Medium or Hard Mode. Streak all the notes you can. And   
     when you have 4x multiplier, activate star power and keep streaking.    
     10g  Senior Commander                                                  
     Earn 5 or more Stars on a song in Career or Quickplay.                  
     Guide: Play a song and get 5 stars or more. Up to 6 stars for score, &  
     up to 3 per challenge.                                                  
     10g  Young Star                                                        
     Collect 25 Stars in Career.                                             
     Guide: Career mode  To get stars, play songs and score big for up to   
     6 stars each; and, up to 3 stars for each challenge.                    
     10g  You Want More?                                                    
     Play 5 encore gigs.                                                     
     Guide: Enter Career mode, and play 5 songs that have the Hand w/Lighter 
     on the left side (this is the mark for Encore).                         
     10g  Outgoing                                                          
     Complete 25 Pro Face Off matches online (Win or Lose).                  
     Guide: This will require Xbox Live. Go to Competitive and loadup Pro   
     Faceoff. Once the game has started, songs will be chosen, after all the 
     songs are played, it will count as 1 match. Play atleast 25.            
     10g  Chanteuse                                                         
     5 Star ExGirlfriend, Send A Little Love Token, and Only Happy When     
     It Rains, as a Vocalist.                                                
     Guide: Any difficulty as long as you can 5 star the songs. Streak and   
     get your score higher to get a higher amount of stars. This is very     
     easily done on beginner mode as it is very easy to score and end with   
     the required 5 stars, just be sure to get Star Power and use it.        
     10g  Score Bigger                                                      
     Earn 1,000,000 points in a single song as a solo act or band.           
     Guide: If everyone's on expert and uses star power, you should be       
     fine with the exception of everyone not losing multipliers. Best done   
     with a band of course. Songs of choice: Song 2.                         
     10g  Our Powers Combined                                               
     As a 4 player standard band, all 4 players activate Star Power          
     simultaneously (at the same time).                                      
     Guide: Local play is good because everyone can do it at once when you   
     say to, but online is a little harder. Everyone needs to have star      
     power ready, and have it active at the same time.                       
     10g  Synchronized                                                      
     Complete 20 Band Moments.                                               
     Guide: While playing as a Band in Career or Quickplay, accumulate 20    
     complete Band Moments.                                                  
     10g  String Quartet                                                    
     Play a song with 4 Lead Guitarists.                                     
     Everyone plays the song as the same instrument with 4 people playing.   
     This can be local, or you can go online and do it.                      
     10g  All Four Bass Are Belong To Us                                    
     Play a song with 4 Bass Guitarists.                                     
     10g  Drumline                                                          
     Play a song with 4 Drummers.                                            
     10g  Barbershop                                                        
     Plays a song with 4 Vocalists.                                          
     20g  What's An LP?                                                     
     Complete 14 songs in Quickplay.                                         
     Guide: Any difficulty, any instruments, just finish the songs.          
     20g  Box Set                                                           
     Complete 100 songs in Quickplay.                                        
     Guide: (See 'What's An LP?') Same, just 100 songs.                      
     30g  Juke Box                                                          
     Complete 300 songs in Quickplay.                                        
     Guide: (See 'What's An LP?') Same, just 300 songs.                      
     20g  Play It To The Bone                                               
     Make and complete a setlist which is at least 1 hour long.              
     Guide: Go to Quickplay, and make a setlist. Make the duration atleast   
     an hour, then play through its entirety.                                
     20g  No Mistakes Allowed                                               
     Streak through the entirety of a song in Quickplay or Career.           
     Guide: Also known as 100%ing a song. Best done by yourself either on   
     Easy mode or Beginner.                                                  
     20g  Iron Lungs                                                        
     Complete a 25phrase streak as a Vocalist.                              
     Guide: Play a song as the Vocalist. Streak through 25 Phrases without   
     messingup. This is best done on Beginner as you can just blow into the 
     mic or make noise in order to hit the notes.                            
     20g  Crank It Up To 11                                                 
     Achieve a maxed out band multiplier as a standard band.                 
     Guide: Everyone must have x8 multiplier during a Band Moment.           
     20g  Fest Quartet Quest                                                
     Play 10 4Player RockFest Mode games of any type.                       
     Guide: Go to Competitive and then press the OrangeKey (Guitar) to      
     bringup the Playlist menu. Choose Rockfest and have 3 others join.     
     Play 10 games with these specifics.                                     
     20g  Ménage à Huit                                                     
     Play an online match with 8 players, all on the same instrument.        
     Guide: Go to Competitive and then press the OrangeKey (Guitar) to      
     bringup the Playlist menu. Choose Team Pro Faceoff and play an entire  
     match with everyone (All 8 Players) on the same instrument.             
     20g  Rocktopus                                                         
     Make a standard 8 player Band v Band match online, win or lose.         
     Guide: Go to Competitive, and press orange. Choose Band Vs. Band, and   
     once a song is chosen, finish playing it.                               
     20g  Challenge Of The Supergroup                                       
     Complete 5 band challenges at Gold or better.                           
     Guide: Go to Career and complete 5 Band Challenges at Gold or Better.   
     20g  Going Gold                                                        
     Complete 50 of the challenges at Gold or better.                        
     Guide: SelfExplanatory.                                                
     20g  Rising Star                                                       
     Collect 101 Stars in Career.                                            
     Guide: In Career, play songs and get 101 stars. 6 per song and 3 per    
     30g  Sampler Plate                                                     
     Play at least one song in Quickplay, Career and each Competitive game   
     Guide: Any difficulty, any instrument. Play one song in quickplay,      
     easiest on beginner, and also start a career and play one song. For     
     competitive, choose anything other than coop and party mode. This      
     one will be easier if done in localplay (as in one console). For you   
     to get the Achievement, you will also be required to play all the Team  
     Modes (Team Momentum, Team Streakers, Etc.).                            
     30g  The Grand Tour                                                    
     Unlock every venue in the world, and then some.                         
     Guide: Beat Career, and get Gold or better on the "Play That Funky      
     Music" song's challenge (Guitar).                                       
     30g  The Streak                                                        
     Complete a 1001 note streak.                                            
     Guide: I completed this on Bass but can't remember the song, so, just   
     find a song that has atleast 1001 notes on Bass (or any instrument) and 
     hit 1001 notes in a row.                                                
     30g  Quadruple Threat                                                  
     Complete at least one challenge for every instrument at Gold level or   
     Guide: Go to Career mode, and complete a challenge for each instrument  
     on gold or better. This requires a drum set, a guitar, and a mic.       
     30g  Going Platinum                                                    
     Complete 50 of the challenges at Platinum or better.                    
     Guide: SelfExplanatory.                                                
     30g  Shooting Star                                                     
     Collect 303 Stars in Career.                                            
     Guide: "See Rising Star".                                               
     50g  Going Diamond                                                     
     Complete 50 of the challenges at Diamond.                               
     Guide: SelfExplanatory.                                                
     50g  Super Star                                                        
     Collect 505 Stars in Career.                                            
     Guide: "See Rising Star".                                               
     100g  Star Cluster                                                     
     Collect 808 Stars in Career.                                            
     Guide: "See Rising Star".                                               
     Secret Achievements:                                                    
     5g  Over 9000!                                                         
     Went super.                                                             
     Guide: Activate Star Power and have it end.                             
     5g  Did You Finish Like We Did?                                        
     Came alive.                                                             
     Guide: Complete the song "Do you feel like we do?" with 95% or more.    
     20g  Starstruck                                                        
     Had a brush with celebrity.                                             
     Guide: (Coming Soon).                                                   
     50g  Open Minded                                                       
     Gave every one a chance.                                                
     Guide: Play each song atleast once.                                     
     50g  The Traditional                                                   
     Beat the game.                                                          
     Guide: Complete Career mode (not including the last Venue, Hyperspace). 
    |___ XI. FAQ/Questions __________________________________________(F-A-Q)_|
     This section includes the best questions about the game I've gotten,    
     and some that just need to be asked.                                    
     Q: "Can you use the controller to play as Guitar, Bass, or Drums?"
     A: No, it's only for using the Xbox 360 Headset for Vocals.
     Q: "Will the previous game controllers work for GH5; and, will the GH5
         Guitar work for other Guitar Hero games?"
     A: Yes to both of those.
     Q: "How do I Download songs?"
     A: Either from the Game Marketplace or User-Made songs from GHTunes.
    |___ XII. Cheats ________________________________________________(CHEAT)_|
     A list of cheats for GH5: Note, that some or all achievements may not   
     be awarded if cheats are active.                                        
     In order to activate cheats, go to the cheat menu, and press the fret   
     buttons in order. Note: G  Green, R  Red, Y  Yellow, B  Blue.       
     Air Instruments ........  R R B Y G G G Y  Instruments are invisible. 
     Invisible Characters ...  G R Y Y Y B B G  Characters are invisible.  
     Performance Mode .......  Y Y B R B G R R  Invisible Highway & HUD.   
     Focus Mode .............  Y G R G Y B G G  Notes must be hit exact.   
     No HUD Mode ............  G R G G Y G G G  Invisible HUD.             
     Always Slide ...........  G G R R Y B Y B  All notes are Taps.        
     AutoKick ...............  Y G R B B B B R  BassPedal auto kicks.     
     Contest Winner 1 .......  G G R R Y R Y B  Unlocks Special Character. 
     All Hammerons & Pulloffs  G G B G G G Y G  All notes are HOPOs.       
     Unlock All Characters ..  B B G G R G R Y  Unlocks all characters.    
     In order to use your newly found Cheats/Extras, go to the Band Lobby,   
     and go to Options. Choose Extras or Cheats and choose to turn them On   
     or keep them at the Default (Off).                                      
    |___ XIII. Contact ______________________________________________(CNTCT)_|
     If you have a question about content in Guitar Hero 5 (For Xbox 360    
     so no PS3 stuff please), then, contact me at Masterofgh@gmail.com       
     I will try to answer all your questions as specific as possible.
     Sometimes I may not take questions so I will take off my email address  
     from this Guide, and if you email during that time I will delete your   
    |___ XIV. Credits _______________________________________________(CRDTS)_|
     A list of helpers in making this Guide, or just some of those I would   
     like to thank.                                                          
     GameFAQs & Gamespot: For Hosting This.
     Creaters of the Game.
     Microsoft: Xbox 360 & WordPad.
     Question Askers: For Helping Me Update My Guides To Their Fullest.
     Anyone Else Who I May Have Missed: Thanks.

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