Review by davidlancers24

Reviewed: 11/24/09

Finally, another great Guitar Hero game!

Ever since Never Soft started making Guitar Hero games, I thought I would never see a great Guitar Hero game from them other than Guitar Hero 3. It seemed that way until this game, Guitar Hero 5, came out. It's good set-list and fun game modes make this game great.

Sounds/Songs: 8/10

Never Soft decided to take a different direction with the set-list this year for Guitar Hero. Instead of putting many mainstream songs by popular bands into Guitar Hero 5, they put many lesser know songs from lesser know bands in. This is a pretty good idea and introduces people to new music.

Game modes/Features: 9/10

Never Soft did a great job with the game modes in this one. Party Play is a VERY good new feature and is perfect for parties, boring nights, or if you just want to rock out instantly. There are a ton of interesting cooperative game types you can do. One of my favorite features of this game is that you can have any instrument combination you want for co-op play! So that means you can have 3 people on drums and 1 person on bass at the same time! This is especially great because no one has to fight over who has to play bass! The money system is gone in Guitar Hero 5 and now you collect items by doing challenges for each song. These include challenges to get as many points as possible, have a 4 times multiplier as long as possible etc. I think this is a interesting new feature and has it's ups and downs. The career venues are really nice and realistic. Overall Guitar Hero 5 has a lot of nice features.

Graphics: 7.5/10.

The graphics are basically the same as Guitar Hero World Tour's, but just a little polished and a few new animations and stuff like that. It's o-k, but really needs some upgrading. I have noticed the face models are better, but that's really the main graphical improvement.

Game play: 8.8/10.

The game play has changed some what from preview Guitar Hero games. The Rock Meter is now harder to see, but looks a lot cooler than it used to be. There is a small record image at the bottom left of your screen as you play a song, showing your challenge progress. The score multiplier looks better too. I have noticed that every time you hit a note, even just touching the button, triggers a flame on the note. What that means is a little flames goes above the fret indicating you have hit that note. It can become a little confusing, but I got used to it fast and you should too. When you get star power, little stars go across the fret board for a fraction of a second. This can sometimes mess you up if your on a fast section of a song, but not so annoying that you can't see anything. It looks cool so that makes up for the confusion.

Replay Value: 9.1/10.

Guitar Hero 5 has a lot of replay value and will have you playing for months, maybe years! Download-able content is promised for Guitar Hero 5 and you can import some songs from Guitar Hero World Tour and Smash Hits for a small fee. The set list is interesting and you will find a lot of songs you find fun to play.

Difficulty: 9.8/10.

This is very Guitar Hero 5 really shines. The way they lay out the notes for each difficulty level is amazing. It gives you a very smooth learning curve. You will start out with the first 3 buttons, slowly advancing to the 4th and then the 5th button. You will get used to each button with practice. This makes the game fun for players that play a lot, and players who play only, lets say, once a week.

Overall: 9.2/10.

Guitar Hero 5 is a very good game and deserves to be purchased. It's great set list and fun songs make this game shine above many others.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Guitar Hero 5 (US, 09/01/09)

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