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"BlueFlamez47's Review for Guitar Hero 5"

I got Guitar Hero 5 a few days after came out (and ordered Guitar Hero Van Halen, which is a great game), and when I started it, I enjoyed it very much. The graphics are amazing, Co-Op is a blast, and the new GH Jam is cool. Now, in multiplayer you can play on party mode, where you and up to 3 other friends can play non stop, any level (Easy,Medium,Hard,Expert) and any song that the game picks, without failing (No cheat code needed). Now, GH Jam is totally different than the normal Guitar Hero music studio. When you get into it the first time, you feel dazed a bit. There all these colorful lights, lines, and other shapes. It's weird. Then, you pick what genre, you pick your instrument (but you can't pick vocals), and the instruments you don't pick, already have sample music that fits the type of music you picked. The genres you can pick are: Rock, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Techno, Funk, Punk, Dancing, Jazz, Disco, and Gothic.

The gameplay on career mode is great, and I honestly think the create a Rock Star is better than ever. Every song on quickplay is unlocked, and it tells you the difficulty level for each instrument. For example, Guitar Duel with Zach Wylde and Scatterbrain are the hardest songs in the game, they both have 9/10 difficulty for guitar. You can also download songs from Guitar Hero World Tour with the code on the back of the manual. The songs you can download on to Guitar Hero 5 are: Anything, Guitar Duel with Ted Nugent, and Guitar Duel with Zach Wylde. On career mode (thank you Activision) has many levels, unlike in Metallica. Before you play a song, it tells you what you unlock if you do the thing it tells you to (like get a streak of 200 notes and you'll unlock a guitar, or some other instrument or anything else for your rock star). Also, the places you get to play at are amazing, like te Golden Gate Bridge, the Blackhole, and a Boston Subway (weird I know). Right now on career mode I'm stuck on the Golden Gate Bridge level.

Overall rating: 7/10
Reasons why: Sadly, like every game, gets old after a while, didn't like the music that much that it had, and, it's not a rock game anymore. There are so much different genres now, and, it's not the same. Still, it's a well done game, with the best multiplayer and music studio yet, and graphics.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 11/30/09

Game Release: Guitar Hero 5 (Guitar Bundle) (US, 09/01/09)

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