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"Guitar Hero 5 - A Worthy Addition? Let's find out"

I have owned every guitar hero game to date, sans the handheld ones. I think that this game is a pretty good addition to the series. The songs aren't too bad, the graphics are good, among other little things that make this game fun.

Gameplay - If you are looking into Guitar Hero 5, chances are you already know how this game works, as there's been so
many others. It is a very playable pick up and go game. There are 5 difficulties for all sorts of skill levels, ranging from beginner, to expert. This game responds very well to the button hits, and if you calibrate the lag, it fixes it even more. The Hammer ons and pull offs(HO/PO'S) were a big problem for games like Guitar Hero World Tour and especially Guitar Hero Aerosmith. They are much better in this game. They respond better altogether, without being ridiculously easy to hit like in Guitar Hero 3. The "Slider" notes were the main falling point for Guitar Hero World Tour, the most recent main addition to the series. These notes are still present, but are much better. They still might be difficult to hit, but no where near as small of a timing window as the notes in Guitar Hero World Tour. 10/10

Graphics - The graphics improved considerably as the series has progressed over the years, and this game is no exception. The notes really stand out in texture and color, and the background's are lush and bright. The character models no longer look like they are robots and move as such. They actually have movement that a real drummer, or guitarist might have while playing. The note chart and everything all around is just much sharper than before, and a lot easier to keep focused on. Some of the lighting may be a little better, and the lag when scrolling through the names of the song sections in practice mode gets annoying. 9/10

Sound - I consider the the downfall of the game, otherwise, it'd be perfect. I'm not saying this setlist is bad by any means, it's just not what expert players such as myself might call very challenging. There are many different songs of completely different genres, which is why the game will NOT appeal to everybody. It's not everyday you see a gamer who enjoys listening to Coldplay, Beck, and Children of Bodom equally anytime, which is what might draw other players off of this game. The toughest songs in the game, "Scatterbrain(Live)", and "Done With Everything, Die For Nothing" by Children Of Bodom, for example are very tough songs to get 100% on. No song in this game is truly difficult to pass like "One" by Metallica, or the infamous "Through The Fire And Flames" by Dragonforce which is a disappointment I think. Overall though, 85 songs is a pretty lengthy setlist, and most of the songs are pretty fun, but they are also pretty easy. The sound quality is good, and there are no crackling sounds are cutting in and out, which is a big plus. 8/10

Replayability - This section is the cream of the crop for the Guitar Hero games. These games feature many hours worth of songs, and also have downloadable songs available in case you get bored of the on-disk songs. The majority of Guitar Hero players out there will not be able to Full Combo(100%, No overstrums) every song on here very easily at all, and will pose quite a challenge with the later songs like I have listed in the above section. Unless you are a god at this, and are someone who is one of the best in the world, this is a game that will not fail to deliver a lasting appeal for a while. I am still playing it to this day, many months after it came out. With the help of downloadable content of course. 9/10

Online Play - This game has many fun modes that players can get together and play.New modes like Rockfest, and Party Play, extend this game's appeal even more. Party Play is one of the best features they could have added I think. In Party Play, up to 4 players can join in on a song and all play at the same time, on the same instrument, on the same, or different difficulties if they choose. They makes the game much more fun, as a lot of people do not enjoy playing bass because they believe it is "Too boring". So this solves a considerable problem at parties or family get-togethers. Rockfest is a mode where the players can vote on which game mode they want to play, alone, or in teams. This is the star in competitive play for Guitar Hero 5. If you have time to kill, and want to show off your skill, or just have fun playing against others online, this is the mode for you. The lag and connection capabilities in this game are very well done. There is practically no lag at all as a result of a server in the game. Unless someone you are playing with has a really bad connection, you are going to play as smoothly as you do in single-player. 10/10

Overall - All in all, this is a great game that will keep you, and your family and friends entertained for great amounts of time. With songs in this game that will appeal to anybody, this will always be a good game to bring out and play at events. Great graphics, great gameplay, and superb online features makes Guitar Hero 5 one of the best Guitar Hero games yet. A must-have to all those fans of the music game genre.

Guitar Hero 5 for the Xbox 360 Gets a 9.3/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/18/09

Game Release: Guitar Hero 5 (US, 09/01/09)

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