How do I get past the Vietnam Level???

  1. Especially the part where your trying to push back the vietcong in the trenches.... it has a armory bunker on the right in this area.. you kill theses men running by and everytime you kill one another runs out and takes its place... it's the spot where they are all running by at once.....

    User Info: WiZaRd6374

    WiZaRd6374 - 6 years ago

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  1. Just shoot the guy(s) in the bunker, make sure you have enough ammo and the guns you want, relaoad and knock off a few of the soliders in the position to the right of the trench at the bottom, then concentrate on the guys in the trench to the left of that position - then run down to the two barrels, get behind the sandbags and pop up and do the same again but don't sit still for too long. Then wait for your teammate to tip over the first barrel, then run up to the one on the right and hit X to tip it over. Then just work your way around. The tip is to not stay too static for too long, COD single player will just keep respawning the enemy until you die so you need to pop some rounds off, knock them down and work forwards to get behind cover until the next sequence is triggered.

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  1. You should be able to see 3 or 4 barrels on the second layer of trenches. go over to them and press X and you will stab it and kick it down the hill

    User Info: rincewind1990

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  2. U cant, trearch made it impossible

    User Info: MacDiesil

    MacDiesil - 6 years ago 1 4
  3. After your teammate kick over the explosive barrel you should be able to kick the next two, as soon and the last of the two explodes the enemies stop shooting and you should get a checkpoint

    User Info: kyle_aman

    kyle_aman - 6 years ago 0 0

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