What is a pack-a-punch?

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  1. The pack-a-punch machine can be accessed by teleporter on both new zombie maps. It upgrades your guns for 5000 points. On "Five", the fire sale tag discounts it for 1000.

    For Der Riese, you have to link all three teleporters, and it will be open at the map's spawn.
    For Kino Der Toten, you must turn on the power and take the teleporter in the Theater.
    For "Five", you have to raise the threat level to Defcon five via switches, and enter a certain teleporter. (Need confirmation on this)

    The guns will become different, stylized versions of their previous selves, have new names, and get a new firing effect. Most do more damage. Some, like Vortex said, gain special effects, like gaining attachments, or (If I recall correctly) can fire multiple explosives without reloading. The first pistol will become dual wield and will shoot grenades.

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  1. By paying 5000 points (or 1000 if you have the bonfire sale power-up) in Zombies mode, you can upgrade weapons to do more damage, carry more ammunition, or have special effects.

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  2. what ShadowSlayer said and in ascencion you need to fly with the lander from all 3 lander areas the go to the power room and launch the missile by using the control pad next to the power (you can use a ray gun to destroy the missile 110% true! you might need more than one shot)

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  3. exactly what ShadowSlayerX said

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